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    Information management is now the tool of white racism

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    by , 11-02-2009 at 12:53 AM (1079 Views)

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    White racism through information management

    Information management, social engineering, and traffic shaping are the evil crafts of modern institutionalized racism. No group more than Black people need to recognize this fact and understand how it is now being so detrimentally used against them.
    This disclosure is not a blind indictment of all whites while turning a blind eye to our self inflicted problems. Nor is this an attempt to peddle victim-hood to absolve or shirk ourselves of our own personal responsibilities as Black people. This instead is a truth that needs to be recognized and addressed if we Black people are to survive and be apart of the future.
    Although today most African Americans do not experience racism the way their parents experienced it, they do, however, still experience White racism. America's white elites practices of economically exploiting and suppressing its Black population was never truly abandoned; it was instead secretly modified into a more contemporary and stealthy design. Today’s method of deploring white racism has sophisticatedly evolved far beyond the previous blatant, now morally unacceptable, methods used in the past. Today’s modern system prevails by using misinformation as a tool to spread false beliefs about and among the masses of the Black population that ensured the continuance of white dominance and control. It is a mass manipulation program that works by psychologically affecting the unconscious mind through deception. It uses the media’s proven ability to manipulate and influence individual perceptions and public opinion to adversely affect its targeted Black population.
    The usage of information is rarely considered when discussing method of emitting white racism; however this progression was a logical choice because information management is a powerful tool. It is the single most important thing that moves the world economy, influences political regimes, defines meaningful thoughts and constructs human behavior.

