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    Mosi Ngozi

    My Vision for Afrika/Afrikans:

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    by , 04-01-2008 at 03:07 PM (1956 Views)

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    First and foremost to PURGE our minds, hearts, bodies and souls of white supremacy because all of thee afore mentioned are iINFESTED with 'it'.
    2) For conscious Afrikans to begin to campaign aggressively for perpetual access to the masses of our youth.
    3)The tearing down of ALL european constructed walls in the midst of our daily realities.
    4)To STOP being Spiritual Prostitutes for all of these religions introduced to us by ALIENS who look nothing like us. This includes whites (Christianity), Arabs (Islam), Asians (buddhism and Hinduism), and anything related to the words Jew, Hebrew, or Israel (ite). In this vision for Afrikan people the world over we reject any form of spirtual dogma or doctrine not bequeathed to us from our most distant ANSCESTORS. This way, TIME is respected NATURE will agree and God AMUN-RA can continue with the running of the universe and Marcus Garvey and Harriet Tubman, where ever they are can continue to keep Ma'at satisfied!
    In this vision for Afrikan people, Black people are no longer the 'unwanted stepchildren' of a white dominated society begging for their love. Amongst our ranks 'Preferred Ignorance' and 'Genuine Assimilation' with any race out side of our own should be viewed as racial and cultural treason and the transgressors FORCED to watch SANKOFA and ROOTS pt1&2 5000 times each, after being forced to sleep on the grave of STEVE BIKO while staring at Kwame Nkrumahs picture, as loudspeakers pour out Patrice Lumumbas speeches, ending with the actual sounds of his murder at the hands of the AMERIKKKAN GOV'MENT; and this would just be the 1st phase. This 'stuf'f was beaten into us, so it must therefore be beaten............... out of us.
    In this vision for African people I see our enemies, especially those from amongst our ranks, held accountable and neutralized. Afrikans on the continent should be made to dance to the tune of Afrikans living 'behind
    enemy lines' here in Amerikkka and throughout the West. Why? Because it is 'we' who have first hand knowledge of what is coming their way. And 'we' can help to position Mother Afrika to be impregnable. What is the point of being the Black head of Fortune 500 company and you cant do anything to stop the denigration and rape of your people BACK HOME....
    or HERE for that matter. Or was that BEATEN out of us as well (?), the 'knowledge', not the memory, but the 'knowledge', that Afrika is STILL HOME? Then this is the VISION, to REMEMBER and to walk in the right direction, 'left foot forward', everyday, in everything we do, ending up, right where we should've been in the first place, (because it was the 'first place') ......home.


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    1. DarkManJah's Avatar
      #2 is especially important, Warrior! And dragging race traitors through THAT list will certainly make on-lookers think again before they consider walking in their bloody footsteps!

      Uplifting blog post!

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