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    Do you have a reparations mindset ???

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    by , 03-13-2013 at 12:53 PM (1662 Views)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordecai_7 View Post
    “African-Americans”/Blacks/Afrodescendants: Do you have a Reparations Mindset?

    by admin on Thursday, August 5th, 2010 | 4 Comments

    A widely accepted definition for reparations is…the payment by one nation to another nation for a wrong committed.

    In the case of so-called African Americans, who are descendants of slaves, or Afrodescendants, it means:
    a) Slaveholding nations must make payment for years of free slave labor used during the Transatlantic Slave Trade. b) Payment of reparations for the lingering effects of plantation slavery (racism) must occur. Racism has and still decreases ability of so-called African Americans to enjoy happiness and respect as a people today.

    To bring about full freedom, justice, and equality that has always been due to us, we Afrodescendant peoples must first recognize that we are in need of human rights and cultural repair, or restoration.
    You may ask, “How can a culture be repaired?” Well, you must engage in acts of protecting, preserving and uplifting Afrodescendant culture. This means knowing what composes a culture. They are:

    • Family
    Black men must take ownership of the Afrodescendant community. This includes recognizing that the Black woman is the first teacher and producer of our Nation. The Black Family is the cultural institution where Black men lead our community and nation into a healthy cultural growth.

    • Religion
    Speak the truth and act righteously as a basis for maintaining peaceful relations between your brother and sister Afrodescendant. Although Afrodescendants profess different religions, a desire for truth and righteousness is something we all have in common.

    • Higher Learning
    Engage in learning that brings about self-sufficiency. Also, get to know what your identity is and what makes you who you are (in order to accentuate the positive) through institutions that teach such. Take advantage of opportunities that foster Afrodescendant cultural pride, and by mindfully teaching our children.

    • Economics
    Unless you are a newcomer to Earth, you’ve already heard that support of Black businesses and entrepreneurs are a good act to engage in. We also need to construct an economy. Bartering networks, vertical and horizontal markets, and resource pooling are concepts to begin to further ourselves economically.

    • Government
    Government is essentially the organization of people and resources for better living. Afrodescendants are a Nation within a nation. We currently use church, civic clubs, nonprofits and community centers to organize resources to improve our quality of life. However, we have access to civic, local, state and federal resources in the countries where we are domiciled to improve our communities.

    Religion, family, higher learning, economics and government makeup a nation’s cultural institutions. As an Afrodescendant, mindfulness of the areas that constitute a culture, as well as what acts can protect, preserve and uplift Afrodescendant culture, are what I call a Reparations Mindset.

    Get busy doing your part to improve our culture, our Nation, today!

    If you are one of countless African-Americans/Blacks/Afrodescendants people who know that we deserve reparations for slavery, leave a comment about what you are doing to open the door for reparations, or bring about the restoration of freedom, justice and equality for our people.

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