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    Change and Evolution

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    by , 08-24-2010 at 06:31 AM (1564 Views)

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    Basically since the colonials have come to the continent, it's as if the lands are barren because whenever one looks at the images of Afrika is, alll you see is people dying of starvation, diseases and wars. Where does all of this come from alll of a sudden? This is probably why:

    A culture that is in touch with its spiritual connection is a culture that is poised to evolve. In the indegenous context, change is tolerated, even welcomed, because it originates with Spirit. If evolution originates in a sprirtual source, then it does not disrupt stability. If evolution is seen in terms of the modern definition, concerned with ascendancy, acquisition and control and mastery over the material world, then evolution becomes destructive to stability, which is a stae of alignment with Spirit, with cosmic rules and regulations.

    The very word cosmos implies evolution and in this context, evolution means discovering new things and learning new methods of handling the affairs of life. This one purpose of technology, to help human beings increase their awareness and consciousness. In this sense precolonial indigenous cultures, even within their apparently primitive technologies, were heavily involved in an evolutionary process. In the interest of their own evolution, it was essential to mantain cohesion within the culture, for you have to stick together to evolve together.

    In the development of Western technologies, we cannot allow some among us to evolve while some are left behind, because that is not community. Community is the common handling of the journey. Attention to community and to Spirit in indigenous technologies has meant, however, that the evolution of indigenous cultures takes place quietly, without explosive and destructive side effects of Western technology. When your ties with Spirit are strong enough, your evolution has less visibility. A good portion of modern technology is extremely destructive, probably because of the lesser presence of Spirit within it. The larger the presence of the Spirit, the subtler and less polluting technological evolution will be.

    All of the indigenous technologies have ability to change and adapt and they usually adjust themselves to changing needs in the community. Before the coming of modernity, the people who were the healers would have others in the village come and work on their farm and they would always end up with enough food to feed their families. Now that this system no loger exists, you will find the healer with atiny yard and from this he can pull enough food to feed a family of 20 children. This is an evolution in technology, based on drawing the vitality of nature to that tiny plot in order to produce enough food, relying much more on invisible forces such as the blessings you get from nature when you farm.

    The reason that the healer's farming has changed is that with the coming of the Western world, even people in the village are losing their interest in the village, and the community there is challenged. People are eager to benefit from the healer's services, but they no longer want to work on his farm. This prompted a new paradigm, whereby the healer uses his knowledge to produce the food he needs from a very small plot of land, but there is a consequence for this change, for less of the healer's energy is available for healing in the village.

    The changes that occur in the indigenous technologies do not occur because some healer sets out to find a better way to do things. Seen with a modern eye, this looks like one of the shortcomings of indigenous culture. For since no one appears to be actively trying to do anything differently, or better, there is the appearance that the culture is stagnant. It is the indigenous understanding, however that ideas you receive do not come from your imagination, they come from the Spirit World, and it is the spirits who will decide what the next step will be, what changes if any need to be made in the technologies that they have given to you. A person's purpose is to serve, using that which has been put into his or her hands as a gift from Spirit.

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    1. Im The Truth's Avatar
      Great reasoning. Have you read any Marimba Ani? If not you may like it because you and her use similar language.

      "Our solution lies in the denial of the European world-view as a basis for human organization." - Marimba Ani, Let The Circle Be Unbroken

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    2. edwins's Avatar

      you are keeping it real... we shall not forget the ancestors with you and your spirit among us-

      peace be upon you

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    3. DarkManJah's Avatar
      That was deep. Evolution without Spirit really explains to me why westrn techonology depresses me, lol. We gotta get oughta here.

      Asante sana for the insight, yah'nineh

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