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    God in person, not a spirit

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    by , 01-16-2014 at 10:39 PM (848 Views)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordecai_7 View Post

    By Elijah Muhammad, (1974)

    Chapter 13
    God in Person; Not a Spirit!

    1 According to the dictionary of the Bible, Teman, a son of Eliphaz,
    son of Esau by Adah, (Gen. 36:11,15 and in the I Chronicles 1:36).
    Now if Habakkuk saw God come or coming from the sonís of Esau
    (Eliphaz), then God must be a man and not a spook.

    2 If Habakkukís prophesy refers to some country, town, or city; if
    there be any truth at all in this prophesy, then we can say that this
    prophet saw God as a material being belonging to the human family
    of earth, and not a spirit.

    3 In the same chapter and verse, Habakkuk saw the Holy One from
    Mount Paran. This is also earthly, somewhere in Arabia. Here the
    Bible makes a difference between God and another person who is
    called the Holy One. Which one should we take for our God? For
    one is called God while another one is called Holy One. For this
    Holy One, glory covered the heavens and the earth, and the earth
    was full of His praise.

    4 It has been a long time since the earth was full of praise for a Holy
    One. Even to this hour, the people do not care for holy people and
    will persecute and kill the Holy One if God does not intervene. In
    the fourth verse of the above chapter, it says; "He had horns coming
    out of his hand; and there was the hiding of his power."

    5 Such science used to represent Godís power could confuse the
    ignorant masses of the world. Two Gods are here represented at the
    same time. (It is good that God makes Himself manifest to the
    ignorant world today).

    6 "The burning coals went forth at his feet" has a meaning; but what
    is the meaning? The ignorant do not know. "The burning coals"
    could refer to the anger and war among the people where his foot
    tread within the borders of the wicked. (Here God has feet - spirits
    do not have feet and hands). This Holy One does not refer to anyone
    of the past - not Moses, Jesus, nor Muhammad of the past 1300

    7 "For this Holy One measured the earth, drove asunder the nations,
    scattered the mountains, the perpetual hills did bow, cushan in
    affliction, the curtains of the land of Midian did tremble." (What is
    meant by the curtains trembling?) (Who is cushan?)

    8 "The mountains saw thee, they trembled." (Who does this mean?)
    "The sun and moon stood still in their habitation." (What does this
    mean?) The answers to the above questions are easy when we
    understand who is this God called the Holy One coming from Mount
    Paran is.

    9 The 13th verse should clear the way for such understanding; for it
    tells us why all these great things took place on the coming of the
    Holy One from Mount Paran. It says; "Thou wentest forth for the salvation
    of thy people (not for all people); for the salvation with thine anointed
    (His apostle).

    10 He wounded the head out of the house of the wicked by
    discovering the foundation unto the neck (by exposing the truth and
    the ruling powers of the wicked race of devils). "Cush" or "Cushan"
    represents the Black nation which is afflicted by the white race.

    11 "The curtains of the land of Midian" could mean the falsehood
    spread over the people by the white race and their leaders trembling
    from being exposed by the truth; "the mountains" represents the
    great, rich, and powerful political men of the wicked; and they also
    are trembling and being divided and scattered over the earth. "The
    Holy One" is God in person, and not a spirit!

    12 The Holy One coming from Mount Paran (Habakkuk 3:3) is not a
    spirit, but God in person. Jesus referred to Him as being the Son of
    Man (Matt. 24:27) - not the Son of Mary, Whom He was and whom
    the Christians teach us to look forward to seeing on the last day.

    13 If there is or was any truth in looking forward to seeing the return
    of Jesus (Maryís Son) whom the Bible claims was killed two
    thousand years ago, what contradicts this prophesy of the coming of
    the Son of Man?

    14 The prophesy of the coming of the Son of Man by Jesus
    compares with other prophets, and especially Habakkuk 3:3. "Jesus
    saw the coming of the Son of Man as a light coming from the East
    that shineth unto the West." "Habakkuk also saw the Holy One as
    being a light as well as being Holy" (Habakkuk 3:4).

    15 Some of the Arab scholars say that the Holy One mentioned by
    Habakkuk (3:3) coming from Mount Paran refers to Muhammad -
    and they are right. But it does not refer to the Muhammad of the past
    but to the One Muhammad prophesied of in the Sunnah who came
    from His family in His name under the title, "Mahdi" (meaning the
    Guide, the Restorer of the Kingdom of Righteousness).

    16 This Holy One called "Mahdi" or Muhammad coming at the end
    of the world would come from the East out of the present Holy City,
    Mecca, Arabia, which is in the East.

