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    Halloween A Harvest Celebration

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    by , 10-31-2011 at 10:00 AM (960 Views)

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    I found out Halloween was originally a Celtic harvest celebration and a Thank You Offering to the Sun for providing good crops and a magnificent harvest.

    It is also said to have honored dead and malevolent spirits which has also tied this day to satanism.

    I would say by offering and participating in eating the drug sugar you are feeding evil spirits that may plague you all year feeding unhealthy dietary practices. Most pagan or christian holidays do in fact promote unhealthy dietary practices or myths that are simply not true.

    Regardless of our belief system we all have a right to to celebrate for any reason we choose although the original purpose of the festival may have been lost. Let us take this day to Thank the All Powerful Provider of Light RA to continue to shine upon us and dispel the coldrainy season not to come. Thank You RA, Khepera, Hetheru for your beautiful life sustaining light and heat that gives us our BLACK POWER!

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