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      Quote Originally Posted by JdRevolutionary11 View Post
      I Think The Majority Of You All Who Posted Missed The Whole Point Of The Movie... And It Opens Up Another Door Of, If You Couldn't Get Past 15 Min Of Watching This, Then How Can You Expect A Person To Listen To More Than The First 15 Words Of What You Have To Say About Subjects Like This...

      They Were Not Trying To Glorify Or Downplay Slavery In The Least... They Were Actually Trying To Bring Light Onto Slavery In A Way That Had Never Been Done Before....

      The Interviews, The Commentary, And All Of That Was Stuff Actually Written/Said By Those Who Perpetuated The Crime Of Slavery... As For The Smiles On The Face Of The Afrikans, Hell, We GOIN THROUGH PSUEDO-SLAVERY RIGHT NOW AND NIGGAS FIND SHIT TO LAUGH AT ALL THE TIME... Slaves Didn't Spend Every Waking Minute Of Everyday Pissed Off And Unhappy... YOU DONT NOW... Most Slaves Didn't Even Really Understand The Conception Of Slavery... They Probably Believed That God Ordered Things The Way They Were And That Any Man Could Increase His Lot In Life By Pulling Himself Up By The Bootstraps, SMH, When Half Of Em Aint Even Have Boots {But I Digress}....
      I agree, the film is deep on the real.

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      Blackicon 2gunsfiring V1 2012 watch out for revisionist history

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      The film is black-sexploitation!! to the NTH, we get that!!,however [ even within this degenerative-sexploitive film..Sponserd by [ heads-up!;soft porn industry;french-japenese & PAPA DOV DEUX-HAITI ] the depictition is a good [visual] basis or researching for reparations in regard to the sheer physical brutality , immorality and ,degradation.of children and adults..,AFRICAN PEOPLE were terrorised and slavery is based on genocide of nation-states and individual psyche-minds .African PRISONERS OF WAR / captivity and the destruction of graphically protrayed,the film makers did us a serivce ,lest we forget the extreme brutality and its manifestation today within post- tramic -slavery- disorder-stress[insanity-pschological damge] we see in our community self-hate and self- genocide ,but they [filmmakers- snuff-s&m pimps]can burn in hell, NEVER-THE-LESS,I will[ r*p-off] download the photos..the research is on us,use what you can..,TRASH the rest , The images are helpful ,because these are images ,they hide [ would'nt you ,if you lied to black community, black children in your public schools and whites in general],They lie and hide the blood and guts, because to see it [ the bloody horror of slavey] would help the community remember how they got inhuman force!!![ Professor-uncle tom- Gates] and european greed,-corruption.The only other film industry that is currently as cavilier in this type of explotation is the soap operas out of brazil, MADAME SILVA, ESCLAVA ISAURA, AND LOTS MORE,check out brazilian soap tv operas ,they are just a couple of steps up..from trash

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