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    Saul Initiated One Hell Of A Discussion

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    by , 03-28-2008 at 10:59 PM (1606 Views)

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    Me and my husband went to see Saul in concert Wednesday. He was great.

    Thursday evening, I drove to Chandler, Arizona to listen to him perform spoken word. I recorded bits and pieces of him discussing everything from his song "List of Demands" being used in a Nike commercial to Christianity.

    He spoke about the war, the past, our vulnerability, blacks ability to overcome and move past, and his children. I know I'm missing quite a few things.

    Anyways, I went back home and my husband and I listened to the recording. Afterwards, we laid on the floor and engaged in a two hour discussion about everything we had heard from Saul in the last two days.

    My husband said a lot of things that blew my mind. He never ceases to amaze me...honestly. He will not vote for a president. He will however vote locally. He always has. He remains firm on this issue.

    The one thing that he does not believe is that we are one. He seems to believe that most white people are only willing to deal with token black kids. Including the whites people that are avid listeners of Saul. They will not go any further. After that a barrier is in place.

    He also believes that in order to bridge the gap between whites and non-whites, non-whites are going to be the ones required to do most of the letting go. Most of the forgetting. They are going to be the ones embracing ways that are not theirs. In addition to it all, he wants to know how can you forgive a person if they have not attempted to make right their wrongs.

    I wanted to know why Saul had a predominantly white fan base. He believes that young white people love listening to black people sing/write/rap about going against the system. Nothing more, nothing less. He wanted to know how many of Saul fans were actively doing something to build bridges with non-whites. Engaging in dialogue with people that did not look like them. Were trying to connect the disconnected.

    I feel asleep on this "many are called but few are chosen. No, I am not a christian.

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    1. DreadedBliss's Avatar
      I've been wanting to see Saul Williams for a while now. Have ya'll heard the latest release?

      I find it interesting how the major consumers of hip-hop are suburban white kids lol. Folks have told me about going to see Dead Prez and you got these white kids just singing along, doin' their thing to "I'm A African" and isht. I think "Do they know what they're saying? Where's the connect?"

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    2. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      Some years ago I had the great and suprising pleasure of meeting Mr. Williams and show him some of Barcelona. Tho i missed his concert, and had not heard about him before (i had only read a poem), his spirit still touched me. I wish i could see him in action on stage sometime. He's a natural poet.
      And i totally agree with your husband

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