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    by , 04-08-2013 at 11:34 AM (24535 Views)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordecai_7 View Post
    I’ve Been Waiting For This Moment For All Of My Life

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    —after stumbling—that’s a case of needing better glasses. (Laughter) take your seats.

    In the Name of Master Fard Muhammad. All praises are due to Master Fard Muhammad for His coming to America to find us. And for His lifting up and teaching The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who bore us out of the dark ages of ignorance in belief in the unseen God or Allah. I will forever sing the praises of Master Fard Muhammad for His coming and for teaching the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

    We are celebrating the birthday of Master Fard Muhammad. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, “He was born to free us.”

    Bear with me this is quite a day for me. If you could see your dream coming true, my dream is coming true. And it makes me a little nervous.

    Ida Hakim thank you very much. I appreciate all that you did in helping me in the U.N.

    Madun, is he here today? (A sister from the audience, no sir) I thought I saw him the other night. Massyood, Massyood (yes Sir) will you please stand. (Applause) Welcome home. I have not seen you in 28 or 30 years. Welcome home. (Applause)

    Now I don’t like that noisy air conditioner. I want to, I want to keep it off, if I can. Now it’s rather warm up here, and ah, I may pull off my coat. I plan to be here for forty minutes, or one hour and thirty minutes.

    Get comfortable in your seats. I have some information I would like to share with you. I had a lecture planned for you. I usually plan my lectures about six months in advance. I altered or changed the lecture that I’d planned to give to talk about something that’s more apropos. So I call this a Special Talk.

    It’s no need to get excited. We are just talking. It’s not a lecture. This talk, if you want to catalog it, give it this title, “I’ve Been Waiting For This Moment For All Of My Life.” Give it that title.

    We will begin by recapping a moment of our last Saviour’s Day lecture. If you recall we were talking about the election of President Obama. We told you that we believe that the white government, or white persons, or white people are following prophesy. We told you that the prophesies have a black leader, president or prime minister was voted into office or appointed into office four thousand years ago in the bible.

    Joseph was a ex-slave, or a slave. And he went into office as a slave. And when Joseph went into office as a slave, we saw that the white man or the white government was trying to put a black man into office as a slave. Or to put an ex-slave into office, which was what he was, supposed to do.

    He, the government of America, diverted, he put a African American into office. Not a black slave. That is done to trick you. I hope you can see that. So he follows prophesy as long as it serves him. When it doesn’t serve him, he throws a trick. (Saviour begins to speak, words are caught in His throat. A brother in the audience calls out, “take your time.”) Thank you, I will. Lets go on.

    When Joseph went into office it was at a time when famine, or a crisis if you will was facing the nation, facing Egypt. And he put Joseph, an ex-slave into office as Prime Minister over all of Egypt. And over the land that Egypt controlled.

    When Obama came into office he to, like Joseph, looked down at the land and saw that it was rich. He ordered all persons that had land to bring him one fifth of every five bushels. That was a tax that he put on the people. At first everyone agreed with him, and brought one-fifth to Joseph.

    Likewise everyone was happy when Obama was elected president in the modern day Egypt. Soon after Joseph got into office, it worked for a while, then the people of Egypt, stopped giving Joseph one-fifth. They started disliking Joseph. (Audience murmuring) You hear me? (“Yes Sir”) They started hating Joseph.
    People today don’t like Obama as much as they did when he was elected (audience, “that’s right”).

    People today are talking about assassinating Obama. (“That’s right”) White people. (“Yes Sir”) No blacks are talking about assassinating Obama. (“No Sir”) I doubt seriously weather blacks have the capability of assassinating Obama. School kids, Caucasian school kids are talking about assassinating Obama.

    Things are getting pretty rough here in America. The other night Minister Ajani, your President, he said that… when a patient is dying or is almost dead, they take electric something and—shock him—shock him, to stimulate him back to life. Well stimulation is Obama’s message. Stimulate! Stimulate! Stimulate! (An enlightened murmur from the audience, “Hmm…hmm”)

    It turns out that Obama, Aaron and the Prophet Like Moses are on the scene at one and the same time. Now you know something is wrong with the prophecies. We have told you that they have been tampered with. And clearly they have. At the advent of the Prophet like Moses, the same conditions confronted old Egypt that was confronting old Egypt when the king of old Egypt appointed black person for president or a slave for president. The conditions persisted.

