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    Just Funkin Around!

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    by , 05-13-2008 at 01:26 AM (8348 Views)

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    My dear daughter decided it would be fun to help Mommy make a MySpace page. This is kinda odd because i have been involved in websites for years but never had one for just me. Hmmm.... what would i put on it after being instructed to make it about something uniquely me? So, i started on a funky slideshow and was reminiscing so bad that i was aching with nostalgia and didn't make much more progress after that.

    So ... why don't you go check it out when you have the chance?

    WARNING: For some reason it doesn't all come up in Firefox. Also, keep in mind that i have no idea what i'm doing and i'm just getting started, so don't be too hard on me!

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    1. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      i just added you!!

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    2. Fenix's Avatar
      I just added you also sis!

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    3. nattyreb's Avatar
      Asante sana to you both, it feels good to have y'all on there with me. i'm gonna try to get some more stuff up there real soon, it just takes me so long to figure out how to do anything!! It felt/feels so good to have y'all's beautiful faces up there, come on the rest of y'all!

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    4. Jacuma's Avatar
      Warrior Queen, Just joined you 2 times.. bet you cant guess the second one?

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    5. nattyreb's Avatar
      Oh... i betcha i can! (lol) Asante sana for the flavor, it's appreciated!!

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    6. nattyreb's Avatar
      My daughter just put up a couple of pix of us over there, they're not that great, but for folks who've never seen me they'll give you a general idea. i think they may be the only pix of me online, but i could be wrong about that. Anyway, i'll see if i can find some more some day.

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    7. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      lol, i guess they are those in the comments section, u can see them better by clickin on them. They nice!!! You two have a brillant and beautiful smile

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    8. nattyreb's Avatar
      Asante sana, dear Sista, Ameerah is actually trying to motivate me to get back out there, which involves me really getting better on board with rehabbing myself. Right now i am still using a walker when i go out and am still on 02, i couldn't afford to keep going to P.T. and so i must try to stay disciplined enough to exercise for a good portion of every day here to try to rebuild myself. The days unfortunately are becoming weeks and months since i was released, however, Sista, and frankly it's getting a little scary that i'm not further along.

      So my hero (Ameerah) is making me her project, even in the midst of all she, herself, is dealing with. i never thought i could learn so much from someone who came from me, but she continues to be the best advocate, supporter and teacher i've ever known.

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    9. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      watch the greatness of what you create!! aint it magnificent?

      Thats really good to hear you have someone so inspiring and strong to walk with you this path, though of course, it doesnt surprise me at all. Its beautiful. By the energy i feel from you i can tell you wont have much problem to be disciplined for your own good and do whateva it takes to get better and better, always with the help of your loved ones.
      I hope you two keep posting pics of your renewed smile, aight?

      much blessings to u and the fam on this journey!

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