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    Haiti and H.A.A.R.P.

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    by , 01-24-2010 at 03:18 PM (3562 Views)

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    HAITI and H.A.A.R.P.

    "My decision to destroy the authority of the blacks in Saint Dominque (Haiti) is not so much based on considerations of commerce and money, as on the need to block for ever the march of the blacks in the world." - Napoleon Bonaparte

    I am not saying that HAARP does not exist, but what I do find is it was relatively convenient that Haiti, being the only Black administrated republic in the western hemisphere, has continued to suffer weather related and other "natural" disasters that have not been brought to bare on any other peoples in the world vis-à-vis the number of them, the relatively short time span in which they have occurred, and the convenience to which they would devastate an island nation of Black peoples in particular who had heretofore won their freedom and independence by daring to put up a fight, and win, which was and is incomprehensible by any stretch of the European imagination.

    I see this as an attempt to break the peoples of Haiti's daunting spirit, that formidable African Zulu warrior spirit that Haiti embodies like no other group of Blacks in the western hemisphere, save possibly the Africans in the U.S.A., but even if that be true, African Americans still have not a nation to themselves. Haiti is very unique in this respect.

    Haiti has been, literally, ostracized by every country in the western hemisphere, tossed and strewn about, used, battered and abused, and were continuously thwarted from making economic headway by all kinds of tricks and manipulations put in their path even to the point of control of their very own government by none other than the big bad bully of a beast on the block, the United States of America. I find the timing of this earthquake’s assault on Haiti all too convenient in the continuing saga of world geopolitical war games.

    What are the odds of a country suffering this many catastrophic occurrences - 4 hurricanes and a devastating 7.3 earthquake in four years - in this short time span? No statistical odds in the world would support this. There is not a school of mathematical thought that could offer an explanation for these statistically unheard of odds of devastation and destruction visited upon a tiny nation of Haiti that is roughly less than 300 miles square. This would be akin to hitting the Mega-millions lotto jackpot 5 times.

    In the end, adversely so, Haiti will be occupied by America under the guise of providing aid to the “poorest and most illiterate nation in the western hemisphere.” Now America can do what it has always wanted to do for which it didn’t have an inroad beforehand. They will use this as a impetus to occupy and control the only Black Republic in the Americas under the guise of providing aid, which will thwart all influences from governments of the radical left, mainly Cuba and Venezuela. This is and was the West’s ultimate goal. Hugo Chavez is looked upon as becoming too powerful, and his influence with other governments in the Americas is becoming a power to be reckoned with, especially with the larger more populous and strategically influential countries of South America like Argentina, Brazil and Columbia. This changes the power structure in the world.

    Hugo Chavez has begun the initial stages of establishing strong diplomatic ties with Iran which could possibly lead to a formidable alliance. Iran has become the arch nemesis of America’s nuclear power granting authority. It has challenged this authority, whereby, along with China and Pakistan, would present another nation armed with nuclear weapons whom are not 100 percent European controlled, influenced or their direct fair skin descendants. This power granting authority challenges any nation who wishes to have access to the implements of nuclear annihilation.

    Haiti’s independence had become worrisome for the powers that be in America and the West. It’s strategic location, particularly its proximity to all countries in Central and South America, and it’s potential to be influenced and enticed into the Hugo Chavez camp became too much to bare. It had to be taken down for the balance of power to be shifted back in America’s favor. Another pawn in the game of chess, albeit a deadly one.


    “Our policy with regards to Haiti is plain ,we [never] can acknowledge her independence. The peace and safety of a large part of our Union forbids us even to discuss it.” - United States Senator, South Carolina, Robert Y. Hayne - ca. 1824

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    1. Aragorn's Avatar
      This is exactly what I have suspected also-especially considering the timing of this and the other disasters. H.A.A.R.P. may provide the U.S. with the ability to use E.M. waves to penetrate the crust and "microwave" ground water causing the surrounding rock to heat up & expand, adding more stress on a fault line located right by Port au Prince(like San Andreas next to Los Angeles) that, by their own admission, U.S. geologists knew was due for a major earthquake, thereby intentionally setting it off.

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    2. Beatriz Aiffil's Avatar
      a brotherly embrace for you.
      I you am going to hang here two articles that I have written about haiti for a venezuelan diary, (correo del orinoco), with a bad english and a bit poetical vision I adhere totally what you have written in this post. today the first:

      Haití sauvé!
      Beatriz Aiffil
      correo del orinoco, caracas, 17 ene 2010, p15

      What a thing Haiti!
      I don’t know what to say, I can write well with my eyes full of tears.
      I see a photography I was not expecting to see, delicacy for certain cold souls.
      If I say that Haiti is the poorest country of West, I say what anybody has learned about Haiti.
      If I say that it was the richest colony of America, nobody is going to believe me.
      The French was a cruel slavery. Slaves exploited up to dying. The revolt begins in 1791. Maroons win the realistic army, erase the slavery and reach their independence in 1804. There was Françoise Mackandal.
      I imagined for a long moment, Mackandal transmuted into that man of the photo, died with a distant look into another world, his shirt spotted with blood and an arm destroyed as that of Mackandal, leader of the Haitian revolution, turned into legend for the people and then in personage for Alejo Carpentier in the novel The kingdom of this world.
      … y el cuerpo del negro se espigó en el aire, volando por sobre las cabezas, antes de hundirse en las ondas negras de la masa de esclavos. Un solo grito llenó la plaza.
      —Mackandal sauvé!
      … a tanto llegó el estrépito y la grita y la turbamulta, que muy pocos vieron que Mackandal, agarrado por diez soldados, era metido de cabeza en el fuego, y que una llama crecida por el pelo encendido ahogaba su último grito.

      What a thing Haiti!
      Isolation. Racism. Occupations. Dictatorships. François and Jean-Claude Duvalier. Tonton Macoutes. Traffic of organs and blood.VIH. Neoliberalism. George W. Bush. Human tragedies. Natural tragedies. Tragedies. 0120-1-2010: Earthquake 7.3 Richter. Replies. One speaks about 100 thousand dead persons… tectonic Plates. Geological faults. Accumulation of energy.
      To much torture, a lot of suffering, very much pain, very much voodoo …
      Certainly too much energy.
      Go away Haiti, turn yourself into butterfly as the mandinga Mackandal and take way out.
      Burn in flames like the disabled Mackandal, escape and look for your destiny in the kingdom of Beyond…
      Mackandal sauvé!
      Haití sauvé!

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