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    African Warriors with Spiritual Power in Abundance

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    by , 06-22-2011 at 12:58 PM (28564 Views)

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    The first precept of success on the battlefield for our African Warriors is Spiritual Power.

    A Great Way to Raise Your Spiritual Power is with Yantra and Mantra. Yantra is a sacred geometrical figure that is activated by sacred word hekau or mantra.

    The Sri Yantra is Mother of all Yantra in Hindu Vedic Spiritual Philosophy and is very healing and uplifting. Take these chants I am about to share with you to a body of water, lake, river, ocean and sun will help you to absorb the healing energies of sacred sound through the yantra.

    Remember in all of your spiritual endeavors to try to keep your chakras clear because that is where the sound resonates. The first step to clearing your chakras is giving up or cutting down on bad eating and drinking habits which close the chakras.

    Things you can give back to babylon:

    Heavy meat eating or any meat eating
    If you have to have it choose fish. I dont even know If I should say fish the way they have poisoned the land and the water but most meat now has been pumped with hormones and who knows what else, so halal or organic would be best in moderation with lots of vegetables and light grains like tef or millet.

    Believe it or not in the summertime you should be eating 90% fruit and vegetables and returning to your fruit trees like the Great Palm.
    To do so come of addictive foods like processed sugar, wheat, white potatoes should only be eaten on occasion because they are nightshade and not a good staple for our diet. Eat sweet potatoes, yams, squash, greens, millet, injera bread, plantain, bananas, dates and all varieties of fruits and vegetables that are available to you. Brown rice, black rice, wild rice are good but are acidic and should not be your staple during the summertime. Millet is a lighter alkaline grain that will serve you much better. Yucca and African Yams are very good too. Drink honey or agave nectar for your sweet tooth or pms.

    I am a dietician by nature I cannot tell you what to eat but our bad diet is one of our biggest obstacles towards rising as a people because this causes us to lose our spiritual strength as it weakens our minds and bodies. Just keep in mind as you utilize yantras with mantras to improve your diet by eating more fruits and vegetables and less meats and less of the unfavorable starches like potatoes and wheat.

    Don't drink coffee and tea all day and abstain from alcohol unless it is in a herbal medicine.
    Drink 8 to 12 glasses of water a day.

    Take this yantra mantra in stride down to your nearest river and reconnect yourself with the natural beauty of the earth to increase your Spiritual Power. SRI

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