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    Where was Jesus Christ?

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    by , 03-07-2013 at 12:23 PM (3516 Views)

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    The following is taken from Muhammad Speaks of an unknown date:

    The True History of Jesus

    By Messenger Elijah Muhammad

    After Moses’ two thousand years came Jesus. His mother ‘s name was Mary
    and his father’s name was Joseph. Mary and Joseph were school children
    together. They always loved each other.They agreed to marry when very
    small children going to school. When Joseph and Mary grew to the age of
    fifteen and seventeen, Joseph went to Mary’s father and told him that he
    loved Mary and Mary loved him and that they wanted to get married. Joseph
    was a poor man, a commoner. He also was a carpenter by trade; not a first
    - class carpenter, but one of those building little rough houses in South

    Mary’s father war rich and had plenty of property. Also, her grandfather
    was rich. So, Mary’s father objected to her marriage to Joseph, a poor
    carpenter. Mary loved Joseph and told her father that if she did not
    marry him,she would not marry anyone else. When the old man heard this,
    it made him sick, because no father wants his daughter to be an old maid.
    Joseph gave up thinking about marring Mary and went and married another
    girl. Mary’s father would go out and bring in very rich young men for his
    daughter in hopes of his daughter taking a liking to some of these young
    men, but she did not.

    Joseph owned a little house, a small piece of land, and was also rearing
    up a family. He soon was the father of six children by this girl that he
    married and was married for six years. Mary’s father was a big wealthy
    man and a great architect.

    The old man had to go away to another town, about twenty – five miles
    from his home and set up a temple, but before he left home, he called
    Mary and side to her, ” Now daughter, I have to go away and I will be
    gone for about three days. Now you must take care of everything until I
    return. You must feed and water all of the livestock. ” ( The old man had
    plenty of cattle. ) He also said to Mary : “I want you to wear my old
    clothes and put on some false whiskers so that the people when they see
    you going down to feed the stock, they will think you are me an no one
    will say anything to you.

    After the man leaves on his journey, a great dust storm comes up, which
    made it very dark. This kind of storm comes up twice a year. During this
    storm, Mary be – comes frightened and sends a message to Joseph, telling
    him that her father had gone away and that he would be away for three
    days. That she was left to feed and water all of the livestock and that
    she was alone and was a little afraid. She asked Joseph to come over and
    help her to take care of everything and the he would be company for her.
    Joseph tells his wife that he has to go off on a little business. He came
    over to Mary’s house and she tells him of the costumes of her father what
    she would wear when she goes out to feed the livestock.

    Joseph said, ” Give me the old man’s costume and when anybody sees us,
    they will think I am the old man with you.” Joseph gets the team ready
    and Mary gets in with him to feed the livestock. The next day Joseph
    comes back and stays with Mary and helps her to feed and take care of the

    On the third day, Mary’s father came back and asked his daughter, ” How
    ‘s everything ?” She said, :”All right, Father.”

    So after three months the old man noticed Mary was growing larger than
    usual. He said to Mary, “What is the matter with you fattening so fast?
    Are you eating more than you should ?” Mary said, “No, Father, I am not
    eating more than I should.” The old man called Mary again and said
    “Mary,there is something the matter with you. Look how large you are.
    What are you doing?” Mary no longer could hide it, so she told him the

    She said to him, “Father ,do you remember when you went off to set up a
    temple and were gone for three days some time ago and left me to attend
    the livestock? Well, I was afraid because of a dust storm and sent for
    Joseph to come over and help me.Well, he came and did help me feed the
    stock.” The old man said, “Yes, and he fed them, too.” She said to him,
    “Do you remember Joseph and me were trying to get you to let us marry
    when we were young and you would not allow us?

    Now this is what happened and I shall send for Joseph and let him tell
    you for himself.” An old woman had already been to Joseph and told him
    that the child Mary was carrying was his child and the child would be a
    wonderful child, a prophet and teacher. She told him that the child was
    his, but Joseph denied it.

