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    Sistah Real

    So much IN my mind.

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    by , 08-31-2008 at 12:23 AM (1009 Views)

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    I'm a straight up tell you without a chaser just how I feel. I'm 37, from and live in East Oakland, CA, birthed 4 beautiful children who are now grown and the rest almost grown. Yeah. It took me 2 years to cut off the perm I had for many years. My Crown is a statement, and I know it intimidates anyone who adhere conscious and or subconsciously to the white man's/Snake's lies/viewpoints/agenda. I'm not gonna play with you and talk all mighty and high to "sound" like I'm down, I could care less about impressing, thus I'm not easily impressed nor convinced. I see people have locs (I don't call them dreads), as a fashion statement, just like afro's, braids and bantu knots, etc. People be straight up trippin/playing like its a game. A whole bunch of fake ass people out there in the world sportin a Nubian in orgin hairstyle on their heads, but isn't a damn thang in their heads; straight out!!! You can't fool the Real, we know our Mandingo people, first it begins with the phenotype, shade, lifestyle--basically its a combination of things I won't spit, its like innate traits. But, I know who you are and you know me, that's all that matters. I'm not playing with these Bustas who've assimilated to the Snake's bullshit. Its totally sad, and too deep for me to get off into right now because I'm about to get up off this computer and go do me. But now, I got so much Real shit to say, but most ain't ready. But I really and truly don't give a fuck, I'm a keep it solid regardless.

    Stay Black.
    One Love.

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    1. Im The Truth's Avatar
      I'm loving it but don't be too harsh on our people who are unaware.

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