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    Who We Are.

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    by , 01-27-2008 at 02:53 PM (1093 Views)

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    Who we are in life is not what we do on a daily basis. It is not what we wear, what we aquire or the places we go.

    Yes, these all help contribute to our character but very little. Who we are, (our characters) are developed in small moments, fine moments. It is refined and made greater when the universe demands something from us and either we obey her or deny her which is in essence obeying or denying our GREATER selves. There is no way around this fact.

    Your character is who you are when faced with a decision that you alone must makes, it seems like everyone around you have suddenly left the room. Why? Because this is YOUR moment.

    Your moment alone with the universe. This is as close as you are going to get to being "GODLIKE" while you are here on earth. What you do in this moment is who you are. If you cower and back down you are a coward. If you smile and keep striving you are "go getter." We must understand this. You are most like a God or Goddess when you act like one.
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    1. Raha's Avatar
      REAL TALK. I LOVE it.

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    2. jahcrown's Avatar
      Big up creatress!!!!! da real for real

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