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    Prince Ray Chronicles

    Our Children, Programmed to Kill Us

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    by , 05-19-2008 at 09:08 PM (42423 Views)

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    Alicia Keys, please don’t back away from the controversy that this country is conspiring to annihilate the genetic pool of Black People, and its role in the assassination of Tupac and Biggie Smalls. It is not just a conspiracy theory. Let this dialogue continue unabated. This is not a joke or any conspiracy theory. This is real! A white woman, Hamaseh Kianfar 31 of San Rafael, was caught dead in the act of turning one of our children into a cold-blooded mind controlled satanic zombie killer. On March 15, 2005, a mentally abused 16 year old sister slashed the throat of a 75 year old Berkeley resident, Mrs. Katherine Pope. Pope’s throat was cut almost to the bone in a cold blooded attack on a public garden park pathway. The adolescent struck so coldly, precisely, quietly and smoothly that Pope’s husband walking inches behind her didn’t see the attack. After the savage attack, Kianfar and the young sister escaped the scene in Kianfar’s sports car. If quietness could be kept, the young sister had been under the mind-control influence of Kianfar. Around sunset, Kianfar and the young sister were on their way to a secluded section of the park for mental conditioning and killing drills. Kianfar had provided the child with a large butcher’s knife, but something triggered and set the child off. Prematurely, the adolescent struck in automatic mode like a cat with deadly accuracy to Mrs. Pope’s throat. Mrs. Pope was left to bleed to death on that pathway and only the swift action of her husband saved her life. Miss Kianfar happened to be a state/county employee. She was an Alameda County mental-health worker or a guidance counselor at Juvenile Hall in San Leandro. The young sister was a Ward of the State of California locked away in its foster-care (abuse) system.

    After the arrest of the young sister for attempted murder, she said that she had performed an occultist pagan “Feasting Ritual”, a European blood feast. In its simplest terms, the young sister had attempted what she believed to be a human blood sacrifice. She had attempted to ritually murder someone as an offering of the victim’s blood to god(s). Who’s God? Hamaseh Kianfar has a master’s degree in psychology and was a candidate for a Ph.D. She is a Sufi Mystic and the co-author of a book of Sufi Stories. Her mother is the co-founder of the International Association of Sufism. Get this, after Kianfar turned herself in as an accessory to the attempted murder of Mrs. Pope, Berkeley Police didn’t photograph or fingerprint her like other criminals. She was allowed to post a nominal bail and walked when murder is a no-bail offense.

    In December 2006, Kianfar entered a no-contest plea to a charge of being an accessory after the fact to assault with a deadly weapon. Prosecutors had originally charged her with being an accessory after the fact to attempted murder. I suspected that there could never be a public trial. It would have compromised a private enterprise covert MK Ultra/Monarch mind control program programming Black Children to Kill.

    For the savage attack and mentally abusing and programming the young sister to kill, Kianfar walked with only 5 years probation on a plea bargain. In this potentially explosive mind control-programmed to kill case only I and a reporter for the Berkeley Daily Planet seemed to have showed up for each of her hearings. Think about it. What was Kianfar preparing our children for? To kill us for their god(s) like the Nazi Beast, Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler’s SS? The Beast was an autonomous state army composed entirely of a secret cult order of racially-genetic Germanic Aryan males concerned with the theory and practice of the eugenics, Satanism, paganism, occultist white-arts, and Sufism. They were committed to the annihilation of the blood of non Aryans. They were the race executioners. The SS were satanic mystic Aryan warrior-priests patterned after the mythical King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. After the fall of the Nazis after World War II, the Beast, Himmler’s SS Reinhard Gehlen’s Org, came to America as the Central Intelligence Agency and through Project Paperclip and continued their mind control programs through MK-Ultra/Monarch.

    Before he died, a MK-Ultra black collaborator boosted to me that he still wanted to create a cadre of men like a Black Mafia, programmed to kill, to unmercifully control our community for the military-industrial complex. This particular collaborator during the late 60’s and early 70’s maintained an Oakland half-way house funded by the Oakland Police Department and a former notorious California Prison Chief, Raymond Procunier. The parolees went through the California prison system experimental electronic/chemical/trauma-based mind control programs. All of the parolees of that halfway house were provided with weapons and were programmed to kill mostly Black Nationalist. In October 1972, the collaborator, a University of California grad and instructor, executed one of his co-workers, Paul Cook, when he threatened to quit the program and go public with his story. Paul had been a recently released mind bent tortured San Quentin inmate. Paul was scheduled to expose the program in an upcoming edition of the Berkeley Barb, a radical Berkeley newspaper, and publish his covert MK Ultra activities and experiences in the prison system in a book called “The Monster Factory”. After a trial, the collaborator was found not guilty of murder; he said that he killed Paul in self defense, because Paul was a threat. Paul was portrayed as a potentially violent ex-felon parolee and a Big Black Brute. The renowned author of Roots, Alex Haley, showed up as one of his character witnesses.

    I know that this is quite a bit to digest, but you must remember that the SS exterminated over 6 million Jews and 3 million non Aryans to cleanse the earth’s genetic pool of their blood. Just imagine what they would plot to do to you and your children.

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    1. undercurrent's Avatar
      What the ?

      As a white male I find this story alarmist and ridiculous. It could have been any kid of any colour that was mislead by an older, wiser adversary into a misinformed course of action, what has that got to do with anything that the woman was white?

      Then there is the obvious point by the time you are 4 or 5 you know killing is wrong let alone your teens.

      I didn't realise there were such racist black people in the world :/ Guess which direction reading this pushes me, as a white male, in a group who do not generally orient along skin colour lines in?

      Check yourself before you make a repeat of hitler.

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