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    Mubarak Hassani

    Mama Shakur

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    by , 05-27-2009 at 11:36 AM (932 Views)

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    In The Name of God the Most Kind the Most Merciful

    They Hunted Her
    Put a Million Dollar tag on her
    The they came to discover
    The spirit of a non retreating fighter
    Deeply engraved in her
    The spirit of a warrior
    A warrior the answered the drum of war
    As they shook at the sight of the glistening armor of resiliance she wore
    She panted for liberation
    In deep breaths of self education
    As she raised a fist
    against occult oppression
    Fearless in the face of dissention
    Equality - her object of affection
    a bravery that bore redemption
    Power she did not lack
    As she roared:Freedo to the Black
    Nations that they would not leave intact!
    While her heels where trailed by a pack
    of Federal idiots,
    heartless and power hangry
    That quivered at her audacity
    To raise herself above their mockery
    to free herself form all forms of slavery

    They Gatered t destroy her
    But the skies freed her
    They Gathered to Scar her
    But the soil healed her
    The gathered to silence her
    But the oceans spoke for her
    The Birds sang to her
    The world called for her
    Commandante Castro housed her

    And May Allah reward her
    In this Life and the Next
    Asante Sana Mama Shakur

    Time is you crown
    The revolution is you gown
    Education is your scepter
    your struggle a tearful chapter
    In the Book Of the Revolution
    In the Library of Liberation

    It saddens me to see mass delusion
    Systematic confusion
    Chaotic diffusion
    As many Stand at the struggles' set
    Forgetting thst freedom has not dawnd
    upon us yet
    How can we choose to forget
    Thatr the sun of oppression is yet to set

    I ask myself what is your dream today?
    what do you have to say of yesterday?
    What rivers feed your soul today?
    where do your thought play?

    Camillo Mubarak Zimba Hassani

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    1. Im The Truth's Avatar
      Asante African!

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    2. DarkManJah's Avatar
      Powerful tribute, especially the second to the last stanza! May i quote u?



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