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    by , 01-26-2008 at 01:06 AM (1535 Views)

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    Now and days, it seems like most people hate being categorized and labeled. Every time there is a discussion or debate at least two or three people says something like "people always think they know me" and "people are always trying to place me in a category. This has never been an issue for me because normally when someone tells me about myself, I already know. So, I've never really thought about it until last week when my sister kept telling me how everyone is so "quick" to label her.

    After having the night to think and ponder on this issue I've come to a conclusion. That maybe the people doing the labeling are indeed correct. I mean, what do most people do better than anything else. FOCUS ON OTHER PEOPLE! So, since this is the truth, maybe when a person is constantly being labeled by their peers and associates, it's the truth.

    And since most people do not focus on themselves, and spent too much time thinking about you they are not going to label you incorrectly. Most people are Excellent at tagging others and pointing out other peoples flaws as well as other people's strengths. This is the main reason we need to hear what other people think about us. Most people thrive and live off the opinion of others. With that being said, it seems like when they point out a flaw we shouldn't be so quick to become upset. Especially when different people are constantly labeling you the same way. Because, I'll tell you this, the majority of people may be sheep, ignorant, and conformist but what they are MASTERS at is telling another person about themselves whether it's good or bad.

    Oh, the conclusion of the topic is the next morning when my sister and I talked, and she brought up her frustrations with her associates I told her "Maybe they are calling you a selfish, evil bitch because you are one." She immediately hung up the phone and we have yet to talk.

    And from now on, whenever I hear an individual tell me of how others are always labeling them incorrectly, I'm going to be the one to break the bad news.

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    1. XXPANTHAXX's Avatar
      hmmm so if enough of us say you are crazy as hell, does this mean you are? lol

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    2. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      LOL!!! oh my goodness! lol lol

      well im not goin to blame u, i come as blantantly bold to my closest friends and fam. and they usually end up appreciatting it a lot and guess who they call when they are confused?

      ANYways, everybody labels me as "hippy", and i cant stress it enough. I AM NOT a damn fucking hippy, oook????? Im not for peace, i dont like flowers, i dont wear colorful clothes, i dont wear feathers! da hell they got that hippy shit from???

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    3. jahcrown's Avatar
      lol!!!! its the truth, i get mad when people tell me bout myself all the time, even though they are dead on, its just the ego that gets hurt, the inner I knows whats goin' on. big up!

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