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    A reply to The Controversy over PRECIOUS by Carl Dix and Annie Day

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    by , 01-15-2010 at 12:46 AM (11682 Views)

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    This is reply to:

    The Controversy over PRECIOUS by Carl Dix and Annie Day

    posted by Redwinter

    First of all thank you for the excellent article. I heard two sides of this story. Something odd sticks out to me though. Carl Dix and Annie Day of this article points out something unnerving.

    They say:

    "Lots of people think the solution to all this is "strong male role models and father figures." And many have pointed to Precious in that "light" as well—that it's harmful because, whether it depicts reality or not, these are characters that shouldn't be highlighted."

    Come, come now...

    strong male role models and father figures..

    Whether it depicts reality or not, these are characters that shouldn't be highlighted.

    That's what makes cinema so majestic. Actors highlight there characters for us. So I disagree.

    Given the "thourough" history lesson by Carl Dix and Annie Day, who both, highlighted the history of how African people are portrayed in film, would seem obvious, African people are not bowing down at how we are portrayed "in the light" of how "other" people portray us in the media, in history, entertainment, law, religion, education, sex, war, science, and politics. That attitude only lends credibility to the oppressive stereotypes and system of The White oligarchy.

    That's Homocide. Accepting other peoples principles against our own.

    They go on to say:

    "But art like this, art that depicts the oppression of women—and the role men play in that—should have, as one of its effects, the posing to such men of the real human cost of this oppression and should propel them to not only renounce "their part" in it but to fight against it."

    There was a women who played 90% into the part of oppressor. She was not blameness, so let's not make her a victim. She was guilty, and she should have renounced her part also.

    Finally, the real controversy was that rape is the culprit, not molestation. Rape is very serious, and happens in all cultures not only in the West. Rape like what Precious went through should be called just that; not incest, or molestation. Simply rape.

    A real turn of event for such a phenomenal movie would have been Precious getting some mental help, not just moral crutches.

    What we witnessed was adults willfully:
    • harboring rapist
    • and enabling this childs mental well being
    Anyone with any common sense should know the consequences of abuse, in any of it's forms. And how it can manifest; unscheduled.

    The overall point I got from Precious was:

    She survived by facing the truth and chosing sanity over insanity.

    In recovery from drugs, and rape, victims of either of these oppressive habits always must consider facing there past as the pinnacle of mental health.

    Sticking out Aids, and rape with her chin up is admirable.

    What happened to justice? She was still a minor.

    If we are going to make movies that depict what's going on behind the doors of Black folks, however the history we seem to know all know to well.

    Then we need to stop using the same formula that keeps us enslaved to conventional sterotypes layed out in Precious.

    Stereotypes that govern that Black people don't get justice, and that we are depraved, uncultured, and lawless.

    Stereotypes of Black people who still can't manage dealing with life on life's terms.

    She had a social worker...

    A Social Worker who knew she had been raped! Where was the after care, mental health services, or judicial intervention?

    Black people use these basic life principles daily. And we know are history. So in the light of Precious, I would like to had seen adults who know better, helping this child applying principled outcomes.

    Because in the "light" of lawlessness, and depravity, Civilized (principled) people always look forward to change.

    On the real side!

    and to add on

    a quote from Courtland Milloy (posted by Asani Jengo)

    in her piece 'Precious’: A film as lost as the girl it glorifies

    “Let’s see:

    I lose my job, so I take in a movie about a serially abused black girl and I go, ‘Oh, swell, she’s standing in for me.’

    “Maybe there is something to the notion that when human pathology is given a black face, white people don't have to feel so bad about their own. At least somebody's happy.

    “Sexual abuse is certainly an equal-opportunity crime, with black and white women similarly affected.

    But only exaggerated black depravity seems to resonate so forcefully in the imagination.”

    by Courtland Milloy 'Precious’: A film as lost as the girl it glorifies

    . . . .First of all, depraved equates to uncivilized; without principles. Black people are not legal U.S citizens [see * "1870 Naturalization Act" ]. Europeans, equate not being legal U.S citizens without protection of Amendment 14, or a constitution, uncivilized. How quaint.

