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    Sun Ship

    Philadelphia police beating and the "true" state of Black activistism

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    by , 05-15-2008 at 10:48 AM (2328 Views)

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    You know, when I see what I saw happening in Philadelphia (again), I ask myself how far have we came, and are we sometimes deceiving ourselves about how progressive and so-called “conscious” we are in this country. Are we using these terms too superficially in describing our African-centered and political-cultural movement here in America? For how conscious and progressive are we, as the would Last Poets say, as “related to what?”

    To keep this in perspective, we need to understand that these unprecedented police beatings and killings are not happening in some small backwater redneck town, in some rural all-white area full of redneck sheriffs, or in one of the historically well-documented areas of the deep south where this was almost a given, these incidents are happening in major US cities with large Black populations, and most interesting, cities historically known for large numbers of culturally progressive and even in some cases both financially and politically powerful Black people as compared to the rest of the US.

    When places like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles' Black people are being constantly treated worst than dogs and brutally beaten and slaughtered by the authorities, and when places like these have very high Black-on-Black crime rates, the questions becomes what is going on with progressive African-centered thinkers in these communities? With not disrespectfully excluding many other metropolitan areas that have their own share of brilliant Black minds and progressive thinkers, the major cities cited above have been cultural and political satellites and magnets that have historically attracted Black progressive people from all over the country, and are still today hubs where large numbers of our progressives scholars, activist, writers, and cultural revolutionaries reside.

    I raise this question to ask, where do we really find ourselves today? Are we being delusional or misdirected in our efforts? Have many Black progressives in our present-day conditions become shells of cultural “hip-ness” and activism, which put on a good show, but when examined closely have not really done much to change their immediate conditions?

    When Progressive Black people went to Jena, Louisiana there was this sense of organizing against the old white-racist Southern justice system trying to raise it’s ugly head again, but is the justice system and racist white population in that rural area any worst than that of cities from which everyone traveled, and are these rural Black populations any less progressive?

    Just something to think about…

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    1. nattyreb's Avatar
      Of course, you are correct, strong Bro., we can't expect the majority of our people to rally behind any of *our* progressive initiatives in a full and meaningful way until we are able to build something within our communities to build respect. Right now people are feeling helpless because there is nowhere to go (except Al Sharpton!) with their grievances. If they unwind completely and start wilding out, there is a very real fear that they will be killed or jailed with no real support system out here.

      We need to be able to provide that. While organizing against these brutal attacks, we also need to break down into committees to deal with some of the concrete survival needs of our people. While we've got packed meetings around these issues, we need men to grab hold of our boys, and women to grab hold of our daughters, in as great a number as possible b4 we can hope to turn this thing around. While we've got the hip-hoppers there with their wallets open, we need to be calling on them to do something really real that will last for more than a hot minute, an institution that will employ people, buildings to bring in children for positive activities, etc. It's a tall order, but a necessary one!

      That's my 2 cents on that!

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    2. Im The Truth's Avatar
      In my opinion consciousness/progressiveness and etc can not be realized if you are powerless ie no change in immediate conditions. Rural america has a far greater change to be conscious because of its ability to organization and affect change quicker and easier because of the long history of togetherness which is absent in larger metro areas.

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    3. AMD1588's Avatar
      The reality is that the conditions in the major cosmopolitan cities are just as bad, if not worst, than in the rural areas. I live in Atlanta, which is supposed to be a bastion of the Black bourgeoisie. But considering the condition and mentality of most of our people in this city, which has been nullified, these negroes have little to show for their "power" and prestige.

      The reality of our times is that the negro-uncle-tom-elite has bought our people's consciousness out. We have been accomplices to the crime by continuing to listen to this corporate manufactured so-called music BS. The deceitful negro intellectuals, the coon radio personalities, and paid off CNN & FAUX News correspondents who all misrepresent reality to Black people. It is really disgusting, but this condition our people are in has been in the making for decades now. This was the whole purpose of destroying the OAAU and Malcolm.

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