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    Oops, forgot the Black-eyed peas and Cornbread

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    by , 06-23-2011 at 10:22 AM (4607 Views)

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    If you have got a bread fetish then cornbread, injera bread or your own homemade bread with any flower other than wheat would be good.

    Kamut or Spelt flour as the main flour and then rice, millet, rye, oat teff, as additional flours if want a multi-grain. Wow, I have not baked bread in a while, maybe I can get my mother to do this in a healthy way if I get the ingredients.

    Hot water cornbread is what I eat from time to time no eggs or milk. Real simply:

    2 cups of organic cornmeal
    1/8 to 1/4 cup of the lighter(weight) flours or even oats, if you are using organic cornmeal you really don't have to have any flour. Cornmeal I see in the regular store is de-germinated, I don't recommend it. No No jiffy mix!

    A little Flax meal or seeds will make your bread heavier if you use too much

    I use cassava flour or sometime plantain flour just the little of these because of their gumminess, their alkaline though

    a small handful of oats if you want

    cinnamon or nutmeg

    a little sweetner honey or agave nectar

    brown rice syrup would actually be the correct food combination sweeter and their are other sweetners of course

    a little oil if you want, the flaxseed actually takes the place pf the oil and the egg. I use a tsp to a tbsp of oil anyway, palm oil, coconut, soybean, I hate canola oil and don't use it. Olive oil could make your bread heavy so maybe a tsp if you use this I don't in cornbread

    I am just making some suggestions for our people that want to transition to a much healthier diet I really don't measure anything. MAAT is my scale sending all wicked devils to hell.

    cinnamon, nutmeg, basil, ginger whatever you want to spice it up optionally

    baking soda or baking powder, I like soda bread myself

    Sea Salt to Taste

    Coconut - optional

    Hot water and stir it up. If you want it fluffy like cornbread you are use too then use rice or soy milk. Oil your skillet or pan and burn it up.

    Black-eyed peas I normally only eat occasionally because I will eat way too many. So easy to prepare naturally. I really don't have a heavy bean or legume diet and you should not either in the summertime. I love them but they don't love me. But I don't know nothing I am just an ancient dietician. Of course soaking your beans and eating them with millet, natural rice, and cornbread decreases the gas along with spices for better digestion. I eat them sparingly anyway, green beans are much easier for me.

    Olive Oil, or Palm Oil, Coconut oil

    Make em garlic, basil, onion, lemongrass etc

    Make em masala

    Make em curry

    Make em african soup hot

    Have em over millet with cornbread.

    OK, let me get off this food thing and get ready to celebrate the summertime.
    Pu tra eref su? Heru on the Horizon

    Best summer beans because of their alkalinity

    Black-eyed Peas

    Lima Beans or Butter Beans

    soy beans as tofu

    Light beans for the summertime, of course if you make them into a bean vegetable soup or stew that increases the alkalinity and digestibility of your meal.


    Green Peas

    Yellow Peas

    Green Beans

    I am sure there our other healthy choices I am forgetting about and don't forget to add some slimy okra to your stew too.

    Now take your healthy picnic basket down to the Mississippi River and learn the SRI. I am already there steering RA's boat, sma tuai.

    Now if you can't cook or just are not feeling it get some fresh fruits and vegetables, some hummus and corn chips a gallon of water and head down to the river.


    Upload the SRI video to your cell phone or mp3 player if you can re-format it at

    Ha Ha Ha, babylon long gone

    SRI Saraswate Namah OM

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