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    Nanya Asumu El

    Why all the MOOR hate amongst my "Black Power" Brothers?

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    by , 08-19-2010 at 02:28 PM (14460 Views)

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    Peace Fam, I am a Moor who is an adherent of the teachings of Noble Drew Ali, and I acknowledge and agree with the program of my brothers from the Murakush Imperial Temple of Amexem. Overall brothers and sisters I am just one of your brothers who overstands that we are one people regardless of the religions or philosophies we adhere to or accept as truth. I also am an advocate of Nationality. Nationality is important in our quest for liberation or in order for us to be liberated we have to have Nationality. Many of the brothers dealing with the "Black Power" movement have disagreed over the years because they feel that the "whitemans" law cannot and will not work for our people, however none has come up with a better way that we can interface with the money hungry U.S Corp. None has come forth with a a way that we can somehow reduce the disproportionate amount of young brothers and sisters going into the prisons, most times because of their ignorance of the law. My question then becomes, when has challenging the jurisdiction and the authenticity of the defacto laws of the U.S. corporation become some weak, meaningless or even non-revolutionary? When has proclaiming your nationality as indigenous people of this land and or the earth period become something to be ridiculed and viewed as insignificant? Better yet, how is invoking a treaty that our forefathers made in 1787 with the United States selling out? It makes no sense when you do the history, and many of us will contend that they aren't Moors, and to that I would say that is your prerogative, but if you want to actually put yourself in a postition to get back to the position of greatness that we once held throughout the world we have to be an established nation or government to begin rebuilding ourselves. A beggar people cannot attain to its highest level of spirituality and thats paraphrasing the Prophet Noble Drew Ali. This makes sense. It's like going to school not being able to concentrate because you aren't getting the proper nourishment because your family is one of the millions of underpriveleged impoverished marginalized peoples who have to depend on welfare and or Jobs to eat. We cannot attain the "God Level" or our highest level dealing within a society that is polluting us on all levels from the food we eat to the books we read. That brings me to religion which many have threw out the window because they seem to be confused about what it really is and I will state for the record that religion has always been apart of our culture, and you would rarely find any of our indigenous cultures throughout the world that is absent of one. Even ancient Kemet was replete with religions. From what we would consider not so important reliogions to the Mysteries. The ancient kemetic mysteries still dealt with ritual and religon and this can be seen in modern history with Dr. York and the Nuwaubians who I would say had a very good overstanding of ancient Tamarean culture which is basically religion. Here is a definition of religion according to the American Heritage Dictionary,


    Belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe.
    A personal or institutionalized system grounded in such belief and worship.
    The life or condition of a person in a religious order.
    A set of beliefs, values, and practices based on the teachings of a spiritual leader.
    A cause, principle, or activity pursued with zeal or conscientious devotion.

    So in light of this definition and others, religion was always practiced, specifically by our ancestors in ancient Kemet. They had hundreds of gods, just as the Yoruba, and many other "African" tribes or nations, so all the debate about religion is really futile in some of our attempts to disassociate ourselves from mainly Islam. We have forgotten that Islam has been the premier religion practiced by Moors or so-called African and blacks all over the world, specifically in America. I say this is because Islam in America as it relates to melinated people in this land has been overlooked by those who wish to try to arabicize our own religion, without actually looking into historical and legal documents which will prove the long history of Moorish/socalled blacks and Islam being here and being very influential on other Moors in this part of the world without the sword or compelled conversion. Look it up!! This is historically documented for all to see, and had very little or nothing to do with any pale arabs. Note I said Pale Arabs. So the whole excuse of not wanting to proclaim your nationality because Moors are under the pale arab religion called Islam is weak because I don't see any Moors, even in the time of Noble Drew Ali teaching anything that the pale arabs are teaching or their form of Islam. Period. In fact a quick google search will dead that argument, because Noble Drew Ali was hated by Satti Majidd and other Pakistinian/Indian/pale Arab fundamentalist who didn't really come bringing Islam here untill the late 17 or 1800's. His whole system of Islam was based on liberating the Moors in this land by reconnecting us to the last creed that most of our people dealt with and that was Islam. No matter what the argument that doesn't change the reality of the situtation, and that is that our forefathers and mothers obviously didn't feel that Islam was a slave religion because they were the ones in power and were very influential throughout the world known as Moors. Not the Crackers, not the Arabs, not the turks, but the Moors. So any of the brothers want to discuss anything I wrote feel at liberty to because that is the main problem as I see it because we are 1 step away from proclaiming our nationality and setting ourselves upright and 2 steps away from being put back into slavery enmasse. Peace and Islam!

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    1. edwins's Avatar

      i have limited knowledge of the moors- what i know about them would only fill a small drinking glass. but islam... was it originally called muhammadanism...??? was muhammad, the 'man' upon which mahammadanism is based, a real, living, breathing human being or a mythological figure...??? and does your definition of 'religion' account for the the use of the word 'belief', the root of which is 'belie' which means to misrepresent and distort...???

      i would not choose to argue the wisdom of any group who promotes nationality- a good thing indeed. nor do i 'hate' the moors or the program being promoted by them. i am simply asking a couple of questions that would help me to grasp the idea of religion, islam and the moors who practice it.

      peace be upon you

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