    I don’t know how to tell you that the prophecies are not written as we read them today, succinctly. The original prophecies, that is before the whites had a chance to tamper with the books. We our forefathers, wrote the books, wrote the prophecies. People that wrote the prophecies are not present today, except in us. (“That’s right, yes Sir”)

    The Bible tells you that Moses came upon the scene. But you know that Moses has already gone. It’s the Prophet like Moses who is on the scene at the time that a crisis is hitting America. Moses in the person of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us it was coming. Some of us believed it and some of us did not. But the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is not here today. Aaron is here today (“That’s right, yes Sir”). The Prophet like Moses is here today. (Applause)
    If you could step outside of yourself; if you could imagine removing yourself from yourself; removing your mind from yourself and look at the world outside of yourself, looking as it really is. Then see yourself in the world and what impact you have made upon the earth. Can you see that? You would be able to see that Moses has already gone. That Moses did not take the children out of old Egypt. Neither did Aaron. (Audience murmuring in agreement, “that’s right Sir” “make that plain”)
    The will of a person is to go for self. And going for self that’s a individual thing. But when Moses told you to go for self, he wasn’t speaking to you as an individual. He was speaking to you as a nation. Go for self as a nation. We are a nation of people depending upon a white government to administrate for us, a whole nation of people.

    Oh, we have some blacks in office, political office, in congress the white congress. But it’s a white congress, not a black congress. Who should be in charge of black people? Black people! (Applause) The white man can’t tell me…(He waves his hands back and forth with out speaking, the audience applauds) I have seen the white man! You have seen him! You know him! I know him! We know him! He don’t mean you any good whatsoever! (“That’s right,” “none,” “teach Saviour, teach”)

    I know we are on ah…modern…modern what? (Laughter) Satellite. But I’m not concerned about the modern satellite, it’s a little hot, I’m going to take my coat off. (“You’re at home”) Yea, I’m at home. (Applause) Like the president said, it’s a good thing we are at home.

    I remember the white man, white police officers going to raid the Saviour’s Day meeting. Going to come in with their guns strapped to their sides. The FOI blocked them. And they were scuffling out side the door. Not giving up their arms, FOI not letting them in the mosque. They were going to get in anyway, or die anyway.

    Messenger Muhammad said if you would come in we will leave. He would try them that day! Or, I didn’t say that correctly. Messenger Elijah Muhammad said, “We would try you this day if we were all men here. But because we have women and children here I will dismiss the meeting.”

    The white man, Caucasian, that old devil, (Applause, “yes Sir”) going to force his way into the meeting. I don’t have no animosity for the devil except in my whole person. (Applause & Laughter) He says we teach hate. Well I don’t have to be taught hate, not at all. I hate him from birth. I hate injustice, inequality, doing wrong, it automatically rubs me wrong.

    I’m am speaking too loudly; I will calm down a bit. But I just want you to know that the devil does not mean you any good. He put Obama into office because his face was black; and he was married to a ex-slave. He put Obama into office because his nation is about to fall, about to die. He was trying to stimulate it, give it some life. (He bangs his hands on the podium several times acting as if he were trying to stimulate a heart attack victim with electric shock.) He thought Obama would give it life. He sees it’s still falling.

    I really don’t know the truth of it, but across my desk came a report that he is clamping down on monies in the bank, on your monies in the bank today. If you put twenty dollars in, with what we have, (Laughter) you can’t go back and get that twenty dollars tomorrow. You have to wait seven days to get that twenty dollars back.

    While America is falling, we are down here in hell, in poverty, barely making ends meet, thinking about escaping America. Aren’t you? Sure you are. Talking about escaping America, sure you are. (“Yes we are”)

    Some 12 or 14 years we have been going to the U.N. lambasting America. Long before we know there is a famine in the land, a famine in old Egypt. Ida Hakim, what he do? He closed the door. He closed it up shut it tight! We could still go to the U.N. But we can’t talk to our friends any more. People that we once talked to…they, that office, that entity, that house, or that organization is torn down. He, white government tore it down.

    Because we were collecting 250,000,000 black people, who are ex-slaves. We were asking that you receive your Human Rights, which is a form of reparations, and reparations, money! (Applause) For your having served America for four hundred years, and what did he do? Shut the doors.

    You have no…scratch…cross that out. When you look at the scriptures…its so much on my mind…so awfully much on my mind. When you look at the scriptures, who do you see trying to escape old Egypt? The children, the Hebrew Children, but then that is prophecy. That is not anything that has happened, that is happening. Who do you see in the prophecies talking about escaping old Egypt? You see yourself. Can’t you see yourself? (A loud response from the audience, “yes Sir”)

    You should give yourself a pat on the back. Cause you are down here in old Egypt formalizing a government, formalizing a constitution. That’s what you are doing. (Applause) Taking control of yourself. Who in scripture did that? Those children the Hebrew children did that. What Hebrew children? The Hebrew children that that Jew wrote, when he was…when they found the prophecies the original prophecies they went to work changing them, rewriting them.

