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    A white south Afrikans disclosure about AIDS

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    by , 09-02-2009 at 12:16 AM (2180 Views)

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    Hello Family , it is I the Thanubian aka Franklin Jones. The following is an e-mail response that I recieved from a white south afrikan regarding my disclosure about the mass manipulation of we Black People. In it she also give some interesting comments regarding the AIDS virus. Check it out and give me your thoughts.
    From: Annie <>
    Subject: RE: The power of deplored misinformation is profound--Listen Black people +++
    To: "'F. Jones'" <>
    Date: Monday, August 31, 2009, 12:04 PM

    Dear Franklin,

    What you’ve stated here in your article is so very true.

    As a so-called white South African, I often want to either weep and/or scream at how the majority of Black people get swept into the media brainwashing, and allow themselves to be hoodwinked far faster than any other local races in our country.

    I have been trying relentlessly to get the truth about HIV & so-called AID$ out to the people for well over 6 years, and I still have the feeling that it’ll take another 6 years & millions more totally unnecessary deaths (calculated GENOCIDE, perpetrated by a few in the USA via the who apparently run our country’s entire HIV and AID$ scene from the USA, per kind ‘DISFAVOUR’ of donations from some of SA’s largest corporate companies, Nelson Mandela’s Children’s Fund, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and numerous celebrities such as Bono, Elton John, Sharon Stone, Chris Rock, Madonna etc etc.

    HIV has NEVER even been obtained from any human being ever! Robert Gallo falsified his lab documents in 1984 and then blatantly lied to the world & continues to do so even today. Proof of this was discovered by a UK investigative journalist, Janine Roberts in 2008. See Robert Gallo should be behind bars for genocide of millions an d forced to pay back every cent of the MILLION$ he’s earned from his shared patent with France on his bogus HIV test kits.

    HIV does not cause so-called AID$ and cannot, as a mere retrovirus, cause any other disease either! HIV is NOT sexually transmitted either. HIV tests are nothing but mere ANTIBODY tests ~ so if one used the same test to detect Smallpox, mumps, measles or anything one had ever been vaccinated against contracting, these would all test POSITIVE!
    HIV is totally harmless and a POSITIVE antibody test result means immunity anyway.

    It’s all too tragic & disgraceful for words, considering these people have no idea that their good intentions are in fact contributing towards more deaths & countless more orphans.

    Should you wish to seek the truth Sir, please visit:

    You may also wish to watch HIV & AID$ Playlist via my Channel on You Tube under the User Name: annie46664

    With love & LIGHT,
    Annie Andrey
    Durban ~ South Africa

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