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    Open Letter from Mrs. Evelyn Rasco, Mother of the Scott Sisters

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    by , 06-26-2009 at 02:03 AM (7345 Views)

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    Nathaniel X Vance is sending out e-mails to hundreds of places about the Scott Sisters and Nancy Lockhart, but I don't know who he is. I have tried to contact this man and he will not respond to me at all. How can he represent me or my girls when I don't even know him? He is getting people confused real bad and needs to stop. It's not right for someone to come and just start using your loved ones' name, that doesn't make any sense!

    Nathaniel X Vance made up a press release with his name on it as the contact person and with mistakes in it and sent it all over, but we already have a press release with the right information in it and the right contact person. Then he made up a petition and put his name on it and has people signing that one instead of the petition we already have! It doesn't make sense to have more than one petition or a press release with wrong information in it or somebody trying to do a power act or whatever he is doing, it is not fair!

    We have Free the Scott Sisters so everybody could find these things easily, Nathaniel X Vance is not the contact person for anyone other than himself. Now he is even trying to get people to stop sending us donations and send them to him at his own Paypal, that is fraud, he can't do that! We already have a Paypal and are struggling very hard and pay for most things that we do for the girls out of our own pockets. Nancy Lockhart has not made one single dime from anything that she has done for the Scott Sisters, not anything at all! For him to say something evil like that about her proves that he is really just trying to hurt us for no good reason!

    It is this justice system that should be made to free Jamie and Gladys and stop trying to destroy our whole family, that's what we should be talking about. The only person that I trust to help me is Nancy Lockhart. I just want this Nathaniel X man to stop. My girls are dying in that prison cell daily and I am not in good health at all myself. They have five kids that all have some type of emotional problems due to the fact of what has happened to their mothers. They have been asked all of their lives, why does your grandmother have you, and when they tell people they can't believe that you can get a double life sentence and you have not touched anyone or held a weapon, and the victims said that in open court. I live in a depressed state of mind but my whole world revolves around these kids and with their grandchildren. Sometimes I have 10 kids here in a day and I take care of them any way i can. I pray to God to give us the strength to go on everyday. We don't need all of this foolishness to confuse people and make things even worse for my girls. Thank you for reading my letter.

    Very sincerely, Evelyn Rasco

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    1. XXPANTHAXX's Avatar
      via: Sis. Terry Howcott

      King Vance,

      I'm not clear if this is deliberate, or if you're just missing the
      boat but you are re-framing this dispute so that your foe seems less
      powerful, less significant.

      Your dispute is with the Scott Sister's Mother.

      Now that Mrs. Rasco, the Scott Sister's Mother has made her concerns
      and frustrations publicly known, perhaps you should pause to
      reconsider your plans.

      The Scott Sisters can't be unlike most of us. We can assume that more
      than anything - and I do mean anything - these imprisoned women want
      their Mom to be comfortable. They want her to feel as if she has a
      handle on their situation.

      You could send the grieving Michael Jackson family money tomorrow.
      That doesn't mean they'll allow you to involve yourself in the making
      of his arrangements.

      Ms. Rasco as the Matriarch of the family has expressed her pain, her
      opposition to your petition, and your setting up of accounts in the
      name of her daughters. Whether or not you approve of Nancy Lockhart's
      work, Ms. Rasco has been pleased with her for a very long time - so
      the message could not be plainer.

      Even if you believe for some odd reason that you don't like how the
      case is being handled (from observing from a distance), it is
      unreasonable that you would insert yourself as if you were their long
      lost Uncle or hired staff without this family's permission. Had you
      been on your game, you would have reached out directly to the Mother,
      explained your concerns and suggested she take a different route.

      Instead, you seek to build a complete new course, including opening an
      account in the name of these women without their familial support
      which is at least disconcerting, and probably even suspicious. The
      first law of any public work is to avoid even the appearance of

      These Sisters are struggling and they are scared. So, your attempting
      to sway them in a different direction from their Mother's wishes in
      their fragile state is a pretty wild thing to do.

      You have mentioned having contacted "attorneys" to assist you. I can't
      imagine a thoughtful attorney involving him or herself with your aims
      unless they were not appraised of all the facts. I am also pretty sure
      that the Panthers, the brilliant thinkers that they are, would never
      insert themselves in a dispute with a woman whose daughters are
      political prisoners and whose health could be in jeopardy by the sheer
      nature of her compounded stress.

      Further, I doubt that if this were for example the Troy Davis
      situation, or some other Brother you would fix your lips to suggest
      opening a Paypal account in his name. So, the question is - do you
      believe you can take these kinds of arbitrary, independent actions on
      behalf of this family because the decision-maker in this instance is a

      For my part, I stand on the side of the parent. I stand by her right
      to make good decisions and I stand by her right to make mistakes. If I
      agree with her, I shout it out. If I think she's mistaken, given these
      are her daughters, I'd likely shut my mouth and offer my assistance
      directly with her if she would receive it.

      So, of course you don't have to listen to me. But, I urge you to at
      least take a behind the scenes poll before you continue, and weigh the
      situation out for yourself.

      In the meantime, I am slowly but surely putting together a piece on
      these women, and I myself will include information in support of the
      Scott Sisters that their Mother deems appropriate.

      I admire that courageous, hard-working woman. and to the extent that I
      am capable - I have her back. The Scott Sisters Mother "shall not be

      Terry Howcott

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