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    Political cliffhangin'

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    by , 01-25-2008 at 10:15 PM (1886 Views)

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    i'm a political news junkie, in case y'all didn't know. Even though i don't participate in presidential politics, i can't get enough of this obama/hillary thing, it's got me hooked on cable news. i really wish bill/hillary would get caught in some way that they or their "spokespeople" can't get them out of, like having a tourette's moment and hollering out "N****R!" at the next debate. i know the whole world is watching the Ameriklan whore try to trick the masses, it's a site to behold!

    My 14 yr old son and i were laughing the other night at the notion of Obama as president, i told him that would be the time the gov't would take up the case of reparations just so they would have a black president in place to tell us to go to hell. My son said, reparations?, Obama would have us back in slavery, he'd be telling us we'd get gov't health insurance if we just worked for free. He'd say it so charmingly we'd applaud all the way to the fields, singing old Stevie Wonder songs like they was negro spirituals. We had a few choice words for those Black Hillary supporters, too, but they aren't fit to put out here in prime time. Suffice it to say that altho we clown on Obama's "Reagan democracy," it somehow is more palatable than these Black Hillary water carriers, shufflin and smilin all the way.

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    1. Jacuma's Avatar
      Your son is a genius, I know yall got a good laugh at Billary's asswipe aka Bob Johnson, Black Enslavement Tell-A-Lie (BET)Visions comments concerning Osama I mean Obama's drug use. asante sana for sharing... ummmm more, more more

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    2. Fenix's Avatar
      LOL!!! I'm glad your son has the handle on it! Now he needs to teach some of these grown folk.

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    3. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      i see you did a great job raising that son of yours!!
      the next generation is goin to need all the genius it can get with this brand new trickery game goin on

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    4. tyydae's Avatar
      Yes, I've noticed that you are, as you say a "political news Junkie" which is a great thing, because many black folks (myself included) are not caught up on the technical side of things. We just are aware spiritually of the games, and lies that are being played.

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    5. nattyreb's Avatar
      Asante sana to all y'all respondents, yeah Pantha you know i was extra thru (if that was even possible!) with Bob Johnson after his most recent hankerchief-head antics, and *then* with his lying about what he meant, and even *later* with his apologizing for it all. Aargh! i mean he was tapping so fast every which-a-way there musta been sparks flying up offa the floor!

      Then somebody sent me this which y'all may have already seen, but it just shows the twists and turns cooning takes in its effort to achieve new and confused lows.

      As for my brilliant youngest son, lol, sometime he's a little bit *too* smart for his own good! He learnt through *hard* experience that we aint never, eva lied to him, as a few years ago he had his own up close and personal experience with this shitstem.

      Whoever is behind Obama must be some very wealthy and clever puppet-masters, i don't blame anyone who doesn't want to watch it moment by moment, but please believe the part about history being made with all these wealthy whites *claiming* to want a black man at the helm of their superpower of corporate and global greed (ha)!

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    6. Jacuma's Avatar
      Its a vain attempt at strengthening worldwide white terror domination in blackface and that face being Osama opps, I mean Obama the cannon fodder ...LL

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    7. nattyreb's Avatar
      Exactly, Bro., that presidential coronation would be so evil there would be an eclipse, earthquake, hurricane, meteor, gamma ray, all in one day, lol.

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    8. Draptomania's Avatar
      "He'd say it so charmingly we'd applaud all the way to the fields, singing old Stevie Wonder songs like they was negro spirituals..." WHY does 'Sir Duke' come to mind when I envision this?
      White folks be buckdancing too, come election time, just skinnin and grinnin and carrying on, lying (or like the country folk say - telling stories) I am happy for this reason, that I don't have cable. I would be laughing like I do when I happen to catch Benny Hinn "healing" people on TV.

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    9. nattyreb's Avatar
      Sho you right, Sis. Drap!

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