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    Black people and the Tavistock Institute

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    by , 05-14-2009 at 12:08 AM (41464 Views)

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    (The Best Kept Secret in America )

    Imagine that a stranger broke into your home, robbing it, leaving it in ruins and then kidnapped your children to work as servants within his home. This stranger, fearing an eventual retribution from these kidnapped children will find it necessary to implement systems for ensuring that these children remain loyal. The stranger may do so by routinely showing the children pictures of their ruined former home while falsely retelling the details of the event that he merely rescued them from the ruins and that their parents didnít want them. This would cause the children to develop an undeserving sense loyalty and appreciation towards their kidnapper. The kidnapper may also find it necessary to implement a scheme to divide the children, to prevent them from unifying against him, by teaching them not to trust each other while simultaneously teaching them to treat only him. Such a system with an objective of controlling the exploited group has been implemented against Black people.
    The above scenario is precisely what is being done to Black people. The common feelings of Black self hatred accompanied by an undeserving admiration towards whiteness among so many Black people is not merely indirect consequences of white cultural dominance upon the Black psyche, but rather instead the direct result of an insidious massive manipulation program. A sophisticated racial integration system that uses methods of propaganda and public manipulations practices, deployed very much like a massive marketing campaign. It divides to conquer and misinformed to exploit and suppress. Its propaganda and manipulations practices are being deployed in all sectors - government, media, health and welfare, entertainment, and education, etc- nationally and internationally.

    Many researchers have concluded that this insidious compulsory racial integration propaganda manipulations program was originally orchestrated by London 's Tavistock Institute of Human relations. Although it had existed for decades earlier, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was formally established as an independent not-for-profit charity organization in September 1947.Headquartered in London , the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is a leading organization in the use of new and experimental behavioral science programs. It is an independent organization that conducts research in the social and behavioral sciences, applied in the field of health, education and community development. Its research orientation places it between, but not in, the worlds of academia and consultancy; and its range of disciplines include anthropology, economics, organizational behavior, political science, psychoanalysis, psychology and sociology.
    The Instituteís prophet was Dr. Sigmund Freud, whom settled in Maresfield Gardens when he moved to England . Tavistock's pioneer work in science along Freudian lines of "controlling" humans established it as the world center of foundation ideology.
    One of its prestigeís contributing members was Freudís nephew and propaganda specialist Dr. Edward Bernays. He was one of the most skillful experts in mass manipulation. Dr. Edward Bernayís invented the public relations profession in the 1920s and was the first person to take Freud's ideas to manipulate the masses.

    ďIf we understand the mechanism and motives of a group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it" -- Dr. Edward Bernays

    Another of noted contributor was Sir John Rawlings-Reese. A commander of the British Army Bureau of Psychological Warfare that conducted research studying the effect of shellshock on British soldiers who survived World War I to establish the "breaking point" of men under stress.( side note: Henry Kissinger, was student of Sir John Rawlings-Reese at SHAEF)
    A wide and indebt body of research by a collection of many renowned researchers has enabled the Tavistock Institute to develop pioneering breakthroughs in the field of mass manipulation and brain-washing techniques. Its experiments in crowd control methods have been widely used on the American public, a surreptitious but nevertheless outrageous assault on human freedom by modifying individual behavior through topical psychology. A German refugee, Kurt Lewin, became director of Tavistock in 1932. He came to the U.S. in 1933 and set up the Harvard Psychology Clinic, which originated the propaganda campaign to turn the American public against Germany and involve us in World War II.
    In 1938, Roosevelt executed a secret agreement with Churchill that agreed to let Special Operations Executive control U.S. policies. To implement this agreement, Roosevelt sent General Donovan to London for indoctrination before setting up OSS (now the CIA) under the aegis of SOE-SIS. The entire OSS program, as well as the CIA has always worked on guidelines set up by the Tavistock Institute. An important, objective of the Tavistock institutes is to use its skilled method of mass manipulation and societal social engineering to maintain social order. An objective that secretly includes ensuring the continuance of western/European dominance.
    The present despairing global condition of the Black world is neither a Black curse, baffling phenomenon nor the result of some innate deficient capacity for unity or intellectual ability among Black people , but rather instead the direct result of this covert compulsory racial integration program.
    This program is designed to break down the Black individual's sense of personal knowledge in Black identity, Black racial heritage, allegiance and unity. It encourages the minds of the Black masses to admire and love whites while blaming and hating themselves for their current despairing conditions historically created and presently continued by the white elites. Implementing such a diabolic manipulative program against the Black population is deemed necessary, by the perceptions of the white elites, because not only have they brutally exploit the Black world during the era of slavery, but also because their exploitations are being continued through ongoing unfair trade practices, U.S. governmentís economic hit men and espionage specialist that continues, like vampires ,to ravish Africa while portraying the image to the world that it is merely Africans that are unable to govern themselves.
    It is surmised that it was implemented in 1968 in the face of widespread violence that ensued after the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Kingís brutal assassination led to many demonstrations of unrest and rioting disturbances; that of which were reported in more than 100 cities across the nation.

