September 9, 2004
New York City, NY

Thank you 9-11 Truth for having this important hearing.

Thank you Commissioner Khan and Commissioner McIlvaine for agreeing to serve with me on this very important Commission.

I would also like to mention another Commissioner who couldn't be with us today, but whose commitment we all know, Catherine Austin Fitts.

Today is just the beginning. Your support can ensure that we follow up with more of these hearings to flesh out all the remaining questions that experts and family members know have not been fully addressed by the official 9-11 Commission or the Bush Administration.

Of course, please forgive me, but I cannot be in the City of New York and not say "Thank you, New York City." But this time, not just for supporting me, but also for not being bamboozled into submission by questionable insider backroom characters who want to take away our freedoms, send our children off to war, and rip to shreds the social safety net for the American people.

And of course I can't say thank you to New york City without also saying thank you to Georgia's 4th Congressional District Democratic voters, and supporters of truth all over our country, who put me in a position to return to Washington, DC as Congress' sojourner for truth.

A special thanks to the small coterie of friends who kept my questions relevant by their own deep understanding of the fundamental danger posed today by forces known and unknown operating in our name at this time.

Those thanks especially include the dedicated leaders of the 9-11 truth movement whose work has spawned similar gatherings this week all over our country. For me personally, it means the thousands of people I've had the opportunity to meet who are not just against everything, but who are in the deepest sense, pro-America. Activists like our hosts here today, Kyle Hence, John Judge, and Nicholas Levis; the panelists Ms. Singh, Mr. Springmann, Mike Ruppert, and Mr. Thompson, and my fellow Commissioners.

And finally, a word of thanks to the 20 million dollar man whose movie came out just days before my election. In the face of stinging criticism about the impact that his film might have had on my election Michael Moore responded, "I'm glad Cynthia McKinney's coming back to Congress, and I'm glad if my movie helped make that happen."

Even all those thank you's don't do justice to you, the activist community. But enough with that, because now, we've got work to do.

Finally, I'm serving on a commission where it's alright to ask questions.

We have allotted time at the conclusion of the panelist presentations for audience questions. Now, I know I intend to ask a lot of questions; I hope you do, too. Because we have the experts here who have studied this tragedy and know its details backward and forward.

Hurricane Frances stormed into Florida, and to a lesser extent Georgia, and left the cleanup to us. Well, the Republican Party stormed into New York City, their words dripping with the politicization of an American tragedy. And they've left the clean up to us. Now I don't mind being a part of the clean up crew. But here, we operate with a few set rules:

Minds are open in this space.

Facts are welcome in this place.

We have no political agenda--other than the truth.

My birth city of Atlanta has as its symbol resurgens the Phoenix because out of General Sherman's Civil War ashes, that jewel city of the South rose again and even sent a plain-spoken man like Jimmy Carter to the White House.

We take no credit for Zell.

When reconstruction was truly over and all the civil rights gains from the Civil War had been wiped out through Jim Crow legislation in the South, Representative George White, the last black man serving in the United States Congress--on his way out because those laws had reached North Carolina too--rose on the Floor of the House in 1901 and said--"This, Mr. Chairman, is perhaps the Negroes' temporary farewell to the American Congress; but let me say, phoenix-like he will rise up some day and come again."

On one of my previous trips to New York City, I was given this beautiful poster entitled, "Truth Crushed to the Ground Will Rise Again."

Today and into tonight, we will explore the truth of 9-11. The truth about America's tragedy belongs to all of us--and can only be crushed to the ground for so long. The work of this Commission, our expert panelists, and our audience will ensure that the truth of 9-11 will rise one day.

I look forward to the intense learning about to take place during the presentations