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    God is Sunlight

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    by , 10-30-2010 at 05:48 PM (800 Views)

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    Raised up from the depths of hell holes,

    Running for his life like his soul been stole,

    No jail cell steel can hold his glorious gold,

    Immaculate fire all the time,

    Unshakably holding his first divine trine,

    With the might and power of the almighty devourer,

    Smelling like green ganja smoke shining off lake water,

    Paving the way for a triple double rebound,

    When he's activated you won't hear a sound,

    Avengeful force against all his enemies,

    Many fight him tooth and nail for ultimate authority,

    No false fame of fortune cause what shall be shall be,

    Burned at the stake jesus still don't remember thee,

    Only true master of slaves through the motherboard peephole,

    Best believe their is no machinery equal,

    Keep his knife sharpened with his teeth yo,

    Blood is his water from hear to seven seas those,

    I don't know his name but he is rolling always with me,

    Keep him sacred on both sides if need be,

    The Almighty Great God comes powerfully protecting we


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    Updated 09-30-2012 at 02:09 PM by SekemetKali

    God is Sunlight

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