    They changed it so, so, so much until when I say the prophet like Moses, you say who is that, I know of a Moses, I don’t know no prophet like Moses. He’s there. He’s there, just like old Aaron is there. Now keep in mind Aaron is my brother. We just don’t see eye to eye. You don’t see eye to eye with some of your brothers. He believes in a spirit god. I believe you are God. (Applause)

    Can you see collectively that we are a mighty nation? (“Yes Sir”) Minister John Muhammad and his Muslims. Minister…pause for a second…

    Do you think that I am a minister? (“No Sir”) Hell No! (Extended laughter and applause) Much whiskey as I drink. And gonna keep on drinking. Who can stop me? Oh, oh, our Congress can stop me. Congress can make a law that says, “No drinking in the Nation of Islam.” Until the Congress make that law, I’m gonna keep on drinking.

    I won’t say Minister Silis Muhammad. I will say Silis Muhammad and His Muslims, Minister Louis Farrakhan and his Muslims, Pan Africa, Nationalists, Bi-racials, Black Americans, African Americans, Bilians, New Africa, NAACP, The Black Panther Party, The New Black Panther Party, Uhuru Movement, Uhuru Nation, Hebrew Israelites, Five Per Centers, H Rap Brown and his Muslims, and The Congressional Black Caucus. We are a mighty nation. (Laughter from the speaker and the audience) Disjunct, but a mighty nation! (Applause)

    And all of us are dissatisfied. All of us have no equality; no justice and we don’t like it. All of us…a little group, a small group among them is planning, thinking about escaping America. You know the story of old Samson? He went blind. But a little boy was standing beside him. He said lead me to the pillars that hold up this, this America. (Laughter from the speaker again) Now he didn’t say that, I am saying that. But lead me between those two pillars. And when he was between those two pillars Samson, he told the little boy to escape. Who’s planning to escape America? You are.

    You were to wonder around in the wilderness for forty years. After Moses had taught you. Moses in the person of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad had taught you, he left, and you fell apart. Not knowing weather to stay in the temple, or go out of the temple.

    You were wondering around in that wilderness not knowing which way to turn for…oh ok, you got it…thirty-five years. (Laughter) The Bible said forty years. So that means you got, according to the Bible, you got five years to go. Only five years left. (“Teach Saviour”)

    It’s a beautiful day. (“Yes Sir” applause) I am so pleased with today.

    (To Captain Kamal) I have a pencil in my coat. Give me the pencil in my coat. Bear with me a little while longer. I will be… we are just having a talk.

    I say, to those groups, Fall In! Get ready to march out of America. Fall in ranks. All of you especially who were spawned into life by Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom all praises are due. If His teachings touched you any way, good or bad, Fall In! Help to build your government. (Applause) A government for black people, not a mixed government, black people and white people…no, no, no, no, no, oh no.
    Chinese are under a Chinese government; Japanese are under a Japanese government; Indians are under an Indian government; Black People belong under a Black government! (Applause)

    What do you look like just…(“tell it Saviour,” “go ahead and tell It”) if you had a girl friend or boy friend who just did not like you. Would you keep on running after him; would you keep on running after her? (“No Sir”) You would say, at some point, “Get to getting!” (Laughter and applause)
    If you had a wife, wife if you had a husband who beat you every night, what do you stay with him for? Wouldn’t you leave him? Wouldn’t you? Would your common sense tell you to leave? If the man is beating you every night, or every week, or every other week, or once a year, the psychiatrist, the white psychiatrist would tell you, get out of there. Get out of the house. Go get you another house. Well the white man, the white government has done you worst than that. Why do you want to stay here?

    It is the job of the Prophet like Moses to deliver you out of old Egypt this modern day America. That’s His job; bring you out of darkness into the light. Obstinance, it will remain, even among you. Some of you are obstinate to each other. Your nature requires a certain degree of tension. Are you outside of your nature or inside of your nature?

    Well, minister back when I was a recruit in the Nation of Islam, I heard minister compare us to chickens I mean compare us as a group…well he gave a story about chickens and ducks. He grouped a whole conglomerate of chickens together and put two or three ducks among them. He said that the ducks had been chickens for so long, they thought they were chickens, until they heard a duck voice. When they heard the duck’s voice they knew instantly, “I belong over there with the ducks.” Where do you belong?

    You are, I am trying to think of your name, The Tribe of Shabazz. (Applause) You are the Greater Taker. Like water it will find its way, you will find your way. Like water it cannot be destroyed nor stopped, like water you cannot be destroyed or stopped. It is your very nature to rise, and rise you must. Against your will even, you will rise. This is the day for it.

    Be ready…now I have told you, Fall In. I hope you hear me. Be ready to move your families and your companies…I should tell you why you have to move, why you have to leave America. Why you cannot stay here.

