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    by , 01-24-2008 at 12:40 PM (1527 Views)

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    A truly unique individual has no real clue of how extraordinary, and “different” they are to society, especially those closest to him or her in the early years of their lives. It is not until they mature and enter a phase in their personal lives, that they discover just how they affect those around them.

    Why, is that? Those of us, that are extremely unique, are also quite selfish. So much so, that in the process of fine-tuning themselves, they rarely stop to see the reactions or watch the body language of those they come into contact with. To be perfectly honest - they do not give a fuck- .

    The second reason is they also believe that they know everything. The way they go about their lives are the correct way to live, the way they see things is the only way to see things, etc.

    Part of the reason, this is the case, is because from a very early age, the child realizes that most people have no clue about anything. Now, although this can be debated, this is the way the child sees things. As if most people he or she knows, have no “real” idea, of what is taking place around them, on a daily basis. Since this is the case, when they begin to define themselves, they never look for outside approval. They remain in this very mind state, well into their late twenties. By this time, the person in question has already built his or her foundation, incorporated many eclectic ways, and shows characteristics of being a bit eccentric. There is no raining on this person parade, or “showing them the light”. They are very much focused and extremely certain and confident of themselves by this time.

    In human behavior, people psyches begin to change around thirty, and for the most part, it is during this time, they find themselves watching, and listening to others with much more passion and interest than in their youth. In my opinion, this is when the person begins to consciously understand the reactions of those he or she interacts with on a regular base, or every once in a while. Once this begins to occur, they notice that many of their friends and family member view them as “strange.” This was never once taken into consideration, the way it is in their late twenties, early thirties. Since this is the case, he begins to view and analyze those closest to him with extreme distaste for a while. He or she may even be hurt, for a short while. But, because his foundation is already built, he quickly gets over these feelings, placing no blame and continues on his way.

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    1. Raha's Avatar
      I love it!

      Those words sum up how I feel EXACTLY.

      Good stuff, tyydae!


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    2. jahcrown's Avatar
      empress i like these words! I feel less alone and self contious.

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