    But this woman knew because she was a prophetess, or what we call a
    medium. She told him his name was in the Holy Qur’an and that he should
    take care of him and that the authorities would seek the child’s life.
    Joseph went and told Mary the good news that the old woman had told him
    concerning the child. Then Joseph went to Mary’s father. By this time the
    old man was real sick because Mary was growing larger and larger
    everyday. He was in bed and had just pulled all of the whiskers out of
    his chin. Joseph said to the old man: “I will tell you about the whole
    thing, then you can kill me right here. Mary and I always loved each
    other, even when we were going to school and promised to marry when we
    were old enough. I came to you and asked you for Mary’s hand but you
    would not give her to me. Now this is what happen. I am the father of the
    child that Mary is carrying but remember that the child is going to be a
    great man, a prophet and teacher. His name can be found in the history of
    the Holy Qur’an. Now remember, you must not tell anyone about this
    because of the authorities. If they knew this they would kill the child.
    So keep your mouth shut about this. Now you can kill me if you want to. I
    have told you the truth.”

    The last month of Mary’s pregnancy drew near but the authorities did not
    know what time the child would be born. So the same medium that told
    Joseph of the child also went and told the authorities but no one knew
    which day the child would be born, although they knew the week. The
    authorities had a committee to go around and take a census of all the
    pregnant women and when they would give birth.This committee checked
    everyone who was pregnant.When the week came that Jesus would be born,the
    authorities had given orders that all boy babies born in that week should
    be killed. Joseph came and took charge of Mary himself. All men over in
    Asia are taught how to take care of their wives and perform this duty of
    their wives.

    In case they don’t care for a wet nurse, the girls are also taught about
    midwifery when still very young. Mary’s father had plenty of livestock and ordered stalls to be built.
    Joseph took one of the stalls and filled it in all around the inside and
    put a bed in the center for Mary ( this is the manger that the Bible
    speaks about where Jesus was born ). To look at the stalls from the
    outside, it appeared as if it was just a stall filled with hay for the
    animals. In this way he concealed Mary from the authorities. He brought
    her food and water every day. In that week when the authorities were
    expecting Jesus to be born, they sent the committee around to those who
    had a list of who would give birth that same week. When they came to
    Mary’s father’s house, they knocked on the door and the old man went and
    met them. They said to him,”Where is the woman who gave birth this week?”
    Doesn’t she stay here?”The old man said “What woman?” They said, “The one
    that was with child.” He said , “Oh, I know what you are talking about.
    The woman that was here some time. She was only visiting here,” the old
    man said. She has returned to her home in Egypt. ” They said, “Oh, she
    was just visiting?” The old man said, “Yes that is all. ”

    Joseph came daily with water and food to Mary and to see the baby. He
    fooled his wife by telling her that he had a job building a house. This
    was how Jesus was born.

    After a few days and as soon as Mary was able, Joseph told her that he
    would have to send her and the child away to his people down in Egypt.
    Joseph gets himself and Mary all prepared to leave for Egypt. At a
    certain time of the year in Palestine where they were living a dark cloud
    comes up.

    When this kind of cloud comes up, one cannot see so well. It was the kind
    of cloud that Joseph waited for. Under the darkness of this stormy cloud,
    Joseph mounted Mary and her baby on the back of an ass. Away they went
    for the camel station. The ass (or donkey) knew the route under the
    darkness of the storm cloud. (the camel station is where camels are for
    hire. ) Over at home (Asia) we have camel stations. They are called mail
    camels. The camel is very sensitive and a fast runner. The mail camels go
    from forty to fifty miles per hour and it was one of the mail camels they
    hired. From Jerusalem to Cairo, Egypt was about six hundred miles. The
    camel knew the route well. He travels it daily. Nothing is necessary
    except to tell the camel where you want him to go and he will go right
    direct to the place. They have comfortable seats on their backs. Joseph
    had provided Mary with money and everything. So he mounted her and Jesus
    on the mail camel, and told the camel to take them to Cairo, Egypt, as
    fast as possible. Off they went and Joseph and the ass returned home.
    Mary took the child Jesus into Egypt where his people lived at Cairo.
    When Jesus was about the age of five, his mother put him in school. A
    very intelligent child in school he was. He finished school at the age of
    twelve. He took courses in astronomy, geometry,and all other branches of
    sciences. There was an old man who had learned that Jesus was born and he
    wanted to see Jesus and must see him at any price. He knew what Jesus was
    going to be and how the authorities were going to seek him and try to
    destroy him. This old man wanted to get to Jesus and teach him how to
    stay out of the way of those who would seek to kill him. This old man’s
    lesson that he wanted to teach Jesus was about the Radio in the Head.”
    This old man knew it. It is called Radio in the Head because with this
    great wisdom you can hear as distinctively as one can hear over a wire or
    like the present radio. The man actually hears what other men think or
    say in their heads. Jesus must know this wisdom. The old man goes and
    gets on the road that Jesus uses to come and go to school, but he must
    see him alone.The first day the old man watched the boys come from school
    with Jesus. When Jesus got out of school, he and the other boys would be
    together. The old man could not get to talk with Jesus. He goes back and
    says, “I will come back tomorrow. I will get right in front of him and
    fall across his path.” The next day the old man looking for Jesus saw him
    and the other boys coming alone. Jesus was talking about his lessons and
    was teaching another boy his algebra.

