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    The time & what must actually be done

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    by , 10-27-2014 at 06:50 AM (4850 Views)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordecai_7 View Post


    Minister Louis Farrakhan ran a near 60 part series in the Final Call News entitled "The Time And What Must Be Done." At no point during this series did he (Minst Farrakhan) tell the Original Black Nation of the impending doom of America and what must be done so that you, the so-called Negro, do not become victims of the divine wrath of Allah which is intended for the Devil (White race) and those who cling to him (the Devil).

    In a Muhammad Speaks article entitled: Reparations For Slavery, Americas Destruction Is At Hand, Brother Kamal Akram stated the following:

    The Honorable Silis Muhammad’s work is divine. To explain what I mean, let me introduce you to the name Joshua. It means “saviour.”

    As you may know, Joshua of the Bible physically led the Children of Israel (Black people) out of Egypt (America) before destructive plagues hit.

    But the Honorable Silis Muhammad is not the only one fulfilling divine prophecy, as he has previously revealed that:

    • The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the Moses who spoke face to face with Almighty Allah in the person of Master Fard Muhammad (to whom all honor and praise is forever due). Note: A Moses of the Bible did not exist 4000 years ago. The prophetic character of Moses would be the only prophet in scripture to speak with God face to face in 1930.

    • The roles of John the Baptist and the Virgin Mary were fulfilled by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad on page 127 of Message to the Blackman in America even said that he was the woman in Revelations 12:1 giving birth to a Nation.

    • The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is Aaron of the scriptures (Bible and Holy Qu’ran) and the spokesperson of prophetic Moses (the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad).

    Genesis Chapter 15, 12-14 states, “As the sun was setting, Abraham fell into a deep sleep, and a thick and dreadful darkness came over him. Then the Lord said to him. Know for certain that your descendants will be strangers in a country not their own, and they will be enslaved and mistreated for 400 years. But I will punish the nation they serve as slaves, and afterwards they will come out with great possessions.” (Scofield Study Bible)

    This without a doubt describes Black people in America. We are the Children of Israel, the Chosen of God, Allah.
    Four hundred years of slavery occurred.

    Allah, Master Fard Muhammad found us, the Lost Sheep, in our sojourn from Africa in servitude to America.
    The judgment of America occurred.

    Almighty God (Isaiah 9:6) raised up Moses in the person of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad to teach us for 40+ years. Joshua appeared in the person of the Honorable Silis Muhammad.

    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad predicted “plagues” would take place in America before the Exodus as a sign to you and me. He knew what would happen, because he was taught day and night by Almighty God face-to-face for 3 1/2 years. Anyone can see evidence of these events in scripture.

    The only part of prophecy left to unfold is America’s punishment, which is now occurring.

    America shows signs of collapse everyday with the Great Recession that began in 2008. Her morals as a society continue to decline. Children kill children in violence within her inner cities. And her incurable debt– now approximately $17 trillion–will soon cause hyper-inflation.

    It will worsen after Joshua, the Honorable Silis Muhammad, leads Afrodescendants out of America. The scriptures do predict that we will leave with reparations. Therefore, the Honorable Silis Muhammad in his divine guidance is once again correct in having demanded reparations, for this will be the “great substance” with which we will leave America.

    After our Exodus, plague after plague will strike America for an entire year…day and night. Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, brush fires in Colorado and California, and killer tornados in the south and midwest are only dress rehearsals for what will happen in America after the Chosen of God (those who have joined with the Lamb of God, the Honorable Silis Muhammad) leave America.

    Remember! After the Children left the land of bondage, the plagues hit Egypt. Of course, this never happened in history, but is predicted to happen right here in America because this is the land of bondage and America is the government that enslaved us.

    Babylon, too, is America in your Bible. And all of Babylon’s plagues came in one day, which the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught means one year.

    America will pay for the 310 years of free labor that she stole, for the murdering and lynching of innocent brothers and sisters, for raping sisters and brothers, for kidnapping millions from Africa to be forced in to servitude slavery, and for the over 400+ years of injustice.

    After the Exodus, you will see earthquakes in America never seen since man has been on the planet, more storms, floods, and tornados, the total collapse of the U.S. dollar, another civil war, and a race war.

    The Bible tells of Babylon (America) turning into a lake of fire. And according to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad , America will burn for approximately the same length of time that we were enslaved some 400 years.

    The Honorable Silis Muhammad loves you and wants you to leave so that you can experience heaven. During his Saviour’s Day 2010 address, he said “I would not tarry in American past 2015.”

