One of the most important reasons that the european elite is re-invading the mediterranean and afrikan areas, is to control the sea-lanes for world trade and commerce.

To just control the natural resources of the middle east and afrika is not not enough. They must also control the sea-lanes and waterways close by, to be able to ship these resources globally, to their destined target receiving nations.

Just as ancient rome (east and west) and the venetian empire monopolized world trade and sea routes, so too does this "new" roman empire, composed of britain/france/dutch/ashkenazim, seek to accomplish the exact same goal.

So they control suez canal in egypt, panama canal, moving to control the whole of the mediterranean (syria and lebanon in way), somalia is targeted because it has gulf of aden and the indian ocean access, and iran has the straights of hormuz.

Together, these waterways provide/control $billions, if not $trillions of dollars in global trade, and gives the cartel european nations which control them global power and wealth/rulership! Together, these prizes propel these nations and their ruling elites to 'superpower' status!

The european elite (including the ashkenazim/sephardim) have always prospered off the wealth of afrikans-indians-chinese, even from exploiting their own people! Its time to end their tyrannous, illegitimate rule over us and the world!