    This violence resulted in the loss of lives and property that cost the nation and taxpayers millions of dollars and increasingly placed the peace and stability of the nation in dire jeopardy. America ís brutal racial mistreatment of African Americans had appeared to have reached its boiling point creating much unrest and discord. These factors, combined with the rapidly tarnishing American global image, led the U.S. Governmentís agents of White supremacy to quickly reform their techniques of institutionalized racism.
    The problem led to the then president, Lyndon B Johnson, ordering that a commission be formed, later known as the Kerner Commission, to investigate and prescribe a cure or recommendations for the problem. The Commission concluded that blatant White racism was the single aggravating factor for the collective problems.
    The Kerner reportís findings required that the U.S. Government abandon itís condoning of open, blatant forms of racism to control and maintain White dominance. This abandoning of dated tactics led to the need for developing an improved method of controlling and suppressing its Black population. Changing times made it necessary for the U.S. government to change its methods to a much more subtle and socially acceptable means of continuing its racial suppression of Blacks and to maintain its White dominance.

    Today in carrying out many of its social-engineering agendas the U.S. government now manipulates, and shapes the minds and collective consciousness of the public through the usage of misinformation disseminated through the mass media.
    The basis of this concept of mind manipulation is that the human being's most critical aspect is the mind and it works by affecting the unconscious mind through deception. Its weapon is the message that it carries and the way that it adversely affects the targeted recipient group in terms of their behavior. Here is a simplified example of how this is being implemented against African Americans. Let us, for example, imagine that a crew of people was aboard their own massive ship and that this ship was being shadowed by another neighboring ship that was constantly broadcasting derogatory messages to the first group. Such messages as that their ship was lesser, smaller, not seaworthy, perhaps slowly sinking or that their crew was incompetent and was planning a mutiny. With time, the group receiving the negative messages, being unable to refute or to confirm these derogatory messages and deficiencies will grow weary and paranoid of the negative messages and will eventually comes to accept these negative assessments of themselves. The perception created by the taunting now unconsciously influences how the taunted group perceives themselves, subsequently causing them to become distrustful of themselves, doubting themselves, hating themselves and, eventually, fighting among themselves. The taunted group may even become so besieged by deep feelings of inadequacy that they may even jump into the sea and attempt to swim towards the taunting ship now believing it to be superior to their own boat even if their own ship was in fact better.

    Within a real life setting this mortifying psychological manipulation is precisely what is being done to African Americans through an immense campaign of false derogatory misinformation and false negative media reports and statistics that are created by U.S. governmental agencies and then leaked to its collaborators in the news media, which either knowingly or unknowingly carry the stories as their own. These false information about African Americans is then disseminated unrelentingly everywhere; it is deliberately perpetuated through news releases in magazine articles, radio, television, press releases, documentaries, and false census reports perpetuating and framing the myth of Whitesí racial, moral, and ethical superiority over its Black population. However, the weapon is not in how the message is carried, but is instead within the messages that it carries and how these messages affect the targeted recipients.
    The program was designed to break down the Black individual's sense of personal knowledge in his identity, his racial heritage.
    This method include the ability to both influence the national climate and engender personal psychological feelings among Americans that meet the U.S government objective.This provided the U.S. government a more socially acceptable method of continuing the White racial hierarchy for dominance and control given that it is not as easily recognized.

