Stacey Muhammad sent a message to the members of Wildseed Films Artist / Activist Coalition.


"Human consciousness is given shape by images, rythyms, sounds, words: the tools of the artist. The potential power of art as a force for change has long been known to censors and dictators. It is a potential that can be fulfilled once we rediscover and proclaim the rightful and natural place of art and artists in the life of our people."-Ricardo Levins Morales
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KRS ONE- Summer 2008 Shows, Classic HIp Hop Videos, Madison Square Garden Show, behind the scenes footage from the Roc The Mic Recording Session and much more.

Hakim Green - Classic Hip Hop Videos from Channel Live, Stop the Violence Movement Press Conferences and interviews, Performances, Freestyles and much more.

NYOIL - Jus Building from Petroleum Empire Media Group and Wildseed Films

Supanova Slom and Chip Fu - 2008 footage shot and edited by Stacey Muhammad

Behind the scenes and additional footage from the I AM SEAN BELL, black boys speak, short documentary film

Black Ice - Behind the scenes footage, performances and interivews


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