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    Mubarak Hassani

    Def poet's ink

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    by , 05-27-2009 at 11:03 AM (600 Views)

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    Africa fills her beautiful eyes with tears in agony that has mastered her children
    and overwhelms her turbulent emotions, yes she is a Queen for she gave birth to
    nations of royalty and warriors, her crown so beautiful a bright light came from it
    that blinds the eyes of those who wish to be led by the spiritually dead, her crown had colorful gems and precious minerals a masterpiece crafted by mother nature's green hands - this amongst many wonders made her planet earths beauty spot
    I pity her as devilish dictators roamed her kingdom like killer locust flying over
    her golden crop that left her children starring into the face of famine and her five
    fearsome curses. The greedy man swallows her multi carrot wealth and feeds her
    leaders the apple of poisoned politics, these leaders married their women to brutality and clothed them in thick garments of pain, these leaders stole the wholesome future
    from their infant's mouths and filled their tiny soft innocent hands with mans greatest
    invention THE MACHINE GUN to harden their hearts and insure that her fertile soil is
    washed in their priceless blood!
    But still her foot soldiers cannot rub their eyes and clear their vision blurred by a concoction of pretty propaganda, empty pride, falsehood and toxic morals this mixture is labeled " to make a civilized citizen with a strong sense of culture

    These intoxicated soldiers’ march away from the frontline in the rhythm of late night bashes
    as they indulged in a bottled joy, these troops will mock a virgin's flower, to these troops
    AIDS is no foe but a legendary myth and death an illusion, for they conscience is no means of
    staying cool.

    By he who holds my breath, by he who put upon this earth the glorious book they will meet the hour. PUNCH your fist in the air, speak in colorful tongues, and lift your courage to the heavens.
    FIGHT to free Mama Africa!
    Let us FIGHT with our minds, our swords, our hearts and our spears.
    For the power of their demise lies in what they wish to destroy.Fight for a def poet's ink can bring sight to blind minds

    Camillo Mubarak Zimba

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