    The Honorable Silis Muhammad has also set up the government with which the Children of Israel were predicted to leave the land of bondage. The Lost-Found Nation of Islam under Joshua’s direction has a President, a Vice President, a presidential cabinet, a Judiciary and a Congress with a House of Representatives and a Senate. That is the meaning of the phrase “Nation of Islam”.

    And according to scripture, it will last forever. So if 95% of the prophecy has already occurred, what would make anyone think that the last 5% won’t take place? Blackman, woman and child, save yourself!

    1. Get a passport ASAP and get your mind ready to Exodus out of America. There is no future for Black People, Afrodescendants, in America.

    2. Flock to the nearest mosque under the leadership of the Honorable Silis Muhammad to receive further information on what to do and where to go. Bring your skills and education so that we can continue building a Nation of righteousness for ourselves upon exiting America.

    You want to be on the right side of the prophecy and history. Make yourself ready to leave America before it is too late.
    People have always said that we are in the “last days.” Yes, the last days of America are here.

    Join the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, the government for Afrodescendants that was predicted to be your only salvation in the last days of America. Babylon the Great is Fallen!

    Minister Farrakhan DID NOT MAKE ANY OF YOU AWARE OF THIS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION. Brother Akram went on to say:

    There are no such identities as African-American, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Colombian, Afro-Brazilian or similar anymore.

    The United Nations recognized descendants of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade as Afrodescendants in 2003. Thanks to Mr. Silis Muhammad, Chief Executive Officer of All for Reparations & Emancipation and the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, we’ve received recognition internationally. For the first time in over 400 years, we have named ourselves.

    That means that we can now move forward with receiving reparations for 400 years of back-breaking labor performed by our foreparents. America and Europe did enrich themselves from the labor of Black slaves kidnapped from Africa. And since these recipients of free labor don’t want to pay reparations willingly, the European world and America are in trouble today.

    It’s common knowledge that the American government is the most hated government on the planet, and Israel is right behind them. And at the time of this writing, America is over $14 trillion in debt, on the brink of defaulting. Europe, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Britain are also having financial problems….with debt soaring into the billions. America has seen her best days. The lifestyle that you once knew will never be the same.

    Since uncontrollable debt equals hyperinflation, bringing about a gross devaluation of the currency, a loaf of bread could one day cost you $200. Double digit unemployment will become a way of life. The cost to borrow money will be 5 to 6
    times higher.

    We’ve already witnessed the destruction of America’s middle class. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. IT’S GOING TO GET A LOT WORSE!!!

    Since the Great Recession began in 2008, the rich have quietly transferred their wealth out of America. Economically, politically, morally and educationally, America has fallen and is finished.

    Afrodescendants, Black Americans were told of the fall of America over 50 years ago by the Last Messenger of God Himself, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (peace be upon him) (See “A Message to the Blackman in America” and “The Fall America”). And every single prediction made about America’s fall has come true or is coming true. America is past the point of repair.

    As a result, if you expect to have a future for yourself, family and children, make plans to leave America.
    Numerous scriptural stories exist that warn people to leave a land before coming plagues and destruction struck. It’s the same today. Elijah Muhammad predicted the fall of America, because she refused to give justice to her once slave, now known as Afrodescendants.

    Although Afrodescendants are over 250 million strong, America, the scriptural beast, leads the campaign to oppose the payment of reparations.

    Since this is so, tornadoes, heat waves, snow, rain storms, floods and hurricanes will worsen. Earthquakes will occur in locations within America where they haven’t before.

    If you are conscious enough to see what’s happening and want to save yourself and family, here are your options:

    1) Attend Lost-Found Nation of Islam meetings. Just as the name implies, a Nation and government has been formed for Afrodescendants. This government has a President, a Congress and a Judiciary, along with an Afrodescendant Constitution. As the American government falls, you have the opportunity to join your own Nation that was predicted for you over 15,000 years ago. This is your best option. You’ll interact with likeminded others–making it easier for us to create an economy of our own.

    2) Make plans to move to a Caribbean island or another country outside of America. You’ll need to get a passport ASAP. Your plans might also include learning another language, getting a second degree or learning a new skill to make yourself more marketable. Just make sure you do your due diligence on the economy, currency and opportunities in your chosen country to successfully make your exodus.

