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      [ame=""]Intelligent Hoodlum- Black and Proud Hip Hop / Rap RBG Tube | PanAfrican.TV v2.0 - Free Revolutionary Audio Video Speech Library of Leaders, Activist, and Educators@@AMEPARAM@@ whAyol[/ame]

      Born on December 29, 1923, at Diourbel, Senegal, Cheikh Anta Diop received his master of arts degree and his doctorate from the University of Paris. Since 1961 he has been on the staff of IFAN (Institut Fondamental de l' Afrique Noire) in Dakar where he directs the radiocarbon laboratory which he founded.

      Chapter IV

      Could Egyptian Civilation Have Originated in the Delta?

      ..."In actual fact, it is impossible, not only to demonstrate that theory (White, Mediterranean origin of Egyptian civilization) but even to find valid historical documents to support it. No document suggests that priority. It is in Upper Egypt, from the Paleolithic to the present, that material evidence has been found to attest the successive stages of civilization: Tasian, Badarian (**circa 7471 B.C. ?), Amratian (circa 6500 B.C. ?), protodynastic. In contrast to Upper Egypt, no traces of continous evolution exist in the Delta. The Merimde** center disappeared at the end of the Tasian; there is nothing north of Badari. The ivory statuettes with triangular heads, found in the epoch called Gerzean (**circa 5500 B.C.?), correspond to those found in Crete at the time of Menes. These statuettes cannot date back earlier than the epoch of Hierakonpolis, which Capart attributes to the Amratian period.

      Quick notes:

      • Merimde also connected to Fayum Neolithic

      • Early Faience & glazed materials in Badarian and in the Naqada period

      • Indu civilization collides with successive stages of civilization by 3000 years when it comes to who civilized whom with trade/barter.

      • ex. Tasian, Badarian (**circa 7471 B.C.) pg. 85 African Origin of Civilization

      Badarian culture
      the earliest evidence for farming in Upper Egypt (about 4400-4000 BC)

      The date above taken from "Digitalegypt" show 3000 years of difference, which would lend credibility to who civilized who with currency. Currency, is a unit of exchange, facilitating the transfer of goods and/or services. It is one form of money, where money is anything that serves as a medium of exchange, a store of value, and a standard of value. Currencies are the dominant medium of exchange.

      The example below would affirm, and establish a White, Mediterranean origin for Egyptian civilization if there were traces of continous evolution that existed in the Mesopotamia. see map below

      ..."For example, the oldest coin currency that we know is a Sumerian bronze piece dating from before 3000 BC *(1. see First Dynasty chronology below). On one side of the coin is a representation of a sheaf of wheat, and on the other, Ishtar, the goddess of fertility. The Sumerians called it the "Shekel" where "She" meant wheat, "Kel" was a measurement similar to a bushel, hence this coin was a symbol of a value of one bushel of wheat. (The word "shekel" survives in modern Hebrew as Israel's monetary unit.) The original shekel had as its purpose payment for sacred prostitution at the temple of Ishtar, which was the temple of life and death."

      Which would lend credibility to the following with courtesy to Wikipedia:

      Mesopotamia (from the Greek meaning "land between the rivers")[1] is the area of the Tigris-Euphrates river system, along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, largely corresponding to modern Iraq,[2] as well as some parts of northeastern Syria,[2] some parts of southeastern Turkey,[2] and some parts of the Khūzestān Province of southwestern Iran.[3][4]
      Commonly known as the "cradle of civilization", Bronze Age Mesopotamia includedSumer, Akkadian, Babylonian and Assyrian empires. In the Iron Age, it was ruled by the Neo-Assyrian Empire and Neo-Babylonian Empire, and later conquered by the Achaemenid Empire. It mostly remained under Persian rule until the 7th century Islamic conquest of the Sassanid Empire. Under the Caliphate, the region came to be known asIraq.

      A cultural continuity and spatial homogeneity for this entire historical geography ("the Great Tradition") is popularly assumed, though the assumption is problematic. Mesopotamia housed some of the world's most ancient states with highly developed social complexity. The region was famous as one of the four riverine civilizations where writing was first invented , along with the Nile valley in Egypt, the Indus Valley in the Indian subcontinent and Yellow River valley in China
      (Although writing is also known to have arisen independently in Mesoamerica).

      (1) Another example check the date given to the First dynasty
      First dynasty of Egypt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      - probably Menes on earlier lists
      c. 3100–3050 B.C.

      Numasticology and the Numastic archetype

      Peace be upon you

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      Asante sana for reminding me of this talented Brotha, as well as the educational info.
      "We must continue to move forward and do everything we can to outlaw legal lynching in America. We must continue to stand together in unity and to demand a moratorium on all executions. You must stay strong. You must continue to hold your heads up, and to be there. We will prevail. Keep marching Black people. They are killing me tonight. They are murdering me tonight." -- Excerpts of Last Words of Bro. Shaka Sankofa, an innocent man executed by the state of Texas, 6/22/00.

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      Cheikh Anta Diop is one of the most impressive Afrikan is Sengelase.

      And no matter what game they play
      We got something they could never take away
      And it's the fire (fire), it's the fire (fire)
      That's burning down everything
      Feel that fire (fire), the fire (fire)
      No water could put out this fire (fire)

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