    The old man pretended to the boys that he was looking for a certain
    street number and Jesus heard him asking the boys the number, and the
    number he called was just a few doors from his home. Jesus said,”I know
    where you want to go.” The other boys went home and left the old man and
    Jesus together. The old man said to Jesus, “I heard you talking about
    algebra. You are a very smart boy. I have a grandson and he is studying
    the same course. I would like for you to come over and teach him his
    lesson as you could help him a lot.” Jesus said,”Yes, I will.” This just
    suited Jesus. He liked to teach someone something.

    The old man did not have anyone for Jesus, nor did he care about the
    number that Jesus was taking him to. He said to Jesus, “Do you know who
    you are and what your name is?” Jesus said, “Yes my name is Jesus, and I
    don’ t know any more than that. I believe that I will be a great man
    someday.” “Yes,”said the old man. “Your name is in the Qur’an. Have you
    seen it there? You are that man. I am not looking for a number. I was
    looking for you. I have something that I want to teach you because as
    soon as you finish school, you will leave home and you are going to
    Europe to the Adamic Civilization to teach. Also you must know how to
    take care of yourself because they will try to kill you.”

    The next day the old man goes and gets himself onto the path Jesus uses.
    It just so happened that Jesus was all alone this day, walking behind his
    classmates, so the old man was very glad.. He walked with Jesus toward
    his mother’s house and this time he gives his first lesson about
    receiving messages ( Radio in the Head ). It was easy for Jesus to learn
    anything. He learned it within three days. Then the old man said to him,
    “Now you can go anywhere you want to. You can take care of yourself ;
    nobody can harm you now unless you let them. ”

    After Jesus finished school , he said to his mother that he was going to
    Europe. His mother did not want him to go. She gave him everything that
    she thought he wanted. At the age of fourteen his mother could not keep
    him any longer. She gave him two thousand dollars the day he left to go
    to Europe.

    Jesus had not gone but a few blocks before he had given the two thousand
    dollars away that his mother had given him. Then he left Cairo and walked
    six hundred miles to Europe from Jerusalem in his bare feet, teaching as
    he traveled. If he got hungry, he would not eat your bread unless you let
    him work for it. He would wash his own clothes in a lake or some place
    where he could find water. He never ate a meal without working for it but
    once, and that was one day when he walked until his feet was sore and
    swollen. He stopped at this woman’s house that is in your Bible, by the
    name of Martha. Luke 10:38 says: “Now it came to pass,as they went,that
    he entered into a certain village: and a certain woman named Martha
    received him into her house.” She bathed his feet and prepared him some
    food. This is not the only time that he was at her home.