    3) Stay in America and hope that white politicians/people will fix everything and eventually treat you as their equal. This is actually the worst choice. Times may become so dire in America that whites could possibly hunt Blacks for food, as portrayed in the movies, “The Road” and the “Book of Eli”. Plagues predicted to hit America will destroy its economy and there will be famine, starvation and mass homelessness. Just like Jews were scapegoats in Germany during the 1930s and 1940s, Black people, gays, the elderly and other “outcasts” will be made scapegoats in the near future (Listen to the latest language used by the Tea Party). There is no future for anyone in America, especially Afrodescendants.
    The Honorable Silis Muhammad stated in his 2010 Saviors Day Address, “I would not tarry in America past 5 years.” We are now half way through 2011, which means that you have approximately 3 1/2 years to make exodus out of America.

    After the death of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in 1975, the Children of Israel were to wander in the wilderness for 40 years. 1975 + 40 years is 2015. Eastern religious scholars have concluded that the judgment of the wicked (And no one has been more wicked than the white world who have raped Africa of her resources, killed 25 million Native Americans, enslaved the ancestors of Afrodescendants for 400 years without a payday, which also included lynchings, rapes of Afrodescendant women, men and children, and 146 years of discrimination after slavery), would begin as early as 1,380 years after Prophet Muhammad of Arabia’s death in 632 A.D. (peace be upon him). Add 1,380 years to 632 and you get 2012.

    America is finished. Make plans to be a part of a new government, move to another country or take your chances in the good old U.S. of A.

    P.S. Please share this notice with as many Afrodescendants as you see fit.

    For further information contact
    Commissioner Kamal Akram
    Muhammad's Mosque
    3040 Campbellton Rd., S.W.
    Atlanta, Georgia 30311

    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, (Peace Be Upon Him) told us of the impending destruction of America. It has been no different to us than it was to the people of ancient Babylon or those of Sodom & Gomorah. No different than it was to the people in the time of Noah who thought that the end would never come, because they were not aware of THE TIME IN WHICH THEY LIVED. They did not have knowledge of THE TIME. The following is what The Last & Greatest Messenger of Allah had to say on the issue of TIME.

    Our Saviour Has Arrived
    By Elijah Muhammad, (1974)

    Chapter 3
    Knowledge of Time

    1 If only the American so-called Negroes had knowledge of the
    time in which we now live, they would accept Islam at once; for it is
    just the acceptance of Islam which will bring the so-called Negroes
    the things they desire; good homes, money, and friendship in all
    walks of life. This is the time that they should enjoy such heaven, the
    Time of God. They are really chosen by God to be His people, and
    not the Jews nor white Christians. It is you, the American so-called
    Negro, but it is just you who are blind, deaf, and dumb to the
    knowledge of the Time of your salvation and the judgment and death
    of your enemies.

    2 Remember the story of Moses and his people. Jehovah said to
    Moses: "I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in
    Egypt, and I have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters; for I
    know their sorrows" (Ex. 3:7). Jehovah had seen and heard the
    afflicitions and cries of His people while His people were yet dumb
    to the knowledge of Him, for they called not on Him. They
    worshipped the gods of Pharaoh and his people and not Jehovah Who
    was the God of their fathers. Jehovah had not represented Himself as
    being the God of Pharaoh and his people. It was to the slaves of
    Pharaoh and the slaves' fathers that Jehovah, their God, was to show
    mercy and deliverance.

    3 Pharaoh was against Jehovah and His religion and the people of
    Jehovah who were his slaves. So it is and Allah's true religion of
    Islam. But it is time that the mentally dead Negroes, who are afflicted
    daily by the evil hand of white America, should be delivered and
    given freedom, justice, and equality and a land that they can call their
    own. Day and night their cries go up into the ear of Allah, the God of
    our people (the Muslims).

    4 We cannot hope for justice from the devils when by nature there
    is none in them. All the day long the Negroes are mistreated. If Allah
    and I, His servant, will not stand up for them, who shall stand up for
    them? You, by far, are unable to do so; for you know not God. The
    devils have you afraid and worshipping that which you know not.
    Fear not and come follow me and God will love you and will set you
    in heaven at once while you live.

    5 Jehovah told Moses to go first to the elders of Israel and say to
    them: "The Lord your God (not Pharaoh's) the God of your fathers,
    He has appeared unto me saying, "I have surely visited you and have
    seen that which is done unto you in Egypt (America)" (Ex. 3:16). But
    the elders would not even meet with Moses, only by way of

    In the book of Revelations at 18:4 we are given the warning:

    And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not
    partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

    The Honorable Silis Muhammad loves you and wants you to leave so that you can experience heaven. During his Saviour’s Day 2010 address, he said “I would not tarry in American past 2015.”

    Whatever you think of this, or don't think of this it will not change what is coming. It is very near on the horizon.


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