    17 This is the only place we know of that can produce a Holy One.
    Neither of the past two prophets, Jesus nor Muhammad, taught the
    people that they were Holy Ones, nor did they say that they were
    from heaven. Jesus himself denied that He was good; the only one
    good is God (St. Luke 18:19).

    18 The Holy Qurían and the history of Muhammad teach us that
    Muhammad was only a common Arab as his fellow Arabs were until
    he was missioned to be an Apostle of Allah; as was the case of
    Moses and Jesus who was before Muhammad.

    19 All of the prophets (Moses, Jesus, Muhammad) prophesied of the
    coming of a greater one than they. The belief in God being a spirit
    and not a man goes back to many thousands of years according to
    the word of God (Master Fard Muhammad) to me; and especially to
    the days of Yakub when he was grafting the white race.

    20 This man, Yakub, taught his people every trick that he thought
    would help them in ruling the Black nation up to the time of the
    coming of God from our nation. Without the knowledge of the
    history of our people before the making of the white race, you will
    never be able to really understand who God is. With the teachings of
    the prophets and their histories, it is really foolishness to believe that
    God is other than a man.

    21 Let us quote another prophesy of Jesus on the coming of the Son
    of Man; "But first must He suffer many things, and be rejected of
    this generation" (Luke 17:25). The words "this generation" is not to
    be taken to mean the generation in the days of Jesus and His
    rejecters, the Jews, two thousand years ago. It means the people and
    generation of the Son of Man who would reject Him in His day of
    coming to reclaim His lost-found people; and at the same time,
    suffer persecution of Self and His teachings as Jesus was by the
    same enemies in His time.

    22 For He further says; "As it was in the days of Noah, and in the
    days of Lot, they did eat, they drank, they married wives, they
    bought, they sold, they planted, they built; even thus shall it be in
    the day when the Son of Man is revealed" (Luke 17:27-30). It is
    being made manifest that He is God and yet a man and not a spirit;
    for these things are now fulfilled as you and I see them that have
    eyes to see.

    23 I think I have made it clear to you that if we look forward to
    seeing or meeting God, He must be in the form of a man. The
    Christiansí Bible bears me witness that God is a man of flesh and
    blood. The Bible predicts God coming as a man (Luke 21:27;
    Matthew 24:30; Revelation 1:7, 14:15). There is much proof in the
    Bible to support my claim that God is a man. That is, if you want

    24 You have been taught so long that God is not a man, so you have
    become hardened against believing in anything other than what you
    have been taught. "Every eye shall see Him" (Rev. 1:7).

    25 No eye can see spirits. The above chapter says; "All kindreds of
    the earth shall wail (shall be sorry to see His coming) because of
    Him." Never was this so true as it is today.

    26 The wicked world of the white race today actually does not want
    a God of Righteousness to set up a government of justice and
    righteousness, for they love what they have - wickedness, sport, and
    play. Therefore, they are sorry and angry (Rev. 12:12,13).

    27 The devils see His hand at work and they are so upset that they
    are even preparing their own destruction while thinking that they are
    preparing for the destruction of others. The devils have been and
    still are leading the people away from the true God and His true
    religion, Islam.

    28 They never wanted Islam as their religion because they cannot
    live the life of the righteous. And they do not want the so-called
    Negroes to believe in it nor pray to Allah. Why? Because Allah will
    answer prayer, and believing in Him and His religion will not only
    get us universal friendship, but will give divine aid and help against
    our enemies.

    29 We need a God who will help us and answer our prayers when
    we call on Him; not an unknown mystery God, not a dead crucified
    Jesus of two thousand years ago. But we must remember that to get
    something worthwhile, we must be willing to sacrifice all that we

    30 The prophesy of Jesus (Luke 21:12) of the sacrifices and trails to
    be made by the so-called Negroes could not be expressed in a
    clearer language; "But before all these, they (the devils) shall lay
    their hands on you and persecute you delivering you (the Muslims)
    up to the synagogues (churches) and into prisons, being brought
    before kings and rulers for My names sake."

    31 It refers to none other than the so-called Negroes who accept
    their own religion, Islam, and a divine name from Allah. We are the
    hated ones in your midst and are persecuted for no other reason
    except that we are Muslims - under other charges such as our not
    joining on your side after truth and righteousness have come to us,
    and knowing God face to face as we know each otherís faces.

    32 Shall we go back to that which He has brought us out of? No! As
    it is written; "Shall the throne of the iniquity have fellowship with
    thee, which frameth mischief by a law? They gather themselves
    together against the soul of the righteous and condemn the innocent
    blood (the so-called American Negroes) Psalms 94:20,21). And
    again it teaches, "Can there be fellowship with light and darkness?"

    33 Let the American so-called Negroes return to their Allah and His
    religion or suffer what was poured upon Pharaoh and his people for
    their opposition to Moses, the servant of Allah.

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