    While although most African Americans are unaware of how white racism is now emitted through information management, nonetheless, and to the detriment of millions of African Americans, it has been extremely effective. It is by far the most detrimentally proficient racist system ever to confront Black people. It affects the Black mind by using deception, and psychological manipulation. It conveniently provides a more socially acceptable and covert means of maintaining white dominance and control.
    Recognizing this stealthy racist system is often very difficult for many of its Black victims. Because Black people have been so deliberately bombarded with so much deplorably negative images of themselves, it has therefore become easier for many to believe that it is they that are their own worst enemies rather than now white racism. Therefore, recognizing this truth will require that many of its Black recipients overcome their psychologically engrained negative perceptions of themselves and favorable perceptions of whites. These perceptions have been deliberately unrelentingly indoctrinated upon the Black psyche through this very same manipulation process that this article exposes.
    The national media’s distorted portrayal of Black America that amplifies the negative to the point that it distorts reality is more than just biased media reports. They covertly function as psychosocial programs. By using the media’s proven ability to manipulate and influence the masses, the U.S. government white elites have developed a more covert method of controlling its Black population. The constant relentless bombardment with deplorably negative images of themselves that of which African Americans are so inundated with—through a white controlled media--is a very carefully and deliberately designed mass media social manipulation program. Its negative portrayals of African Americans are deliberately designed to adversely manipulate and shape their minds and collective consciousness. It covertly controls and divides African Americans by subjecting them to seeing only the fraudulent worst in themselves while insinuating that they admire, respect, and trust only Whites. It drills the message that Blacks are powerless, of lesser moral, character, and intelligence. It conditions Black people to accept white dominance over their lives by convincing them that it is now they that are their own worst enemies-- and that they need whites to govern over their lives. Its unrelenting daily assault on the Black psyche is designed to break down African Americans’ sense of racial unity and allegiance, mold the character of self-hatred, engender self-doubt, self-loathing, and distrust among their group.
    Moreover, it totally detaches African Americans from their sense of power and reality. To the detriment of many African Americans, it has been an extremely effective. It has successfully conditioned many African Americans to accept the dominance of Whites and white institutions over their lives by misleading them to believe that they are, themselves, their own worst enemies, therefore engendering an aberration of internalized self contempt that pulverizes Black unity and halts Black upward mobility. It is at the root of both the profound division and self hatred now afflicting so many Black Americans and is at the heart of internalized feelings of superiority that many whites possess.
    It was this psychosocial program –that through its “favorable pro white” marketing campaign- made the white race the litmus test and standard for all humanity despite their brutally racist history to the contrary. It is also responsible for the false sense of superiority that many whites now possess.
    This system uses misinformation to ensure the continuance of white dominance and control. This is not all an uncommon practice. Information management, social engineering, and traffic shaping are the evil crafts of the digital age.Therefore they that control the world’s information control the world.
    In the United States it was implemented against African Americans in response to the Black power and civil rights movements of the 1960’s. This method provides the U.S. government with a more socially acceptable means of continuing its White racial dominance and control. Unlike the blatantly overt system of racism used in the past that resulted in African Americans unifying themselves against it, this modern stealthy designed racist system is covertly deplored therefore it is not as easily recognized or even comprehended by its Black victims. It is so subtle, pervasive, well-organized, complete, and proficient and yet most African Americans are totally unaware of this method of emitting white racism. In fact many African Americans will find it too shocking to contemplate. Nevertheless, it is directly intertwined with the extensive challenges negatively impacting Black America today. It is so well disguised that although many of its Black victims may instinctively feel that there is something wrong, they are however unable to sufficiently conceptualize it so that they can unify and defend themselves against it. It is so sophisticated that even the very brightest of African Americans may have little, if any hope of extricating themselves from its detrimental effects.
    Not only does this massive manipulation campaign negatively impacts Blacks self perceptions, it is also designed to create a shift of victimization that changes the root problem of racism in America to be due to Black’s behavior rather than White’s proclivity for racism. Therefore engendering increasingly prejudiced distorted perceptions and acrimonious beliefs about African Americans that are designed to makes the nation and the entire world insensitive to their plight, tranquilizes efforts on their behalf, lessens pressure for social change on their behalf, and makes any serious criticism of White racism almost impossible today. Therefore fostering a national setting of where in which Blacks are more easily exploited and ultimately consensually suppressed. It also creates a false justification for the legal system’s mistreatment of African Americans wherein they are disproportionately incarcerated, given stiffer sentences, and are more likely than other racial groups to be treated brutally, beaten, and fired upon by police officers while they are unarmed. These injustices now goes ignored because the perception has subconsciously become that it’s all now justified. When contempt of Blacks is made to appear to be justifiable, it is the fiercest and most effective type of racism because its witnesses, bystanders, and even world audiences will sit by idly allowing African Americans to be brutally mistreated under the belief that it is justified. This method of control and suppression is based upon the methods of propaganda techniques of renowned psychologist and United States propaganda specialist Dr. Edward Bernays. This is what mass manipulation propaganda specialist Dr. Edward Bernays referred to as “engineering consent”.
    Through this media driven psychosocial program the masses of African Americans remains the most racially devalued and most economical exploited and suppressed group in America. The effects of this social program are also manifested in ideas, education, governmental policies, economic stratification, social segregation, housing markets, hiring and promotion practices, psychological issues, and minority access to a variety of social services and opportunity. It also affects attitudes that when enacted through governmental policies, laws, and other legislation actions, serve to ensure that African Americans will not advance. Through the usage of mass psychological manipulation White America’s methods of institutionalized racism has been secretly modified into a more sophisticated and stealthy design. Unfortunately to the detriment of many African Americans this modern system of deploying white racism has been very proficient. Some studies have shown that this social program has engendered increasingly acrimonious beliefs and prejudiced perceptions about and against African Americans that are arguably stronger today than they were after emancipation.
    The many problems now facing Black America will not be corrected by implementing outdated strategies of foot marches, speeches, or the commemoration of fallen Black martyrs. We can also no longer survive as a race addressing this modern system of racism using nineteen century strategies. It is only by exposing and eradicating this modern covert system will real change be possible for African Americans.
    Unfortunately, for Black America, this modern racist system will not be discontinued because of the historic presidency of Barrack Obama. Because America’s true rulers, the white elites-- they that maintain their positions of powers and prestige regardless of who is president-- merely intends to use this presidency fame and image as a means for restoring America's eroded global image and standing in the world. They may also use it to solidifying their positions of white dominance by perpetuating the false hood that America has truly become a fair and equal society thus making Black cries for true equality even lesser heard. Unless the masses of Black people are made aware of this modern racist system and unify themselves against it, the white elites will continue to use it against us --even with one Black president.
    Black people throughout the world must educate themselves about what is really going on. This understanding is in fact extremely imperative if Black people are to be a part of the future. In order for Black people to acquire real positive change within the entire global community it is imperative that we understand how white racism has sophisticatedly evolved and then confront it unrelentingly.
    The Black Matrix is very real. To learn more visit and order your copy of the book The Black Matrix: The modern mental and social suppression of African Americans Under national interest. 2006, 2008.

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