In the Name of the One True and Living God , Whose Program is Peace

Polymathematic Building Tour

Peace to all of Peace. During the latter half of the month of Black August a delegation of Philly-based young black revolutionary activists, artists, teachers and organizers representing the Polymathematic Party of the Black Nation will be traveling hood to hood through the Carolinas to link up its a-alikes and comrades.

The objective of this tour is to link up with our A-alikes and spread the revolutionary program of the Five Jewels of Peace and its Restrictive Law and the revolutionary black working class ideology of Polymathematics.
Our delegation would be very interested in meeting with like minded, independent black, brown , red, yellow, revolutionary, socialist, righteous, black nationalist, Rasta, etc. activists and community orgs/organizers.

In your city, town or county who are those good brothers and sisters, gods and earths, original men and women who are ready to receive and host the Polymathematicians while we past through? We come in Peace, and we come to Build, bringing Good news of our people’s revolutionary advances and revolutionary newness.

Humbly, We are prepared and eager to speak, teach, learn, and link-up.

If you you down, Contact ASAP!

Peace and Love!