    Jesus had a hard time trying to teach the people Freedom, Justice,
    Equality. He taught anywhere and everywhere that he could get the people
    to listen to him. He never had over twenty -five or thirty listeners at
    one time. He would start teaching at a place and before he could finish
    the authorities would be on their way after him. But he always stayed
    tuned in on them. As soon as they would start after him, and would get
    near him, he would dismiss his congregation and run for his life. They
    never would have killed Jesus if he had given himself up because he
    always knew what they were going to do before they could start. The basis
    of Jesus’ teaching were Freedom, Justice,and Equality, or to sum it up, ”
    The Sermon on the Mount.” Jesus taught “As a man thinketh in his heart so
    is he.” Jesus’ teachings were designed to show the Adamic Race that they
    would eventually self – destruct because of their own evil doings and not
    from some avenging God in the sky ! Repent of your evil and be saved. The
    Beatitudes teach the principles and rules of the Kingdom of God.
    Jesus ‘constant cry was, ” I come not to destroy the law but to fulfill
    it.” To fulfill means to be in actuality. The authorities chased Jesus
    until he became discouraging to them. They named him Christ ( which means
    troublemaker ) because every time they would get there, he would be gone.
    Jesus taught twenty – two years on the run. Until,at last he read and
    understood that he was to soon : two thousand years to soon ! Jesus was
    two thousand years ahead of time for the teaching of freedom, justice,
    and equality.

    It was raining that day. He got himself a standing place under a awning
    of a Jew’s store and began teaching those who were stopping under the
    awning out of the rain. The Jew who owned the store got angry with Jesus
    about teaching in front of his store and asked him to leave. Jesus told
    him to let him teach under his awning, that the people he was teaching
    would buy something from him. But the Jew insisted that the people were
    keeping those that might buy something from seeing his goods in the
    showcase. But Jesus said, ” I don’t care. If I leave here I will lose my
    people who are listening to me. ” He had about twenty – five there. Jesus
    never had over thirty – five listening to him at any one time. The
    multitudes that the Bible speaks of only heard about Jesus from word of

    The Jew said, ” You are the man called Jesus that the authorities are
    looking for a long time.” Jesus said, “Yes I am the one and you can call
    them anytime you want to.” The Jew goes in and sends for the authorities,
    informing them that Jesus was teaching right in front of his store. “Come
    right over,right away, and you will catch him,” he said.

    Two officers ( policeman ) were sent to the scene. Now there was a reward
    out for Jesus. The reward was twenty-five hundred in gold (not thirty
    pieces of silver) if he was brought in dead, and fifteen hundred dollars
    if he were brought in alive. So these two officers raced down to the old
    Jew’s store where said Jesus was. Each of the officers wanted the reward.
    Jesus knew that they were coming and made no effort to leave because he
    intended for them to kill him. The two officers rushed up to him,one on
    each side of him,each man trying to be the first to lay hands on Jesus so
    he could get the reward because the reward would only be paid to one man.
    Both of the men ( officers ) came near, touching Jesus at the same time.
    The one on the right said Jesus was his man. The one on the left
    said,”No,he’s mine. I was the first to touch him”. The other said, ” I
    was the first.

    Jesus seeing them arguing and disputing about him, said to them.”Will you
    let me help you settle this argument and tell you who was the first man
    to put his hands on me?”The two officers agreed to let Jesus settle it
    for them.”The man on the right side touched me one tenth of a second
    before the one on the left.” So the one on the left lost the reward. The
    one on the right who won took Jesus and started on toward the jail. They
    got down the street and the officer said to Jesus,”Listen I will only get
    fifteen hundred dollars in gold for carrying you in alive, but if I carry
    you to them they are going to kill you anyway, so why not let me kill you
    and make the twenty -five hundred dollars as I am a poor man and have a
    wife and family to care for?” Jesus knew that he would be killed but did
    not care.

    So Jesus agreed with the officer that he would let him kill him so he
    could get the bigger reward. These officers were armed with a knife. The
    kind of knife that the hand would not slip either way on it like the
    present hunting knives. Jesus and the officer walked down the street
    where a Jew’s store was vacant with boards nailed over the front to
    secure the safety of the store. The officer said, “Right here is all
    right. Now put your back against the wall and your hands up.” Jesus was
    not afraid. He was a brave man. He put his hands up and straightened
    himself and put his hands straight across the storefront flat against the

    These articles are written due to the mental blindness and theological
    knowledge of the Bible’s teaching of Jesus’ birth, life, teachings and
    death: The making of Jesus the equal of his sender (Almighty God) and
    more than a prophet; and a hearer of prayers; the rising from the dead
    and ascending into space to reach his FATHER in the heavens. There to
    await at His right – hand side until the Day of Judgment though he was
    supposed to have died to save the world. Now, his return to destroy the
    people or world that he died to save and reconcile to God.