    To the detriment of Blacks, this system of applied psychological conditioning has been an extremely effective.Many Blacks may even begin to feel that there is something not quite right about their Black humanity. It has successfully conditioned many African Americans to accept the dominance of Whites and white institutions over their lives by misleading them to believe that they are, themselves, their own worst enemies, therefore engendering an aberration of internalized self contempt that pulverizes Black unity and halts Black upward mobility.
    Moreover, all African Americans have experienced the burden of this psychological warfare, some more severely than others have. It is experienced every time we [Blacks] read a newspaper, watch the evening news, enter a classroom, and read its racially biased textbooks. And while many Black Americans have successfully navigated through the psychology mortifying mine field and have gone on to lead successful, productive lives, but for far too many African Americans this immense devaluation can seem inescapable and tragically, over time, many begin to accept subconsciously and painfully the negative portrayals of themselves. Many also become discouraged by the acceptance that their society is also preconditioned to see the worst in them and that, therefore, if they were ever to gain acceptance, if it is to be won at all, that success would be hard won and likely to manifest negative internalized psychological pain and distress within many African Americans that can take many forms. No group can be preconditioned to see only the worst in themselves and not exhibit some degree of negative psychological impact. This mass manipulation program is In fact, so proficient at damaging the Black self-perception that tragically it has become easier for many Blacks to accept derogatory premises of themselves rather than recognizing this program.

    . The mediaís constant negative imagery of Black Americans is also being done to engender a shift of victimization that changes the root problem of racism in America to be due to Blackís behavior rather than Whiteís proclivity for racism. Therefore insinuates that America would be a better society as a whole if African Americans were gone, thus engendering increasingly prejudiced distorted perceptions and acrimonious beliefs about African Americans that are designed to makes the nation and the entire world insensitive to their plight, tranquilizes efforts on their behalf, lessens pressure for social change on their behalf and makes any serious criticism of White racism almost impossible today and attempts discourage miscegenation between Blacks and whites. It also creates a false justification for the legal systemís mistreatment of African Americans. Wherein they are disproportionately incarcerated, given stiffer sentences, and are more likely than other racial groups to be treated brutally, beaten, and fired upon by police officers while they are unarmed. These injustices now goes ignored because the perception has become that itís all now justified.
    When contempt of Blacks is made to appear to be justifiable, it is the most fiercest and effective type of racism because its witnesses, bystanders, and even world audiences will sit by idly allowing African Americans to be brutally mistreated disproportionately incarcerated under the belief that it is justified.] It also affects attitudes that when enacted through governmental policies, laws, and other legislation actions, serve to ensure that African Americans will not advance. Its effects are manifested in ideas, education, governmental policies, economic stratification, social segregation, housing markets, hiring and promotion practices, psychological issues, and minority access to a variety of social services and opportunity. This campaign successfully stripped African Americans of the national and international support that was acquired during the 1960's civil rights struggles. This anti Black governmental campaign of psychological warfare also creates a false justification for the legal systemís mistreatment of African Americans wherein they are disproportionately incarcerated, given stiffer sentences, and are more likely than other racial groups to be treated brutally, beaten, and fired upon by police officers while they are unarmed. Moreover, some studies have shown that this shift of victimization now reflects increasingly acrimonious beliefs and prejudiced perceptions about and against African Americans that are arguably stronger today than they were after emancipation.
    The objective of the United States government has always been to maintain its White dominance over its Black population, and clearly, psychological warfare meets this needóbecause it covertly creates a national climate that allows the government to suppress consensually the advancement of its African American population and to maintain its White dominance and national stability.
    Many Black people, in defending their white Governments, will adamantly present the question of why would their government find it a necessity to implement such a racist scheme? Within America these declarations are made among Blacks because the image that has been firmly established upon the consciousness of Black America, in regards to the U.S. Government, are those of the U.S. government sending troops to Little Rock, Arkansas to safely escort Black students to attend schools, or that of the Northern Union soldiers fighting and dying against the Confederate army to free the slaves, and of the many social programs that the federal Government has implemented towards the benefit of African Americans. However, while these undertakings by the U.S. government individually and collectively deserve our appreciation, they do not accurately provide the full picture revealing the true or entire relationship shared between the U.S. Government and its Black population. These favorable stories and events are the result of the same compulsory racial integration programs that reflects only what the U.S. Government wants its African Americans population to remember and are not historically accurate at reflecting or determining the true past relationship or the underlying present existing relationship between African Americans and the U.S. Government.
    From slavery to the present, African Americans have undeniably borne an unprecedented amount of suffering and mistreatment by the U.S. government because of their race. However, so many have forgotten or repressed so much of these maltreatments and have, instead, come to accept the favorable-but-false perpetuated White persona that represents everything that White people never were -- and still are not -- in place of the truth, thus engendering a sort of psychologically induced coma concerning their own Black holocaust. Because most African Americans are denied an educational system and media reports that gives them accurate information, both historically and at present, reflecting the U.S. Governments relationship with African American, therefore most are totally oblivious of the true fundamental core character of this existing relationship.

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