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    Mr. BO Comes to Delaware

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    by , 02-04-2008 at 02:41 PM (1239 Views)

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    The Obamas have set this town on its ear the past few days. Michelle turnt the joint out on Thursday downtown with a supa-dupa crowd. They played it on local cable yesterday, folx was practically getting happy. She's very good at what she does, neither of the Clintons can touch her eloquence, her ability to come off as real.

    John Conyers was here, meeting, greeting and pressing the flesh. At times, he needed to be reminded of just what town he was in (everybody appears to be getting old all of a sudden).

    Word got out that Barack himself would be down here on Sunday. People were calling me for info on the event, so i got the specifics so i could have it available. The excitement was at a fever pitch. 20,000 were expected. The churches let out early so folx could get down there. Very young children (as young as 4) were on local cable saying Barack for President. i saw images of my people, choked up, too emotional to speak. (i wasn't there personally). CNN covered some of it with a text box saying "Dela-where?". i also must wonder, why here where there are so few delegates? Somebody with money, or perhaps a bid for an endorsement from Biden (who doesn't even bother to pretend he represents this town anymore).

    Later i saw the rally with Michelle, Oprah, Caroline, and Stevie Wonder (who Michelle unfortunately let accidentally fall when they first hit the stage -- first time i've ever seen Stevie fall in all my years!). She, like the rest of them, gave the exact same speech as she did Thursday night, almost to a "T".

    i wish our people could be so united and excited about something real. BO (as he is now being referenced) will greatly disappoint, but nobody's trying to hear that. i struggle with my own self, What good will it serve to be a naysayer on such a giddy occasion -- aren't we isolated and alienated from our own people enough?

    Hey, it's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it! i remain addicted to the entire spectacle.

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