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    Where do you fit in?

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    by , 02-06-2008 at 09:39 PM (1745 Views)

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    I was browsing the forum recently and found myself puzzled as to some of the responses to various posts, obvious comments from the ill informed and for lack of a better word "disruptive students".

    These "disruptive students" consistently post drivel that they read some where some how, as a response to a given post, or they post articles that they want to share with us, without even taking the time to read them their self, but expect us to read them, furthermore they may post links to validate their reactionary responses without giving any thought to the history and how it relates.

    This is akin to working for the enemy free of charge, I understand we as a People are sound asleep but when I find posts praising crakkkas like David Icke, Jordan Maxwell etc, I also find myself asking am I on the wrong gotdamn site?

    This site was designed to transfer knowledge and information to our People in a student/ teacher type relationship for Afrikan Liberation

    David Icke cant teach that!
    Jordan Maxwell cant teach that!
    So why are they even mentioned?

    If you know ... speak up so the students can learn, if you don't know, shut the fuck up and listen, maybe someone else can learn something since you wont or cant.

    In reflection Im a student 24/7 so if I can teach cool, but Im always looking to learn so that one day I can teach, so umm where do you fit in?

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    1. Draptomania's Avatar
      I am 100% student. I will confess that I don't know JACK! So I try to learn as much as I can A few people have called me "weak" because I take a LONG time to make up my mind on things. I like to research...then research some MORE..and if I STILL don't understand it, I'm gonna sit on the fence until it makes sense (or I know that whatever it is is NOT for me). I know one thing though, I wanna be free no doubt in my mind about that.

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    2. tyydae's Avatar
      I fit in a number of places. But, this is to be expected because I am a spiritual labyrinth, and a human being.

      I love wisdom and developing an understanding about issues, life, nature, people, communities, societies, etc. My desire to is to know most of the ways of "The Original People."

      When it is my turn, I am also eager to teach.

      I would like to add this, there have been a number of links and articles that I have posted (and will continue to do so) that I have not read. Why? Because I know there are others on this site, that will benefit from this knowledge.

      For example, I know very little about politics, but in the last several days posted two articles about the presidential canidates, without reading them myself. I did this, because I know a few members on this site are following the elections, and felt like this information they would find helpful.

      Liberation is my goal, as I believe it is all others.

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    3. Fenix's Avatar

      But let me add that the best teachers tend to be the best students.

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    4. MamaDahomey's Avatar
      I consider myself much more of %100 student. I hear that they make the best teachers. I agree with you that white liberals such as david icke can't teach us a thing and shouldn't be mentioned here. I have had a few people recommend that I frequent that site and these same Africans support his his books. Maybe they are "on there way" towards liberation? Who knows....

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    5. XXPANTHAXX's Avatar
      asante sana to all for enduring my little rant, I hope it was taken personally, for that was its intent, If you found yourself offended I offer no apology only a little advice, stop doing ya masters biding.

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    6. lotus's Avatar
      Yes brother, the matter is rather disturbing. This domain is for Black Afrikan centered thought and discourse. I will always come Perfectly Black like Asr!

      Far as posting things without reading, I am a writer and researcher and I will always come original. There will be times that I will iinsert
      link(s) to other web sites for further research.


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      Updated 03-13-2008 at 08:02 PM by lotus (to add more text)
    7. La Bella Afrique's Avatar
      Well the thing is, we do not always know what we seem to know/believe to know...any some facts are actually relative...however

      Everyone is entitled to voicing their opinion no one is more than...however you have the few that are just being disruptive and you have those that might be ignorant in certain areas...ALL of us is ignorant in one way or another...

      So it is not for anyone to put down the one who doesn't know better, as long as that person(s) are willing to learn, that is the most important thing, we ALL had to start from somewhere

      We must learn to be OBJECTIVE, not defensive or aggressive to our one another...

      Peace King!

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    8. TheStruggle's Avatar
      what happen to freedom of speech?

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    9. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      Im 100% teacher

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