    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, (Peace Be Upon Him) he went to the, like a drawing board. And he had a piece of chalk. He drew a picture of the Mother Plane, space ship. Some Muslims, some in My ranks, or in the ranks think or was of the thought that the Mother Plane was designed to give you a lift home; a lift out of America.

    No the Mother Plane was designed to carry fifteen hundred other planes and bombs on the other planes. Those bombs are to be dropped on America. When they are dropped they will dig, I think its one-mile deep. And at that point, one mile they will explode. I know you have forgotten. I know the TV has gotten good, Popeye’s Chicken. (Laughter) And you have forgot about the teachings. I am a reminder to you. That’s what I am.

    I believe that’s going to happen. I believe that’s going to happen because every thing else Moses told us has happened. I don’t have no reason what so in ever to doubt him; to doubt his teachings on the Mother Plane. Every thing else has happen that he told you and I about. He said that the dollar bill would be worthless. He said that forty years ago. And now you can see it. So why not a Mother Plane. I see every thing else happening.

    I saw, he said that the Nation of Islam would fall. I said, no, no, no, not the Nation of Islam, the FOI would hold it up. We will keep it living. It fell, just like he said. He said it would rise again. (Applause)

    Low and behold I see you. Why not believe that the Mother Plane exists.

    Guess who do believe it. The white man believe it. Why don’t you believe it? A white person is going to the Mother Ship every other day or so, so they say. Some talk about how it looks inside. White people, I have seen no black people has ever been on the…oh, oh Aaron has. (Laughter from Saviour and audience) Well, bless his heart.

    Your must be ready to cause Christian Americans to bring to you gifts of clothing, gifts of gold, silver and jewelry. You are to make Islam so pleasant that it will cause the whole Christian community to admire you, to want to be like you, to want to come over on this side be with your God. Because your God is a good God. And their god is failing them.

    You are prepared and trained to fast three days out of every month, in preparation. You are trained and prepared to fast every thirty days. Some of you have fasted forty days; some of you have fasted twenty days, some ten days, some six days. Why did Messenger Muhammad tell you that?

    Ah, the white man, or the white government; can they fast for forty days, twenty day, six days? Eating three meals a day, I doubt if they could fast three days. Your have been prepared already for this day, eating bean soup, bean soup babies.

    All officers are servants to the people. Keep this specifically in mind. You serve at the mercy of the people. All believers and citizens belong in the mosque regardless of your level of knowledge. You say, I know what they talking about today, I won’t go down there. It’s your red wagon; you can push it or pull it. (Laughter)

    The mosque is the front line of battle or for battle. It’s intended and open to all believers or citizens. The mosque is the first place of unity and to do battle with your open enemy the devil. And will be the first place intelligence will be released. Now I’m telling you, the intelligence…well, lets be clear, spoken word will be sent to the mosque; it’s time to leave. If you are not at the mosque you will not hear it. An order is going out to [about] believers who do not attend the mosque, leave them.

    Nothing irks me more than to get a phone call of a believer who does not attend the mosque asking me what went on at the mosque. If you want to know what goes on in mosque, be here! If you are too lazy, too trifling, too niggardly, or should I say negligent.

    We are building people. We are building minds; people not farms, not grocery stores or such like attractions in America.

    Here I will say to you, to you who will not come and join on, I give you a hint where to put your monies. In the Bahamas…the money you want to preserve, or save…you will put it in Anguilla, Nevis , what ever that is, St. Kitts, Bermuda, Belize, Barbados, Granada, British Virgin Islands, Cook Islands, The Isles of Man, St Lucias, St. Vencenie, St. Vincent rather, Channel Islands, and the Cayman Islands.

    That’s where you, if you do not want to join onto the Nation of Islam, take your savings out of America right now and put them in those places that I have named for you. I name those places because the money or currency in those countries or islands is international currency. You can exchange it in any other nation.

    If you put your money into Egypt lets say, well it’s only good in Egypt. If you put your money in Nigerian’s currency, it’s only good in Nigeria. But in those places that I named for you the money is good in any country. I give you that for coming. Really what I want you to do is to come on, join the Nation of Islam. (Applause)

    In a few days, hear me, a few days you are to go up out of America, the modern day Egypt. A few days for some of us, is really that, a few days. I know one person, at least one or two or three, or three that has made their way planning…well let’s say get the ball rolling. They got the ball rolling already.

    For some of you three days might mean a three months, it might mean one year, it might mean five years. I would not tarry too long in America after five years, at the rate things are going now in America; I would not tarry too long.

    So begin today. This is not a drill; this is for real. Begin today to gather together your families. Get your selves in order by your families, real or adopted, and your companies, and allies. And be ready to march out of America. And remember, even a squirrel hides it’s nuts.




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