    Jesus was born, according to Matthew 1:21,to save his people from their
    sins. Jesus disclaimed the Jews as being his people ( John 8:44 ). Then
    who are his people that “he will save from their sins?” Can he hear our
    prayers? Is he alive in flesh or is he dead? Who did Jesus pray to?
    Learn in this series on JESUS the truth and understanding of what is
    written of Jesus. The Bible and Holy Our’an’s teachings will be used on
    Jesus ‘ history. Do not miss – no not one of these articles.
    Jesus’ birth and ministry would bring about the end of Jewish
    independence. Therefore, Jesus birth and place could not be revealed (the
    story of the deceitful Herod is well known )

    THE NUMBER one secret was that Joseph and Mary were not married. Yet,
    Mary was pregnant. How could they hide this thing? This was the great
    problem facing them.They wanted to marry,but could not because of the
    objection by Mary’s father to Joseph because he was the son of a poor man
    and he was a rich man.

    Joseph was now married to another woman for the past six years and had
    six children by his wife. Yet Mary was his childhood sweetheart, and they
    had promised to marry each other when they grew up to marriageable age.
    This is the teaching of the childhood love of Joseph and Mary by Allah
    (in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad to Whom be praised forever). I
    have much more to write on what Allah ( God ) taught of the true history
    of Jesus.

    This is the history of Jesus, as taught me by Allah, in the Person of
    Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom be praised forever.

    THE REAL truth of this world and people was kept a secret only to be
    revealed and made manifest by the All knowing One (Allah in Person) at
    the time of the end of this world. (Due to limited space and time, please
    excuse my not pointing out to you every chapter and verse of Bible and
    Holy Qur’an where it can be found. )

    Last week, I told you Joseph and Mary were sweethearts of and their
    promise to marry each other when they became of marriageable age – though
    not in every detail as Allah (God) in the person of Master Fard Muhammad
    (to Whom be praised forever) taught me, which is not necessary here.
    I mentioned that part of the true history of Jesus where the physical
    side is mistaken for the spiritual side. Teachers and preachers of
    Christianity have confused the public, themselves and followers due to
    the lack of the right understanding of the scripture. But you should be
    happy that you are living in these days of the manifestation of those
    hidden truths pertaining to this world that you have always wanted to

    FOR THE past 35 years, I have constantly preached and taught you what He
    ( Master Fard Muhammad ) taught me. Can you prove with truth what I am
    teaching that He taught me, to be other than the truth ?

    I have taken up Jesus and his teaching because after Master Fard Muhammad
    taught me, I saw quickly that this man’s ( Jesus’ ) history was the
    world’s most misrepresented and misunderstood. What Allah has taught me
    of the truth is common sense and makes sense.

    The purpose of Jesus’ birth and teaching was to show forth that which was
    to come. Allah, in the Person of Fard Muhammad ( to Whom be praised
    forever ) said that we would not have known Jesus if he had not died ( or
    given his life for the truth that he taught; ) and the prophets before
    Jesus suffered death for the truth that they taught ;or,as Allah said,
    any true Muslim will give his or her life for Islam.

    I WILL agree with the teaching of the Holy Qur’an that Jesus and his
    mother was a sign. I shall prove this in this series on the purpose of
    Jesus’ birth and mission, according to the Bible and Holy Qur’an, on
    which the two books agree: The fulfillment of the Prophets of Israel, and
    to serve as a sign for the last Messenger and his people (the lost and
    found, lost members of the black nation here in North America.)
    The ignorant preach that Jesus was the God Himself, while Jesus
    represented himself as one sent from God. And Jesus taught the people to
    believe in the God who sent him, and sent that he came not to do his
    will, but the will of He Who sent him.

