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    Business in Economy

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    by , 08-09-2010 at 12:03 AM (539 Views)

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    I created a social group a while back called "2 build a nation" and posted a theme called "Business in Economy" with hopes to unite people with others in their neighborhoods and others aboard nationally, so as oppressed people with the same struggle, we can take advantage of our living in the same communities and lessen our burden by investing in community business. Although, I haven't received a response from one person, I refuse to let this theme die, and have reposted it below, and will continue to do so. People must realize that an effective method out of the foreigner's system of struggle, [ physical combat can also get the job done ] is to own, build, and only invest in the businesses in our communities, and by doing so will circulate and keep our money in our communities, and by keeping our money in our communities, we can then establish our own currency for which our stores will only accept. Like how modern day laundromats do, which only accept that you use their cards. The left over money on the card after you're finished washing and drying your clothes can only be used at their stores, as opposed to the old quarter system, where as you don't have to spend all your quarters at their stores. Your money on their cards keep you depending on them. On a larger scale, having our own currency, [ natural resources as well, which I'll get to at another date and time] amongst other things, is necessary for independence and separation from foreigners. PEACE

    Tilé Gnuma (Great Sun)

    Originally posted - 3 weeks ago:

    Business in Economy

    Instead of defining in this post the concept of business and its importance in Economy, which I may explain in a later post, I will emphasize the importance of building, owning, and supporting a black business in our communities.

    From my experience living in New York City, black communities contain a high percentage of foreign companies. The owners and employers are foreigners to our culture and foreigners in our neighborhood. Therefore, their stores in our neighborhood collect our hard earn money while the owners transport the money to the community in which they and their people reside. With wealth gained from our enriching their communities, their communities’ condition and overall value are enhanced. They create, amongst other things, more jobs opportunities, and provide bigger budgets for schools, and recreational centers, and they have a longer life expectancy. However, with the removal of our money from our communities, our communities experience the opposite effect. We experience, amongst other things, poverty, higher crime rates, and little to no neighborhood jobs. When we finally make a decent living to afford a house and property, because of neighborhood crime and propaganda, we move from our neighborhood and buy a house in a foreign neighborhood. The value of our neighborhood decreases and, once again, we enrich foreigners.

    Your realization of the reoccurring statistic proving we are victims in our own neighborhood should incite a desire in you to revolt against the system of our poverty. Most of us already acknowledge the government’s provision of financing foreign companies and moving them into our community is a military tactic. The finances of the black community have been targeted and exploited by the government since their infiltration, terrorism, pillage, and decimation of the town we today call “Black Wall Street.” Coincidentally, in years to follow, implementation of integration and civil rights laws were measures to prevent the emergence of another Black Wall Street. How do we respond to the attacks and protect ourselves and our community? The instinctive retaliation is to destroy the stores of foreign companies in our community. Our actions would be justified. However, while imprisoned and under the control of a white supremist government, to extinguish our uprising, the government would viciously embark on their usual seek through the black community and destroy campaign. They will concoct a story projecting us as the villains and themselves as the heroes and dispatch their police force for the purpose of target practice on our brothers and sisters. As a deterrent, they will display through the media our mutilated bodies and our brothers and sisters handcuffed and escorted to prison.

    At the moment, victory through violent retaliation may not be in our immediate grasp. A measure I suggest is that we unite and form groups in our neighborhoods and observe the type of business needs, immediate and long term, our neighborhoods require. We then estimate the cost and determine the other factors of establishing businesses. And, for those of us who can, we can save a portion of our earnings from our current jobs, and contribute daily, weekly, or monthly our money to building businesses. (I also encourage and anticipate suggestions and solutions from others as well). Those of you who live in the Parkchester, Castlehill, or Soundview section of the Bronx, New York and are interested to unite, form a group, and financially contribute to a business in our neighborhood, you can contact me at Sisters and brothers from anywhere in the world can contact me also.

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    1. edwins's Avatar

      i like it... the problem i think is one of trust... we simply do not trust each other enough to begin such an enterprise-

      i definitely feel you on 'black wall street'... that was a lesson for us all-

      how shall we achieve this lofty idea...??? study groups are an excellent starting point... we must come together to find the spiritual energy necessary to take on a project of this sort... i would love to participate...

      peace be upon you

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