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    White religion upon the Black mind

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    by , 03-11-2010 at 02:16 PM (59399 Views)

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    An excerpt of the Black Matrix by F. Jones © 2006, 2008
    Because this article takes a deeper look into the Judea Christian religion it is necessary to explain that its author is not an anti-Christian, or of the Muslim faith –therefore now attempting to bash an opposing faith. The author is a free thinker guided by an unrelenting quest for truth. The goal here is to demonstrate to the Black reader that the Judeo Christian religion has been a deliberate tool use to perpetuate White superiority. This is a risky and delicate endeavor given the tremendous importance of religion in African American culture. Accordingly, many African Americans are willing to devote their entire lives to their religious beliefs without ever researching their authenticity. However, does it not make sense to at least research it first?
    This is a very logical argument, and yet for more than 400 years African Americans have gone from the cradle to the grave blindly accepting religious teachings, past down from their slave ancestors. They are therefore accepting a religion that was forced upon their slave ancestors. It is in fact profoundly absurd that so many African Americans can actually accept a religion given to them from a race of people whose behavior, such as their denial of the rights of others and their lack of acceptance of other people as human, are directly contrary of the very religion that they have giving to Black people. How can any people accept a message given by a hypocritical and unjust messenger? To accept any religious belief system from Whites under the circumstances which Black people the world over have suffered is outrageous and ridiculous to say the very least.
    It is in fact incredibly astounding that so many African Americans commit their entire lives to religious belief systems without ever investigating its true origins or history. They spend their entire lives waiting anxiously to die and go to heaven to see the face of a European Jesus; thus anticipating their reward in the afterlife. Given that religion is deemed so extremely important to many Black Christians, one would logically assume that Blacks would study the history of their religion. However, quite to the contrary, most Blacks do not. In fact, modern Christianity thrives on faith with very little knowledge or education about the religion.
    How remarkable it is that an entire people could dedicate their entire existence to a belief without ever researching its authenticity. Imagine, for example, that someone were to give you a book and told you to live your entire life by its teachings, to pay 10% percent of your earnings to its temples, and to raise your children by its teachings. Wouldn't it be ill advised to accept this book on blind faith and to never question or examine its authenticity?
    Obviously it would be ill advised to do so; in fact, it would be foolish. Sadly, this is precisely what Black people in America and elsewhere on the planet have done for more than four hundred years.
    Although it is difficult for some to accept, modern Christianity is founded more on faith rather than the education and enlightenment concerning one’s religious beliefs. In fact, this ignorance is sometimes encouraged under the pretext of “faith.” Many Blacks have boasted about their ignorance of their religion saying "well I may not know all the stuff about how the Bible was written, but I certainly have faith in it." These types of ignorant declarations are especially prevalent in many Black churches. The congregation may even respond by all rising to their feet and applauding it. Ignorance is contrary to God’s will, for God is not a perpetuator or an encourager of rampant ignorance. Clearly, God cannot find favor in a religion that thrives on blind faith born of indisputable ignorance.
    No God, regardless of what he is called, favors ignorance above knowledge for to do so would itself be contrary of the very divinity of God. Is it not within the darkness of ignorance where most of the deceit and evils of the world are secretly planned, and perpetrated?
    There is a popular scripture from John 8:32 in the Bible that reads "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." Upon closer examination of this scripture, it becomes logical and clear that in order for there to be an awaiting truth that will set us all free then there must first be a preexisting lie that holds us in mental bondage. Therefore, the truth will be contrary to what we have already been taught. According to this scripture, when the truth from God does arrive, it will not be what the recipient is expecting nor perhaps even wants to hear. It will be contradictory to what is already known and is being taught. This chapter is my attempt at finding that truth that is contrary to what we have already been taught.
    The commonly accepted assumption these days is that modem Christianity, as taught and worshipped presently, is exactly as it was taught by Jesus Christ himself. The belief is that it survived untouched after his death and was spread throughout the world by his surviving disciples and apostles. However, the truth is that modern Christianity, as it is known today, derived from Roman Catholicism. According to tradition, it was that the Roman Empire that crucified Jesus. How is it that modern Christianity derived from the Empire that not only crucified Jesus, but also continued to persecute his Christian followers for hundreds of years after his death?
