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    My dedication to Words

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    by , 02-03-2008 at 09:01 PM (1463 Views)

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    Now, Iíll admit that my fixation with words is not typical of the average person, but it is this obsession that has kept me in touch with that world I tapped into several times as a child. Not only words, but also the feelings and meanings that was attached to the word, or the person delivering the message.

    Now, how can I go about explaining this to you? As a child, I was in love solely with books and whatever it was that constantly revealed itself to me. Reading allowed me to travel to other worlds, and Jim Morrison has been known to say ďReal Poetry doesnít say anything; it just ticks off the possibilities. Open all doors. You can walk through anyone that suits you.Ē In my opinion, itís not just poetry with that particular special power, but also words, phrases, songs, statements, lectures,
    declarations, vows, speeches, remarks etc.

    I would remain in the local library, browsing rows and shelves of books. In the beginning, I enjoyed reading the adventures of ďThe Sweet Valley High Twins.Ē From there, I journeyed to the world of serial killers, arsonists, patricide and matricide cases, along with other true life crime stories. After this phase diminished, I went right into fiction thrillers, mysteries,suspense horror and crime. These genres carried me well into the middle of my twenties, when I traded it all in for pure literature. Authors like my Ralph Waldo Emerson, J. California Cooper, Ben Okri, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Leo Tolstoy, Zora Neale Hurston and my personal favorite Hermann Hesse. It is in these books, through these authors that I have been in constant contact with the spirit that made itself visible to me as a child. Poets like Rainer Maria Rilke, Saul Williams, Edmond Jabes, and Rumi have stimulated my soul, and kept the inner child within me thriving.

    I am constantly reminded of this passion when I complete and close a book, and suddenly begin looking at the front and back cover believing that there should be more. In total awe, that a 300 page book could contain so much life changing information. Iíve placed books down on my night stand just to pick them up again, and look through them, hoping that Iíve missed something. Hoping that I somehow missed a page or two. I also always find myself wondering, what kind of person is capable of raising the bar that high. That reason alone, is why Mr. Hermann Hesse is my all-time favorite author, and Mr. Ralph Waldo Emerson is the man whose writings have become a guide for me, sort of like my own private religion.

    I also have been educated through books. With only one year of college underneath my belt, Iíve had to read books, and internalize them, where other individuals have had the benefit of listening to a professor dissect, and break these same books down. I alone was forced to absorb, and filter through. So, as you see, words and I have had an extraordinary relationship. A true give and take, 50-50.

    I remember there would be occasions when an elder would sit down in the same room as I and rain on me wisdom, and I would remain seated for minutes afterwards. I wanted to be sure I took it all in. Most of my friends, was convinced for a while, I was trying to suck up. I wasnít kissing up though; I was absorbing the knowledge being imparted. I was also discerning the character that went along with the deliver. This was very important to me, although I do believe that a person can give great advice, even though they do not take heed to any of it themselves. Sort of like, the woman who has been married nine times, discussing with her nieces the keys needed to maintain a healthy marriage. No one truly listens because she fails to take her own advice. Well, I am the one niece that will listen. Because although she was not able to follow her own advice, the advice she departed with was the truth. For the most part, it does not matter who the messenger is, as long as they are bringing with them the honesty. Iíll filter and shelve the rest. No big deal!

    Words have always been able to affect my state of mind, and for that I am thankful for. But, my heart has, as of lately, really been burdened with the way words are now exploited, to manipulate and enslave entire societies, countries, and people within the confines of their home. As I seek to treasure learn the proper meaning of words, there are others that use them to twist peopleís minds. This does not discourage me, just liberates me to remain timeless.

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    1. nattyreb's Avatar
      Wow, this is really good, you are a truly gifted writer! i enjoyed this very much and applaud your ability to take in so much info via written *and* spoken words. i have a thing for the use of language myself, but i'm not as well-studied as i'd like to be on the topic.

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    2. Fenix's Avatar
      Nice dedication!

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    3. Elisa Keisha's Avatar

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    4. XXPANTHAXX's Avatar
      These 3 Words "I Loved It"

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    5. JackieHandunge's Avatar
      Great writing,
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