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    Odell Chalmers


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    by , 12-30-2010 at 05:09 PM (620 Views)

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    1. DarkManJah's Avatar
      Man, and i thought we had it bad here in st. louis. Just read your latest blog posts on your webby. Milwaukee's Afrikan students and parents are going to have to come up with your own problem-solving strategies because the city/state gov't don't REALLY feel obligated since they benefit in the long run, man. But you already know that...
      The NAACP's old guard need to chill and allow for fresh voices to dictate where the org. goes from here, i believe. Why our people never give change a chance, i will never know. Evolution is not just a word...

      That guy Prior is only doing what he's culturally obligated to do, and that is insult Afrikans and not give a damn one way or the other, brother. He knew he could have privatized his club but he chose not to just to get some press, as the professor said.

      Whereever We live, We struggle.


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