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    What the muslim wants, what the muslim believes

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    by , 01-17-2014 at 07:31 PM (1523 Views)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordecai_7 View Post

    What the Muslims Want

    This is the question asked most frequently by both whites and blacks.
    The answers to this question I shall state as simply as possible.

    1. We want freedom. We want a full and complete freedom.

    2. We want justice. Equal justice under the law. We want justice applied equally to all,
    regardless of creed, class or color.

    3. We want equality of opportunity. We want equal membership in society with the best
    in civilized society.

    4. We want our people in America whose parents or grandparents are descendents from
    slaves to be allowed to establish a separate state or territory of their own, either on this
    continent or elsewhere. We believe that our former slave masters are obligated to provide
    such land and that the area must be fertile and minerally rich. We believe that our former
    slave masters are obligated to maintain and supply our needs in this separate territory for
    the next 20 or 25 years, until we are able to produce and supply our own needs.
    Since we cannot get along with them in peace and equality after giving them 400 years of
    our sweat and blood and receiving in return some of the worse treatment human beings
    have ever experienced, we believe our contributions to this land and the suffering forced
    upon us by white America justifies our demand for complete separation in a state or
    territory of our own.

    5. We want freedom for all Believers of Islam held in federal prisons. We want freedom
    for all Black men and women now under death sentence in innumerable prisons in the
    North as well as the South.

    We want every Black man and woman to have the freedom to accept or reject being
    separated from the slave-masters children and establish a land of their own.
    We know that the above plan for the situation of the Black and white conflict is the best
    and only answer to the problem between two people.

    6. We want an immediate end to the police brutality and mob attacks against the so-called
    Negro throughout the United States.

    We believe that the Federal government should intercede to see that Black men and
    women tried in white courts receive justice in accordance with the laws of the land, or
    allow us to build a new nation for ourselves, dedicated to justice, freedom, and liberty.

    7. As long as we are not allowed to establish a state or territory of our own, we demand
    not only equal justice under the laws of the United States, but equal employment

    We do not believe that after 400 years of free or nearly free labor, swear and blood,
    should have to subsist on relief or charity or live in poor houses.

    8. We want the government of the United States to exempt our people from ALL taxation
    as long as we are deprived of equal justice under the laws of the land.

    9. We want equal education, but separate schools up to 16 for boys and 18 for girls on the
    condition that the girls be sent to womens colleges and universities. We want all Black
    children educated, taught and trained by their own teachers.

    Under such a schooling system we believe we will make a better nation of people. The
    United States government should provide free all necessary text books and equipment,
    schools and college buildings. The Muslim teachers shall be left free to teach and train
    their people in the way of righteousness, decency and self respect.

    10. We believe that intermarriage or race mixing should be prohibited. We want the
    religion of Islam taught without hindrance or suppression.

    These are some of the things that we, the Muslims, want for our people in North

    -The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

    What the Muslims Believe

    1. We believe in the One God whose proper name is Allah.

    2. We believe in the Holy Quran and in the scriptures of all the Prophets of God.

    3. We believe in the truth of the Bible, but we believe that it has been tampered with and
    must be reinterpreted so that mankind will not be snared by the falsehoods that have been
    added to it.

    4. We believe in Allah's Prophets and the Scriptures they brought to the people.

    5. We believe in the resurrection of the dead, not in physical resurrection but mental
    resurrection. We believe that the so-called Negroes are most in need of mental
    resurrection; therefore, they will be resurrected first.

    Furthermore, we believe we are the people of God's choice as it has been written that God
    would choose the rejected and the despised. We can find no other persons fitting this
    description in these last days more than the so-called Negro's in America. We believe in
    the resurrection of the righteous.

    6. We further believe in the judgement. We believe this first judgement will take place,
    as God revealed in America.

    7. We believe this is the time in history for the separation of the so-called Negro's and the
    so-called white Americans. We believe the black man should be freed in name as well as
    in fact. By this we mean that he should be freed from names imposed upon him by his
    former slave-master. We believe that if we are free indeed, we should go in our own
    people's names, the black peoples of the earth.

    8. We believe in justice for all whether in God or not. We believe as others that we are
    due equal justice as human beings. We believe in equality as a nation of equals. We do
    not believe that we are equal with our slave-masters in the status of "Freed slaves".
    We recognize and respect American citizens as independent peoples, and we respect their
    laws that govern this nation.

    9. We believe that the offer of integration is hypocritical and is made by those who are
    trying to deceive the black people into believing that their 400-year-old open enemies of
    freedom, justice and equality are, all of a sudden, their "friends". Furthermore, we
    believe that such deception is intended to prevent black people from realizing that the
    time in history has arrived for the separation from the whites of this nation.

    If the white people are truthful about their professed friendship toward the so-called
    Negro, they can prove it by dividing up America with their slaves.

    We do not believe that America will ever be able to furnish enough jobs for her own
    millions of unemployed in addition to jobs for the 20,000,000 black people.

    10. We believe that we who declared ourselves to be righteous Muslims should not
    participate in wars that take the lives of humans. We do not believe this nation should
    force us to take part in such wars, for we have nothing to gain from it unless America
    agrees to give us the necessary territory wherein we may have something to fight for.

    11. We believe our women should be respected and protected as the women of other
    nationalities are respected and protected.

    12. We believe that Allah (God) appeared in the person of Master W. Fard Muhammad,
    July, 1930, the long awaited "Messiah" of the Christians, and the "Mahdi" of the

    We believe further and lastly that Allah is God and besides HIM there is no God and He
    will bring about a universal government of peace wherein we can live in peace together.

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