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    This is not Home!

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    by , 02-11-2008 at 02:56 PM (865 Views)

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    Me, my husband and children are all "gypsies." We love to move, relocate, experience new places, people, and communities. This constant moving does a great deal for our spirit, and mental state of mind.

    With each new state we find temporary refuge in, we remain open-minded and truly thankful for the experience. Just last August, our family relocated to Arizona. In December, my husband and I had one of our "bedroom talks" and decided that we would not make Arizona our home. Even now, there are occasional discussions about moving back to Georgia (Atlanta to be exact). Even with this move, we both know from previous experience that Georgia will not be our home either. It will serve us well, because children are able to attend college tuition free, if the maintain a B average while they are in high school.

    After remaining spiritually unfulfilled, with each new state that we move to, I realize what we are looking for. Both my husband and I, are seeking a place that brings us that feeling we felt when we lived overseas in Germany. Our hearts were hopeful that there was a place like Germany, here in the United States. Last night, however, I came to the conclusion that we are going to eventually end up back overseas in Europe. Our hearts are both determined and stubborn, and it is Europe, that we unconsciously were seeking. There is not another state, here in America, that will take this yearning away from us. When I came to this conclusion last night, and spoke it out into the open, my spirit agreed immediately. Our inner beings have been longing for that liberated freedom which allows its citizens to feed off of the positive energy from one another. My heart desires to see women riding to the market on their bikes, with their grocery basket attached to the handlebars. The same women who have the time to stop in their tracks, and have a ten minute conversation with the children of a mother, whose also en route to the local grocery market.

    I miss the feasts, and fairs, and celebrations that took place at least once a month, that brought out people young and old, all dancing and singing to the same song. I will not find that here in the United States, I now know this. So, after coming to this realization, I can now say with confidence; we'll end up back in Europe. Just one more thing I can now be certain of, and every little bit of certainty helps.

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    1. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      well, if you enjoy seein people in the street, hangin around, and feast and parties every week/month. i think yall should check Spain.
      I find the rest of Europe (or nothern europe) quite boring and cold, actually.

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    2. tyydae's Avatar
      Ek, thanks for providing me with this information. When the time comes, I'll be sure to keep what you said in mind.

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    3. jahcrown's Avatar
      why not try Ghana?

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