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    Where are your human rights ???

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    by , 03-13-2013 at 12:38 PM (1008 Views)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordecai_7 View Post
    Blacks/”African Americans”/Afrodescendants: Where are your human rights?

    by admin on Saturday, August 21st, 2010 | 5 Comments

    “Civil Rights, according to the English dictionary, means the equal rights of a human being on a level with any other human being. These rights are limited here in America. First and foremost, the so-called Negro needs human rights which will warrant his recognition as a human being by his slave-masters. This also gives him universal rights-the same equal rights as any other human being.” —The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

    If you don’t know who is Afrodescendant…

    An Afrodescendant is an “African American” or Black person whose ancestor was transported from Africa via the TransAtlantic Slave Trade for the purpose of enslavement. If your ancestors arrived into the Americas in this manner, then YOU are Afrodescendant.

    But if you are like many Afrodescendants, you don’t know from where in Africa your ancestors came. Because of this, many Afrodescendants are confused about identity. This confusion causes us to enjoy less than full freedom, justice and equality in the countries where we live.

    Although we cannot recover all that we lost during slavery (language, culture, religion, etc.), we CAN begin to restore our culture in ways that bring us full freedom, justice and equality starting today.
    Below are a few of the rights that you fully and unapologetically DO have as an Afrodescendant:

    1) Know Thyself
    The bones of the oldest known ancestors of the human race were unearthed in Africa. These Original Black people are the ancestors of Afrodescendants. Afrodescendants originated from Africa, but slavery made us into a new Black people. We have a different cultural experience and worldview from other racial groups and even other Black people now. Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) Article 15: You have the right to preserve, protect and uplift yourself as an Afrodescendant and to do the same for Afrodescendant culture.

    2) First, Love Yourself
    Let’s say that you are starving, but you give someone else your food. You could die and the other person lives. If you continue to further the economy of other cultures before your own Afrodescendant culture, you are not helping yourself to grow. UDHR Article 25: You have the right to spend what you have taking care of yourself by taking care of your family, Afrodescendant community and nation first.

    3) Understand Self
    Afrodescendants eat, speak, walk, act and look at the world differently from other people. We also suffer all kinds of problems more severely than other ethnic groups. UDHR Article 22: You have the right to use social, political and economic means to address the source of Afrodescendant problems, which is racism, and receive the means to fix it.

    4) Help Self Before Helping Others
    Afrodescendants are not self-sufficient. We work daily in companies we do not own or run. We serve the needs and wants of the American majority who are non-Black, mainly because we don’t understand that we are helping others first. UDHR Article 25: You have the right to patronize Afrodescendant-owned businesses first, and support causes that fix Afrodescendant problems first.

    5) Get Knowledge To Benefit Self
    Your training and education should make you self-sufficient. Education should not lead you away from uplifting Afrodescendants first. If so, reject it. UDHR Article 26: You have the right to seek an education that furthers your own culture’s advancement.

    6) Accept Your Own
    Never beg anyone to be your friend. Don’t go out of your way to network into groups that don’t cater to Afrodescendant needs. As a people, we oftentimes look up to white America as divine. UDHR Article 23: You have the right to show love for self and kind by accepting your own people.

    7) We Must Teach Our Own
    Afrodescendants are creative people who have built civilizations that rival those seen today. The American educational system cannot teach you that nor teach you who you are. UDHR Article 26: You have the right to know your identity and to teach what you know to your Afrodescendant children, family, community and nation.

    Freedom, justice and equality are rights that all humans possess, but which Afrodescendant peoples have not fully enjoyed. Practice the seven tips I’ve given you so that you can increase yourself and kind.
    When you do, we can have success overnight!

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