    The White Oligarchy developed a system that promotes a legal instrument; the constitution. The constitution, while providing safety, guildelines, and articles of national welfare and protection. Is used to dehumanize, and Exploit soveriegn peoples in there natural habitat.

    Then, the White Oligarchy enforces these constitutional guidelines through trade, barter, millitary might, and manipulation, to preserve stolen land as equity without any compromise. Meaning only to completely devalue the inherent principles of mobility, prosper, and life as layed down by Soveriegn inhabitants and there people prior to European occupation. In our own land. Through genocide.

    At the root of European legal interpretation is where racism and domination interpret statutory codes of law and conduct over principles of rigteousness, and morallity. Squarely suspending natural citizens of Africa and America in a constant quaqmire of privatized oppression; General factotum.

    Leaving us only judging between stopping at the red lights and posting 9/11 videos.

    At length insulting our intelligence. While taxing are services.

    What a twist...

    A time ago, making local decisions in our initial encounters with the Europeans on how we grew our own crops, and stipulations of trade and government, were interpreted by The Spaniards and Portugese as a act of war, where they took prisoners and convicted them to a life long service of involuntary masochism. Cause we insulted there intelligence.

    Historically, after uncomprising treaty's and negotiations with Europeans. Native American's and African's alike moved away from Europeans in this same land seeing that the European didn't share the same equal or greater principles as our ancestral groups had passed down to us in the past.

    By laying our Ancestors principles by the wayside. We have collectively been subjected to incarceration, racism, depression, and murder.

    But even after leaving...even as far as the hills were snow is. Reorganizing, embracing the light of our principles, GOD willing. The European, who didn't know how to live, life on life's terms, followed us where ever we went.

    and Killed our animals; to starve us

    negotiated peace treaty's; only to annilate and massarce us in cold blood

    Gave us blankets; that made you itch

    and gave you some drank; that made you addict.

    Why keep you sick?

    A sick or diseased will, cannot discern sufficient explanation or justification for there own actions, neverless the actions of other's. That's why it is the natural tendecy for the "White power oligarchy" to put there diseased personlity, before there principles. Because a personlity grounded in "good principles" makes for justice, righteousness and wisdom to prevail. And The white oligarchy minority makes to much money to asssume a position of habitual devotion to right principles.

    The requirment is: for "You" to shoulder the tendency to commit aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse, and wear the badge of "character defective"; class a failure'; while they sit back collect all the money!

    This lets the "White oligarchy system off the hook"; to willfully perform these repulsive acts themselves; spontaneously. Anticipating no one "will think" (or feel guilt) in "advance"; now thats sick!

    "Homocides" encourage you to find your "very own"; custom fitted; stereotype of black, caste, or class as "a standard of integration", in the White oppressive system of survival of the fittest.

    This rapes you of your identity! Encouragement; dictated, and tolerated, at the expense of having no emotional boundaries or choices for yourself! Ma'at and it's successor, Islam have established sound principles to avoid this oppression.

    This unassuming attitude is a completly narcissitc character defect for the White power oligarchy; and is pervasively engineered to survive by any means necessary; This deep personal animousity which eventually warps any desire to think, (for Black and non-white people) inside or outside a European frame of context is catastrophic for it's victim('s) unless the victim chooses to arm themselves with knowledge of self and righteous principles, GOD willing.

    This obsessive preoccupation with the suicidal urge and thoughts to drive certain group's of people to psychological and spritual death, repeatively, is called "psychopathic" by elitess. Even the physical death, of the global human family, isn't enough. Only The mental stalemate can be no less the complete desire of the European sadist. Who, preoccupied with the suicidal urge recieves sexual gratification and emotional gratification by inflicting pain or emotional abuse. Bobby E. Wright calls this form of suicide "Mentacide". Mentacide is a defined as the "deliberate and systematic destruction of group's minds with the ultimate objective being the extirpation of the group."

    Peace be upon you
    Homocide: "European Multiculturalism"

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    1. DarkManJah's Avatar
      Everytime i read a blog on this webby, i learn something new or am given further, critical insight into the workings of the "white oligarchy." Your breakdown, which follows Milloy's final quote, is on point. If i had a printer, i'd print it and send it to my young, newly incarcerated mentoree and his cellmate who is beginning his studies for enlightenment. Asanta sana for sharing your thoughts!

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