    Jesus was born as all human beings ; flesh and blood, and he died as all
    human beings ; in the flesh of which he was made. And his body is still
    dead like all other dead – just as Moses before him, and the Prophets
    after him. Your prayers to anyone who is dead cannot be heard, for their
    hearing went with them in their death. Matt. 1:21, and she shall bring (
    give birth ) forth a son, and Thou shall call his name Jesus: for he
    shall save his people from their sins.

    IT IS useless to say that the jews were Jesus’s people whom he must save
    from their sins. In all his teaching Jesus never claimed kinship to the
    jews. And most of his parables were made in condemnation of the wicked
    house ( race ) of Israel. And finally classified them as being a race of
    devils because their father was a devil. John 8:44.
    They claim to be the children of God ( the god of righteousness ; the
    same god of Abraham. ) This claim is still made by the whole of the
    caucasian world today : “That we all are people from the same God,”only
    to deceive the righteous. Their god is not our God, and Jesus reminded
    them of this in Matt.8:42 in the 40th verse of the chapter: That they
    were the murderers of the righteous who preached the truth.
    This is fulfilled today by the same race. They know I preach the truth
    and they seek to kill me and my followers and destroy our places of
    worship, or any so – called Negroes and their places of worship if they
    seek truth and justice.

    Would God give a son to die to save His enemies? Will God send another
    son to die for the sins of this same people that they have committed
    since the death of Jesus, and save them from the fire of hell which has
    now been kindled ? If the world of white mankind is saved by the death of
    Jesus, and their sins forgiven, what was the cause of their sins since
    Jesus denounced them to be devils themselves ?

    It is repeatedly prophesied in the Bible and Holy Qur’an that God will
    forgive the sins of the lost – found members of the Black Nation, whom
    God, Himself, would find and restore at the time and end of the world.
    How could Jesus have been other than a prophet when he repeatedly says
    that he was depending on the help of Him Who sent him? He died, praying
    Allah ( God ) to help his disciples whom he had converted out of Israel.
    He declared that he was not praying for the world ( that the world be
    forgiven and saved from sin ).

    EVIL sinners ( the devils ) know this ( Born to save his people from
    their sins, Matt. 1:23 — This does not refer to them. It refers to a
    modern – day Jesus. They are well aware that it means the so -called lost
    and found members of the Black Nation).

    Where, in th old testament of the Bible–by the old prophets–is it
    prophesied of Jesus as being born to save his people from their sins, or
    to save the world from its sins ? As I have already written is this
    article — the teachers and preachers misunderstand the scripture –the
    Bible as well as the Holy Qur’an and their teachings or their reading. It
    is to be understood.

    The average Christian teacher and preacher – as you will notice only
    preaches what they, as you, read without giving you the meaning. This is
    the reason they and their followers, today, are blinded to the knowledge
    of the truth of it which Allah, from the mouth of our God and Saviour (in
    the Person of Master Fard Muhammad ; to Whom be praised forever) revealed
    to me.

    MANY Christian Teachers and preachers take the prophecies of Moses, and
    the other prophets after Moses, especially Isaiah, to refer to Jesus,
    while none of this is referring to Jesus nor Isaiah, Chapters 53,54 .
    Study the old testament theology and you will agree with me that they do
    not refer to Jesus 2,000 years ago, but to God and a Messenger chosen by
    God at the end of the world ( in the resurrection ).

    Jesus could not have been blind, deaf and dumb to his enemies as Isaiah,
    Chapter 53 shows that the prophet was Revelation 1:18 refers to himself
    as one that was dead and now alive, and having the key to hell and death.
    This could not refer to Jesus 2,000 years ago. Such a man and work refer
    to the general resurrection and the end of the world of Satan,the devil.
    Read Rev. 5,6,7,12 – HERE a lamb is referred to. Jesus did not claim to
    be illiterate.

    In all his ministry, we find that he was sent and that he was to deliver
    a message to the people from Another Who was greater than he.
    HE USED parables to teach the people about the future to come and of the
    things pertaining to the God’s purpose of setting up a Kingdom of Peace
    and Righteousness after the removal of the wicked. Isaiah, Jeremiah and
    the other prophets prophecies of the God Himself coming at the end of
    this world – not that the Jesus of 2,000 years ago will come and judge
    the world.

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