    Modern Christianity, in a sense, is a fruit of Roman Catholicism. Therefore, to better educate ourselves about modern Christianity, it is necessary to examine the Catholic Church. Has its teachings remained true to the teachings of Jesus? Let us compare it to the teachings of Jesus as presented in the Bible.
    First, unlike the disciples of Jesus, the Pope often wears very elaborate garb and welcomes the adulation of humans. The clergy of the Catholic Church under the pretext of the doctrine of the divine right have claimed while displaying such pride and arrogance, to be the essential intermediary between rulers and God and have actually dictated to rulers of the world.
    The clergies, to further elevate themselves, adorn themselves with all kinds of imposing regalia, together with crowns, crosses, and medals (see Matthew 2:2, 3), while Jesus and his followers dressed as the common people – nor did they charge for their services.
    Moreover, the clergies also gave themselves titles such as Father, Holy Father, Reverend, His Excellency, and His Eminence, which added to the lifting of themselves over everyone. Yet Jesus taught with regard to religious titles, "Do not call anyone your father on earth (Matthew 23:9)." Similarly, Eliu, in rebutting Job, said "Let me not, please, show partiality to a man, and on an earthling man I shall not bestow a title (Job 32:2)." The Pope, however, allows people to bow to him, kiss his ring, and carry him on their shoulders in a special chair. What vanity Popes have displayed over the centuries in contrast, indeed, to the humble simplicity of Peter, who said to Cornelius, the Roman army officer who knelt at Peter's feet to do obeisance to him, "Stand up, I am only a man after all (Acts 10:25, 26)."
    The modern practice is in stark contrast to that of the angel who gave the apostle John the revelation. John tried to bow down worshipfully to the angel, but the angel declared, "Be careful, do not do that, as I am as a fellow slave of you and of your brothers who are prophets and those who are observing the words of this scroll to worship God only.” Moreover, the Pope is now perceived by his devoted believers as being almost a living embodiment of God on earth in contrast to the teachings of Jesus. It was the Romans who brutally crucified Jesus and then continued to persecute the Christians for many centuries thereafter and then miraculously formed the powerful Roman Catholic religious order.
    The point is that, in examining Catholicism from which modern Christianity was derived, it becomes apparent that this founding Church has not closely followed the teachings of Jesus. What, if any influence did the powerful Roman Empire have on the original Christian texts, and how do we distinguish truth from belief? How do we penetrate years of historical distortions to find original truth?
    The Bible says that you will know a tree by the fruits that it bears. With this concept in mind, let us examine today’s modern society. The Romans were themselves pagans and today the entire western hemisphere continually observes many of those Roman pagan rituals and traditions. Nowadays, we African Americans live within a Christian ruled nation of were in which prayer is removed from the schools, yet Halloween is a national pastime -- a holiday that takes its origins from the pagan, Satan worshiping Druids. Even Halloween, Easter, and Christmas are all connected to the pagan rituals and traditions. The names of our weekdays are also of pagan origin. Monday is derived from moon’s day, Saturday is derived from Saturn day, and Sunday-- including it being observed as the day of worship-- is traditionally connected to the worshiping of the sun god. Christmas, celebrated on December 25, was originally a pagan celebration to the Sun god. The same is true of our months of the year such as July, which is named after Julius Caesar. Many traditions and holidays observed today are connected to Roman paganism. We African Americans are unwittingly serving pagan beliefs in the place of the teachings of the original Christian teachings, and it has become a worldwide phenomenon.
    Given these pagan connections to modern Christianity, how can we be certain today that the Romans have given us the accurate teachings of the man that they saw fit to murder? Moreover, how can one expect a true interpretation of the Bible given that White scholars who have justified slavery by saying that the Black race is inferior wrote them? Because today’s African Americans are the direct descendants of the African slaves that were brought to America, they embrace a religion that was given to their slave ancestors straight from the mouths of their slave masters and passed down from generation to generation. These slave masters, who claimed to be Christians, brutalized, raped, and lacked even the basic acceptance of Black people as human beings. The Bible was used to justify Black enslavement and taught the slaves to obey their White masters.
    Biblical justification for the “divinely ordained” subordination of Africans came through the curse of Canaan (a descendant of Ham). White biblical scholars attempt through color prejudice to label Ham, son of Noah, as the cursed seed. The curse was because Noah's son, Ham, had evidently performed some shocking act deserving of a curse. Therefore, his seed, Canaan, bears this curse, and Blacks are supposedly the direct descendants of Canaan. Many churches, in the name of Christianity, still teach this racist view.

