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    Tell Me Something Good

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    by , 02-01-2008 at 07:02 PM (3445 Views)

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    When we teach our people about the struggle, let's not make them feel:
    a. stupid
    b. annoying
    c. un-cool
    d. whiteyfied

    or that they have:
    a. bad religion
    b. bad hair
    c. bad clothes
    d. stupid ideas

    or that we have:
    a. the deepest deepness
    b. the hippest contacts
    c. the shee-it
    d. the anti-stupid (did i mention that)

    We must accept our people right where they are at. They are already getting dissed, beaten up and torn down, no matter how fabulous or hardcore their persona. We gotta wean our people offa this shit-stem just like a baby from a bottle, slowly and deliberately, while replacing it with what's good and righteous in a loving manner.

    My minister/teacher would always address me as "ma'am" while she was imparting great wisdom to me with such tremendous humility. She made my every remark seem genius, that my presence on the planet was necessary. i always left feeling extremely important, and that's how we uplift our people!

    Speak truth to the people, but also tell them something good. That one good thing might be the only one good thing they get to hear all day. Something that will quicken their pulsebeat, something to chew on and savor, something to research on their own, something to pass on to someone they meet up with later on.

    We're in it to WIN it. We MUST. Our ancestors are depending on us to.

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    1. Jacuma's Avatar
      Warrior Queen this glistening nectar of inspirational vitamin for us worker bees is refreshing, invigorating and nutritional. Keeping it uplifting can and must be our theme, you are a living example of that practice. Asante sana!

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    2. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      i AGREE 100% with Jacuma. this was put wisdom nectar. I always try to keep this in mind. Asante Sana Warrior Queen

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    3. nattyreb's Avatar
      Appreciate y'alls feedblack, lol, i'm a rub all over w/some glistening nectar now.

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    4. Sun Ship's Avatar
      Sister nattyreb, you don't know how needed this instructive is around here... only thing better than what you've just wrote is probably sugary sweet watermelon...(smile)

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    5. tyydae's Avatar
      This spoke directly to me, as a reminder that although I am on the right path, I must still love those that are not on the same page as I am.

      Plus, simply put, there is no need for me to act "mighty."

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    6. nattyreb's Avatar
      Asante sana, both of you, it's always so good to know how our words are being received. Thanks for taking the time!

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    7. Mosi Ngozi's Avatar
      Each one teach one and the cycle will continue till everyone is droppin knowledge and wisdom

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    8. alyce_shakur's Avatar
      i'm inspired.
      i'm just coming into consciousness, and i'm trying to bring as many people with me as i can.
      i know theres so much that i don't know, and its frustrating trying to get others to think outside of the box.
      but i will take heed to these instructions.

      "the man that knows something knows that he knows nothing at all."

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    9. edwins's Avatar
      i like it-

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    10. atem's Avatar
      Thank you, reminds me that we are no greater than the least one among us... may peace be with you

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    11. dans4ever's Avatar
      Sister nattyreb,
      Those words are music to my ears. Words to put in practice every single day...

      Actually, let me share and interview I came accross not long ago with Rachel Esdaille about living her life with Cerebral Palsy and a particular moment in her life : Overcoming Cerebral Palsy - 2/2 - Rachel Esdaille - YouTube


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