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    Black family

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    by , 03-14-2013 at 01:23 PM (8047 Views)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordecai_7 View Post
    BLACK FAMILY: A Government of Our Own Enables Us To Improve Our Quality of Life

    By Zaqqiyah Haamidah

    When asked about the state of racism, Blacks correctly recognize that it is a problem in America.
    The Pew Charitable Trust survey that I refer to found that even four decades after the the Civil Rights era, Blacks still do not believe in the basic racial fairness of U.S. society.

    If you are like the more than eight-in-ten Blacks in the survey, you also recognize that America has not done enough to ensure equal rights for Blacks. And you also are less satisfied than whites about life and your local community, and you don’t believe that the police treats Blacks equally as whites.

    So since this is the case, I ask you Black Family, is the right solution to keep waiting for an American government to get rid of racism against Blacks? Should we sacrifice the minds, bodies, and souls of another generation of children to the whims of a socio-economic system that fails to address our problems? Do we continue standing by idly while not building up our own nation/culture? The Honorable Silis Muhammad,CEO of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, correctly stated in one of his pivotal addresses that Black people should be under a Black government.

    Why would a government be our solution, you may ask? Well, when one country commits an injustice against another country or that country’s citizens, the offended country has the option to invoke trade embargoes, sanctions or take other diplomatic actions against the offending country. But when Blacks are treated unjustly–so-called citizens of America–we presently are in the position of being given justice only if America feels like giving us justice.

    We usually have to go about marching in the streets, and protesting. Nothing permanently gets established to prevent the racist action or bias that likely affronted us by the U.S. or its agents, however.

    Therefore, a government of our own would provide Blacks the force of law required to gain full freedom, justice and equality as individuals who are members of a nation. This is the only way to ensure we receive the kind of treatment required to live our lives fully, and receive respect as members of the human family of the earth.

    You may be interested to know that our nation has been recognized in the U.N. with the term “Afrodescendant”, which identifies our more than 250 million identifiable members globally. And, as we speak, the building of our governement, the Afrodescendant Nation, is underway.

    So I’ve just explained to you how the Black Family’s recognition that racism as a long-time problem is a show of our Collective Wisdom, and that our recognition that self-government as our Ultimate Solution is the next recognition that we must make.

    Start seeing yourself as a member of a mighty nation of people, a Black Family, capable of building a government of our own. When you do, you will have the keys to ridding yourself of racism’s stigma once and for all.

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