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    Date Your Own Kind?

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    by , 01-03-2010 at 05:34 PM (657 Views)

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    My kind? I doubt that you mean human. You must mean someone Black.

    I must hate myself, my people, and where I originate because he is not Black. I’ve found that some find that “white people” are the problem and the root of all evil. However, what was it that made these white people do such horrible things to our ancestors? Was it just because they were “white”, or the mentality they developed over time concerning their difference in pigmentation?

    Quite frankly, I figure that not all “white” people are out to get us and are only coming into relationships with Blacks to “weaken” or “dilute” us.

    I’d like to make mention of a teacher that works at my school, who is in fact “white”. In one of our many conversations, he expressed to me the racist views he was raised with. The older he got, the more he realized the mentality he was raised with was wrong. In his last years of high school and the beginning of college, he made major changes, developing his own views and doing immense research on the culture he was once taught to hate. He, in fact, was the one that educated me about Assata Shakur and allowed me to skip my Columbus did no wrong history classes for a more educational screening of Malcom X’s speeches. With this experience, I truly realized that it wasn’t white people that I had a hatred for, but the mentality that some of them and those of other races have; the mentality of “I am better than You because of my skin color”.

    I am of mixed race. On my mother’s side, my great-great grandmother, a white woman living in Barbados fell in love with my great-great grandfather. On my father’s side, some how, a Japanese man and a Black woman came together and had children. Therefore, I am black, white, and Japanese. I have dark mahogany skin, dark eyes, full lips and kinky hair, so many wouldn’t see me as biracial.

    In the past, I’ve dated a Latino and an Oriental Asian.

    Both of them appreciated my culture, who I was and where I came from. Each of them suffered at the hands of racist individuals of many different races, not only whites. Slurs of chink, jap, tight eyes, spic and border jumper have been tossed at them. I dated them because they approached me respectfully and took the time to figure out who I was. After I realized who they were, intellectual young men, would I really turn them down because they weren’t Black? Please.

    If you are without the mentality that you are better than me or less than me because of your race, I find no reason why I cannot be interested in you.

    Ugh. I don't even know if I've made any sense, I've been jumping all over the place.

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    1. guera's Avatar
      You make alot of sense to me. I also see myself as mixed even though I dont look it.

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    2. Anayansi's Avatar
      You make a lot of sense. You cannot generalize that all whites are racist or evil. I do not think that you should be forced to date within a specific race, you date who you like, no matter the race. If it is your race, cool, if not, also cool.

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    3. Blackmind's Avatar
      i happen to differ in my viewpoints here. I think being that there is still a belief today that marrying someone white or a lot lighter someone makes your life or the life of your children better. i think many of our children still have this white is right mentality. I think constant images of love for our own kind, both on the regular everyday level and on the level of the celebrity will improve our community greatly

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    4. Im The Truth's Avatar
      My POV Exclusive black dating. Yes. Non-exclusive black dating. No!

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