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    Terrorism in family law(America)

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    by , 04-19-2011 at 08:07 PM (729 Views)

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    equality at conception.equality at conception. men don't have rights at conception and women know this and now have been trained to use that knowledge and how to abuse it. it has been separating families since slavery(or at least 50 to 100 years before my birth). that's why we treat women the way we do, shoot and kill each other, lack morality and social values and its not going to get better .it seems that America has put us to sleep and numbed our feelings by feeding us drugs and alcohol and misdirection. i call them "sleepers". i use to be a sleeper.
    our children know its bad out there, and they want us to do something because they know its their future at stake, but most of us are afraid, tired , out of money, lack the will power or just plainly do not care. i care. i was picketing yesterday at the Hamilton county juvenile child custody division. i had already spoken to city counsel, and a state rep, but she lied and did not make the appointment nor did she call to schedule another. all or most of our problems lay on the foundation of family law and the unfair practices and the splitting of the family unit. you and i both know that if MEN had equal rights at the time of conception then it would eliminate the conflict that arises naturally, because MAN naturally is dominant but the power given to women makes them more dominant , that's instant cohesion and it would eliminate a lot of social disparities that now exist. this is the only real topic for America weather black or white. what shall i tell my son when it is time for him to find a mate, "don't trust her"? only if things become equalized can we make progress socially then economically. where do you stand on this issue? united we stand, divided we fall

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    1. donjehavon's Avatar
      I think there are so many issues to be dealt with. I think the for the most part black men and women have been brainwashed. But I see hope. There are people who are setting up communities where like minded people can live and meet and marry. I think their should be Black family centers that teach people how to have harmonious relationship with each other. Both men and women should enter an agreement that is binding that they will do everything they can to preserve the family unit. That means taking away the power of the no fault divorce. Also having a Community of Elders who can see what is really going on if a couple decides they cant be together. Men will have to choose women who are better wives. Women will have to choose better men. Then those who have been trained they should choose one another. After a period of time get married and have children. I was listening to a lady the other day and she said how she I had to be debriefed how a lot of her views on marriage where blatantly wrong. We have to do more planning before marriage. And then we can hopefully not be tricked into marrying an bad wife. As for what to tell my son, I tell him the truth. There are people out here that will use you. You have to very careful and let people earn trust. If marriage is about family is the woman family oriented? Does she believe in a harmonious family? Are you the right type of man for her? many things go into choosing a mate.

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    2. edwins's Avatar

      my former wife came from a dysfunctional family- her parents would pull knives and guns on each other (i found out later on) as well as do other things that i would not think of doing. my point is, people can hide their psychotic behaviors... it takes time to get to know someone. when people are young and lack the guidance of wise men and women, they make very bad choices... we need the wisdom of our elders, period.

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    3. ashaZ's Avatar
      Terrorism also exists within the family unit in itself : one against the other will lead to the destruction of all, especially when we are bonded to each other. It's time to heal the family unit : and we must start with healing ourselves because we will reflect and effect others closest to us by what we illuminate within because that will shine out. Taking responsibility for our part is the foundation of forward movement. The ultimate goal is laying the right foundation for our children... BLESS

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