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    The Conspiracy of Civil Rights: 1968 – 2008

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    by , 06-14-2009 at 02:22 PM (1264 Views)

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    After the regime change of 1968, which for all intents and purposes effectively re-installed the restrictive hegemony of the severely limited Civil Rights ideology, in the wake of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination, the proud mantle of Black Self-Determination was once again under massive attack; no longer simply from without, however now the battle for the hearts and minds of the Black community was also largely engaged from within. In many ways, this was simply a replay, or to say it another way, it was merely a continuation if you will, of the Black on Black cultural / class / ideological warfare which had marked the concentrated Talented Tenth-US Government aided assault that had been launched decades earlier, first upon the strident voices of the New Militancy which survived the regime change of 1909, and then in a more direct manner on The Garvey Movement one decade later. The New York Boulee was formed Dr. Dubois had said in 1916, “in order to steal the Black professional away from the Garvey Movement”. Fifty years later, the devastating effects of this protracted class warfare upon the Black community had become patently clear. Read More: The Conspiracy of Civil Rights: 1968 - 2008
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    1. halimacandy's Avatar
      Dear writer,
      I was just attending a writer conference in Phila,[MAY] at Temple/ Art Sanctuary,we had a speaker discuss the issues in regard to the civil rights leadership and how they failed to make inroads, but the speaker , had the BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS/ African centered ideology as peripheral to analysis of the failure [forget about the agenda of nation building], they touted the same old integrationist line[ I believe,we can have affiliations , but we[africans] must lead the agenda] , and wonder why the community is stagnated and non- participation is the order of the day. they have the nerve to wonder why Hakim Matubuti is so successful[ african cooerative econ]/ schools..etc..,When I brought uo the tennets of Hon. Elijah Muham.,the workshop did lip service to him and Garvey but they were to ensounced in their anti- African centered positions and they wonder why they are frustrated,!?

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    2. sundiata2's Avatar
      Exactly. This shows you just how sucessuful the talented tenth anti-majority intergrationalist have been. The second principle of the Niagra Movement basically stated that Blackfolk had to do for self. Nonetheless, by 1909 Dubois had abandoned this in favor of white philantrhopy. In this era, we as nationalists have failed this generation as well. One example of this has to do with the negative images of Black women in Hip Hop. After the 1960s we took an honest look back and we were rightly critical of sexism in our organizations. We reach back to our African roots and instituted twin-lininal governance in many of our organizations. However, what we failed to do, was to transmit that information to the next generation. One look at the BET Awards last night demostrated just how distorted our struggle has become.

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    3. Dknows's Avatar
      Wonderful article the Boulee is only here to distract us with material things and false ideology that they were planted from a higher power. We have to take charge of our own destiny.

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