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    Some Haikus.

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    by , 02-15-2008 at 11:23 AM (1120 Views)

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    Sakura: Cherry Blossoms Fall, The Branches Weep Gracefully, My Eyes Are Frozen.

    The Lion King: Afrika In Mind, A Walk To My Other Self, The Lion Ascends.

    Brown Sugar: Her Kisses A Treat, A Tasty Chocolate So Sweet, Comprehension Fails.

    Touch: Caress My Body, With Fingers That Gratify, A Hunger Unmet.

    Poet's Hunger: Undulate My Will, Fulfill my Insanity, With Words Delicate.

    Feast: A Prayer Before Greed, A Sin Against Your Temple, My Black Winged Star.

    V-Day: Russian Roulette Love, Inspired From Heart's Bloodshed, Happy Valentines.

    Extinction: A Nuclear War, The Dust Settles Afterwards, The Circle Is Dead.

    Copyright 2008 by Rickey Ricardo Wade, Jr.

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