    This racist, so-called curse of Canaan derived directly from the Jewish Babylonian Talmud, was used by the White slave masters to justify their enslavement of Africans; thus it was the divine will of God that they were enslaved and that they obey their White masters.
    This racist myth is totally inaccurate given that there is evidence of Africoid remains that predates the time line given for Noah's flood story (therefore Canaan's birth) by thousands of years. African people were the first to inhabitant this planet. Asia was second in population development---and Europe last. The European is only 48,000 years old whereas the African developed over 1 million years ago (see the discovery of Lucy). Some evidence suggests the indigenous population of the land described as Canaan were earlier Africoid.This racist myth is also totally inaccurate given that the Canaanites traditionally formed a later, lighter-skinned nation of people living to the east of the Mediterranean Sea. In 1928, a discovery near the sea on the North coast of Syria near an underground passage led to a tomb "Minet El Beida," translated to mean “White Haven.” The natives of the area say that, a long time ago, it was the dwelling place of the gods of their White ancestors. In fact, the title, the haven of Whites, can be seen as a direct description of the Canaanites as White. The Canaanites believed in the God Baal and the goddess of fertility and were a race of people who adored the sensuality of the flesh. The cults of sensuality were regarded as the worship of the gods. Because of their depraved practices, demonic rites, pornography, and idolatry, they came under divine judgment. A statute of their fertility goddess was found at this location. An ivory relief of a bare breasted fertility goddess of Canaan found in a vault in the harbor area at Ugarit shows a goddess bearing Caucasian characteristics, long, draping, wavy hair, a long protruding nose, like that of Roman statues, and unmistakably thin lips.
    Because of our awareness that in ancient times people most often made their humans like gods and goddess’ in their own racial images, this statute is also evidence that the Canaanites were white-skinned and not Black. Black skin is not a curse. White is the absence of color, while Black is the presence of all colors. White Biblical scholars, however, for centuries hid this fact to perpetuate the justification of the enslavement of the Black race. Surely, these questions of fact should encourage African Americans to better educate themselves about the origin of their
    There is a Biblical scripture that reads “Blessed are they that seeks the truth with the whole heart (Psalms 119:2).” This chapter is written in the spirit of this scripture.
    Although the terminology of Psychological Warfare is modern, its practice among White cultures to perpetuate their superiority is not new at all. History acknowledges that the White race’s tendency to deceive and perpetuate false propaganda has an ancient pedigree that lies at the very heart of European culture and identity. For example, during the Christian crusades, merciless White empires went into battle wearing crosses upon their armor, with a sword in one hand, and a Bible in the other to convert their enemies to Christianity – making them serve White deities that looked like their European conquerors. In fact, the White race’s proclivity for using mass psychological manipulation dates back more than two thousand years. There is perhaps no place where the White race’s proclivity for deceit and propaganda is made clearer than in the history of Western religion. The Judeo-Christian tradition itself is a myth based upon lies that have been used to perpetuate White superiority.
    White religious scholars rewrote the African origin of Christianity; thus converting African religion, deities, and important figures of the Bible into European ones, regardless of how absurdly inaccurate. Throughout history, prominent Western elites and European Kings have always found it necessary to revise history and erase African people from all significant events of the world. Given these facts, the true history of religion can be very intricate and difficult to trace. Therefore, the goal here is to see whether the teachings of Jesus Christ survived unchanged after his death by examining the changes in both the Christian church and the Roman Empire after the death of Christ and during the reign of the Roman Emperor Constantine (A.D.312-337).
    Examined here is the supposition that modern-day Christian traditions and beliefs are not actually of Christian origin, but instead are of the pagan Roman Empire under the edict of Emperor Constantine. Furthermore, a discussion of how White racist empires whitewashed Africans’ ancient history and religious teachings to create a new, pagan Christianity and history is presented. Fallacies based upon these revisions were disseminated as the truth causing us Africans to abandon the truth and believe falsehood in its place – thus undermining our good standing with our God (John 4:23).
    To learn more about this subject please order your copy of the book the Black Matrix by Franklin Jones at

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